Chief Executive Officer
Susan Phifer Johnson

"Who can say what ignites a passion? Was it Eugene Thomason's three red roses frozen in blue? An awakened connection to one's geographical roots? Perhaps the familiarity of the road to Nebo? The nucleus of what was to become our collection was formed by such seemingly unrelated catalysts."

Curatorial Advisor
Susanna Johnson Shannon

"Edith London's use of color and form in Tension and Harmony creates an image that is simultaneously soothing and thought-provoking. Her Cubist sensibilities are at the forefront in this piece, and her use of muted tones—punctuated by a pop of orange—draws me in."

Chief Operating Officer
Sarah Tignor

"This beautiful depiction of autumn in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the piece Three Chimneys, along with his varied other works, secures Eugene Thomason a special place in my heart as the fascinating and quirky subject of my undergraduate thesis."

Director of Communications
Lynne Blackman

"I’m not sure which I admire more: Nell Blaine’s modernist interpretation of a traditional subject or her fierce determination to pursue her passion for painting in the face of enormous personal challenges." 

Registrar & Gallery Manager
Holly Watters

"Augusta Savage’s defiance of racial and cultural conventions in order to learn and to teach, to make and to sell her art, and to forge a path for others fascinates me."

Collection Assistant
Maryann Brewster

"A tangled world of color and shape, Arena by Philip Morsberger shows me new things every time I view it. Perhaps it's the artist's subconscious mind, rife with characters, put onto canvas."