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Susanna Johnson

Curatorial Advisor

"William Halsey's use of color and texture bring Sundance to life as light and movement radiate across the canvas. Though he had countless opportunities to work in more sophisticated settings, Halsey dug deep in Charleston and made a profound impact on the modern art scene in South Carolina."


Sarah Tignor

Chief Operating Officer

"This beautiful depiction of autumn in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the piece Three Chimneys, along with his varied other works, secures Eugene Thomason a special place in my heart as the fascinating and quirky subject of my undergraduate thesis."


Erin Corrales-Diaz


"In his haunting portrayal of a Confederate veteran returning to find his homestead in ruins, Henry Mosler captures the overwhelming sense of loss facing a war-torn South. The somber, muted palette and the details exposing the building’s skeletal frame heighten the desolate mood, one that also alludes to the difficulties in rebuilding a reunited nation."


Lynne Blackman

Director of Communications

"The serenity of this still life by Lloyd Branson draws me in, even as the lush peaches call to mind the critical industry this particular fruit represents to Spartanburg County. It's a striking counterpoint to the energy of Margaret Law's Peachshed Inman, South Carolina."


Holly Watters

Registrar & Gallery Manager

"In The Apple Vendor, Thomas Waterman Wood gives us a painting that is both genre and portrait. The affable salesman’s dress and demeanor have always appealed to me, and I especially appreciate the colorful contrast of the basket of fruit to the muted tones of the background."

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