Requiem for Mother Emanuel

South Carolina State Museum, Columbia, South Carolina
Jan 27, 2018 – Apr 29, 2018

Each painting in Leo Twiggs’ memorial series, Requiem for Mother Emanuel, offers a moving commentary on the nature of man, issues of race and violence, of tragedy and redemption, forgiveness and spiritual victory. As part of what Twiggs describes as his most challenging and meaningful creative work in a sixty-year career, the nine individual pieces stand as couriers of the artist’s message of hope. In May 2016, the Johnson Collection acquired the three capstone paintings in the series: #7, #8, and #9. It is, however, in the series’ wholeness that the range of emotions captured on the canvases finds it fullest power. Requiem to Mother Emanuel is a visual journey through bloodshed and shock, via pain and grief, and ultimately to redemption, an emotional roadmap through the 2015 Charleston tragedy and its aftermath.


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