Enmeshed I

Lithograph on paper
Image size: 20 x 27 inches
Work on loan: Columbus Museum, Columbus, Georgia

Enmeshed I was created during Anni’s initial visit to the Tamarind Institute. This artwork exemplifies her exploration of organic forms, following decades devoted to the vertical (warp) and horizontal (weft) constraints of weaving. Starting with her early two-dimensional explorations of string, which originated during her time at Black Mountain College, her knots gradually expanded to cover the page, evoking the continuous twists and whorls of a Celtic knot sprawling across the paper. Forever a part of her visual repertoire, the looping “thread” seems to blend into the distressed background, achieved through the experimental use of an acid bath and the lithography process.


As exhibited in: Our Own Work, Our Own Way: Ascendant Women in the Johnson Collection, Columbia Museum of Art, 2023, Columbia, South Carolina

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