Draped in Time: Spanish Moss and the Tapestry of the South

Draped in Time, guest curated by Landon Bryant, weaves together artistic perspectives spanning nearly two centuries, uniting the South’s complex history and rich cultures under the ethereal veil of Spanish moss—an enduring symbol of the complicated, dynamic, and often misunderstood identity of Southern art and society. In the landscapes, genre scenes, scientific treatments, and conceptual explorations featured in this exhibition, Spanish moss performs multifarious roles as a recurrent backdrop for the many diverse and interconnected stories that the South has to tell.

The exhibition will be on display in TJC Gallery from May 8 through July 20, 2024. 

Landon Bryant


As an influential Southern storyteller, you likely know Landon Bryant from his often hilarious, sometimes controversial (when it comes to sugar or salt on grits), and always insightful "let's discuss..." monologues on Southern culture. A native of Laurel, Mississippi, Bryant engages audiences with clever and insightful conversations, and was profiled by The New York Times as a new voice with a “soft drawl that cloaks a devilishly sly sense of humor, [and he] has become a fixture on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube with his explanation and exploration of what it means to be Southern.” His journey, however, roots back to his days as an acclaimed art teacher whose passion for education continues, but now with a much wider audience.

Photo courtesy of BlackBird Creative, Jessica & Ryan Phillips


Landon Bryant
Let's Discuss...Spanish Moss
Gallery Talk Recording

On May 8, 2024 Landon Bryant gave a gallery talk at Citizens and Southern Event Center (right next door to TJC Gallery) about his personal highlights in the show, Draped in Time 

An event filled with laughter and keen insights, much like his well-known videos, Landon introduced visitors to the exhibition through his favorite pieces in the show. Touching on his inspiration and the curation process, Landon's talk is available to watch on our Instagram page linked above.

Draped in Time takes his talk forward asking visitors to discuss how Spanish moss performs multifarious roles as a recurrent backdrop for the many diverse and interconnected stories that the South has to tell. 

Press Materials 


Exhibition Programming

May 7: 9:00 am, Tranquil Tuesdays Exhibition Preview 

May 7: 4 – 5:30 pm, Press Preview in TJC Gallery 

May 8 Multiple Events: 

• 12 – 4 pm, TJC Gallery Opening Day 

• 6:30 pm, Gallery Talk by curator Landon Bryant in Citizens & Southern Event Center 

• 5 – 7:30 pm, Exhibition Opening Night

May 11: 10:30 am, Free Yoga Saturday in the Gallery
May 16: 5 – 8 pm, Artwalk 
June 20: 5 – 8 pm, Hands-on Art Project

July 18: 5 – 8 pm, Artwalk

Photo courtesy of Mackenzie Syiem Photography