Masking Up
To Bring Back the Burg

king_mask.jpgIn support of the Mask Challenge initiated by Spartanburg Chamber of Commerce and Chapman Cultural Center, the Johnson Collection is welcoming selfie submissions for a community window display encouraging face mask use.

Members of the public are invited to submit a masked selfie to be incorporated into a photo mosaic in the window of TJC Gallery in downtown Spartanburg. Each participant will be entered into a drawing to win a suite of the Johnson Collection’s publications, abundantly illustrated books that bring Southern art to life.

To participate, strike a pose in your face mask (worn according to CDC guidelines), snap a photo, and tag @thejohnsoncollection on Instagram or Facebook, or email as a .jpeg attachment by July 17, 2020. The completed window display will be on view through July 31. The winner of the drawing will be announced on the Johnson Collection’s Instagram and Facebook pages on July 31.