What's in a Frame?

TJC Gallery, Spartanburg, South Carolina
January 5, 2022 – March 25, 2022

From gilded nineteenth century craftsmanship to the humble and hand-painted, fine art frames captivate artists and audiences alike. This exhibition invites viewers to explore the fascinating world of Southern art framing. On display are paintings where reframing was needed to provide updates in protection, aesthetics, and period appropriateness. Additional works include elegant period frames for artists including Charles FraserThomas Sully, and William West as well as the illusionary workmanship of William Eduoard Scott and John Beerman. Hand-painted frames from prominent Spartanburg artist August Cook are featured alongside an antique piece repurposed by Henry Faulkner in his whimsical Beauty in the Beast. Whether overtly ornate or simplistic in their utility, What’s in a Frame? reveals an often overlooked art form and celebrates the frame in all its shapes, sizes, and materials.

Featuring works by David ApplemanJohn Beerman, August Cook, Irma CookHenry FaulknerCharles Fraser, Edwin Harleston, Pete JennerjahnWilliam H. Johnson, Adele Lemm, Edward Middleton Manigault, Clarence MilletWilliam Scott,  Thomas Sully, Jeremiah Theus, Eugene Thomason, Andrew Way, William West, Bror Wikstrom, Mildred Wolfe, and Thomas Wood