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Honoring Female Creators

Goldthwaite_Frances_Reg.jpgThrough its academic research, The Johnson Collection has worked intently to document and celebrate the achievements of artists associated with the South. While many of the artists connected to the region are widely known and duly noted in the canon of American art history, far more fine artists—and female artists, in particular— have been overlooked. This directory seeks to address—and redress—the lack of a comprehensive codex of Southern women artists active between the late 1890s and the early 1960s, the period surveyed in TJC’s most recent book, Central to Their Lives: Southern Women Artists in the Johnson Collection.

Now numbering over two thousand names of established, exhibited female practitioners, this index is not comprehensive and is emphatically not presented as such. Sourced from scholarly and primary materials, as well as museum archives, exhibition records, and socio-cultural records, the list is neither exhaustive nor perfect. With those caveats in place, the information presented includes: artist’s name (including birth and married names, nicknames, professional monikers, and pseudonyms, where applicable); artist’s life dates (ideally with birth and death locations, and occasionally with place of burial); and the Southern state or states with which the particular artist was associated (whether by birth, residency, education, or exhibition activity). Within name listings, alternate spellings are noted where we discovered persistent records of such variations. Marital names that were not used as an artist’s primary identity are denoted in braces. Artists who achieved significant professional recognition under both a maiden and married name are cross-referenced. When a listed artist is represented in The Johnson Collection, her name is linked to additional information on this website.

Intended for professional and lay audiences alike, this documentary asset offers any number of dangling threads that may, in time, entice another curious cultural scholar to pick up the trail and begin crafting a new contribution to the whole. Please contact the collection’s registrar, Holly Watters, with any corrections or additions to this digital directory.



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Artist Life Dates Associated With
Abbott, Mary Lee {Teague} {Clyde} b. 1921, New York, NY; d. 2019, Southampton, NY DC
Aboud, Victoria b. 1915, KY; d. 1978, KY KY
Acheson, Alice Stanley b. 1895, Charlevoix, MI; d. 1996, Washington, DC DC
Adams, Harriet Dyer b. 1910, Urbana, IL; d. 2005, Albany, NY NC
Adams, Katherine Langhorne b. 1890, Plainfield, NJ; d. 1977, Annandale, VA DC/VA
Adams, Margaret Graham Burroughs b. 1882, Austin, TX; d. 1965, Austin, TX LA
Adams, Virginia Elizabeth Quest b. 1908, Louisville, KY; d. 1952, KY KY
Ahrens, Ellen Wetherald b. 1859, Baltimore, MD; d. 1935, Pennock Terrell, DE MD
Aiken, Mary Augusta Hoover b. 1907, Cuba, NY; d. 1992, Tybee Island, GA DC/GA/SC
Ainslie, Maud/Maude b. 1870, Louisville, KY; d. 1960, Louisville, KY KY
Aked, Elizabeth Aleen b. 1907, Yorkshire, England; d. 2003, Toronto, Canada FL
Akers, Anne d. 1960, Clearwater, FL DC/FL
Akers-Peyton, Juanita b. 1925, Charleston, WV; d. 2010, Lewisburg, WV WV
Albaugh, Martha Hollis Page b. 1912, French Creek, WV; d. 2004, Buckhannon, WV WV
Alberga, Alta Clarence Wheat b. 1905, Tuscaloosa, AL; d. 2004, Greenville, SC AL/SC
Albers, Annelise "Anni" Elsa Frieda Fleischmann b. 1899, Berlin, Germany; d. 1994, Orange, CT NC
Albers, Dorothy Lenore b. 1924, Brooklyn, NY; d. 1996 NC
Albritton, Nina Bonner b. 1881, Barclay Lake, KY; d. 1975, San Diego, CA DC/KY/TN
Alderson, Nancy Jane Virginia b. 1926, Washington, DC; d. 1956, Washington, DC DC
Alexander, Frances Bexley b. 1911, Moreland GA; d. 1990, Lithonia, GA GA
Alexander, Mary Barton b. 1828, Barren County, KY; d. 1904, Cumberland County, KY KY
Aley, Janet "Bingo" Ramsey b. 1926, Westport, CT NC
Alford, Lillian May b. 1900, Augusta, KY; d. 1998, Alexandria, KY KY
Allan, Amey/Amy/Amie Nicholson b. 1873, Charleston, SC; d. 1965, Charleston, SC SC
Allen, Anna Elizabeth b. 1879, Worcester, MA; d. 1959, Orange City, FL FL
Allen, Cordelia Page Gaines Stork b. circa 1878, Frankfort, KY; d. 1971, Manatee, FL FL/KY
Allen, Erma Paul b. 1897, Washington, DC; d. 1978, Washington, DC DC
Allen, Hazel Leigh b. 1892, Morrilton, AR; d. 1983, Milwaukee, WI AR
Allen, Jane Potter Mengel b. 1888, Jefferson County, KY; d. 1952, St. Augustine, FL KY
Allen, Martha Francis b. 1907, Appleton, TN; d. 1995 AL/TN
Allen, Pearl Olivia Wright b. 1879, Kossuth, MS; d. 1973 Tulsa, OK MS
Allender, Nina Alexander Evans b. 1872, Auburn, KS; d. 1957, Plainfield, NJ DC
Alsobrook, Anna Ruth {Poggenpohl} b. 1911, Macon, GA; d. 2001, Amherst, MA GA
Altvater, Catherine "Cathy" Tharp b. 1907, Little Rock, AR; d. 1984, New Smyrna Beach, FL AR/FL
Ambrose, Martha Washington Wright b. 1914, Guatemala City, Guatemala; d. 2000, New Orleans, LA LA
Ames, Grace Greenwood b. 1905, Brooklyn, NY; d. 1979, New York, NY TN
Amis, Eleanor Spivey b. 1903, NC; d. 1979, Durham, NC NC
Amos, Emma {Levine} b. 1938, Atlanta, GA; d. 2020, Bedford, NH GA
Anderson, Ann Stewart b. 1935, Franklin, KY; d. 2019, Louisville, KY DC/KY/MD
Anderson, Annette McConnell b. 1867, New Orleans, LA; d. 1964, Ocean Springs, MS LA/MS
Anderson, Bertha May Freeland b. 1889, Wetzel County, WV; d. 1981, Clarksburg, WV WV
Anderson, Ellen Graham b. 1885, Lexington, VA; d. 1970, Lexington, VA VA
Anderson, Jessica Burton b. 1890, San Rafael, CA; d. 1946, Columbia, SC SC
Anderson, Loulie E. b. 1887, Brownsville, TN; d. 1965, Bradenton, FL FL/MS/SC/TN
Anderson, Martha "Mary" Fannin Fort b. 1885 Macon, GA; d. 1968, Mount Airy, GA AL/GA
Anderson, Virginia Frances b. 1893, Lexington, KY; d. 1990, Lexington, KY KY
Andoga, Dorothy Kettig b. 1906, Birmingham, AL; d. 1972 (buried Birmingham, AL) AL
Andrews, Alpha b. 1932, Athens, GA GA
Andrews, Marietta Fauntleroy Minnigerode b. 1869, Richmond, VA; d. 1931, Falls Church, VA DC/VA
Anshutz, Elsa Martin b. 1882, PA; d. 1971, Pensacola, FL FL/WV
Anthony, Mary B. d. 1941, Washington, DC DC
Appel, Carolyn J. b. 1907; d. 1941 KY
Arbenz, Florence Bradshaw b. 1873, England; d. 1939, Wheeling, WV WV
Arbo, Aurelia Josephine Coralie b. 1909, New Orleans, LA; d. 1993, New Orleans, LA LA
Archer, Dorothy Bryant b. 1919, Hampton, VA; d. 1980, El Paso, TX VA
Archer, Eleanore Joicely b. 1919, Roane County, WV NC/WV
Archer, Hazel-Frieda Larsen b. 1921, Milwaukee, WI; d. 2001, Tucson, AZ NC
Arena, Lucia Cecelia b. 1897, Italy; d. 1970, New Orleans, LA LA
Arlt, Emilie M. b. 1892, Philadelphia, PA; d. 1970, Sarasota, FL DC/FL/VA
Armstrong, Bessie Butler Newsome b. 1903, Brookhaven, MS; d. 1987, Little Rock, AR AR/MS
Armstrong, Jane Taylor Botsford b. 1921, Buffalo, NY; d. 2012, Manchester, VT NC
Arnold, Elizabeth A. b. 1857, New York, NY AL
Arnold, Genevieve b. 1928, Covington, GA; d. 2005, Atlanta, GA GA
Arnold, Helen Halsted active in Washington, DC, 1904-1923 DC
Arnold, Laura Elizabeth b. 1916, Montgomery, AL; d. 2002, Atlanta, GA AL
Arnold, Mary Daisy b. about 1873, Washington, DC; d. 1955, MD DC/MD
Aronson, Elizabeth "Lisa" Jalowetz b. 1920, Prague, Czechoslovakia; d. 2013, Nyack, NY NC
Arrington, Katherine Clark Pendleton b. 1876, Warrenton, NC; d. 1955, Warrenton, NC NC
Arthur, Anne Eastman b. 1910; d. 1986 (buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA) MD/NC
Arthur, Henrietta Charlezetta Hill b. 1899, MD; d. 1993, Washington, DC DC/MD
Asawa, Ruth Aiko {Lanier} b. 1926, Norwalk, CA; d. 2013, San Francisco, CA NC
Ashton, May Malone Stanhope b. 1878, Fairfax, VA; d. 1976, Washington, DC DC/VA
Askew, Elizabeth Hoevel [Joel Marhoe, pseud.] b. 1893, Germany; d. 1983, Washington, DC DC
Atkins, Minnie Evon Wooldridge b. 1934, Isonville, KY KY
Aud, Roxie Edith Hunt Walter b. 1910, Menifee County, KY; d. 2001, IL KY
Austin, Mary Fisher b. 1868, Brookline, MA; d. 1951, Cambridge, MA GA
Austrian, Florence Hochschild b. 1889, Baltimore, MD; d. 1979, Baltimore, MD MD
Avent, Mayna Treanor b. 1868, Nashville, TN; d. 1959, Sewanee, TN TN
Axe, Judy Shepard b. 1922, Asheville, NC; d. 2013, Sarasota, FL FL/NC
Ayme, Florence Harrison b. 1859, Washington, DC; d. 1922, Washington, DC DC


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Artist Life Dates Associated With
Baber, Alice {Jenkins} b. 1928, Charleston, IL; d. 1982, New York, NY FL
Baccich, Eunice b. 1895, New Orleans, LA; d. 1981, New Orleans, LA LA
Bach, Emilie Marie b. 1911, Pensacola, FL; d. 2000, Pensacola, FL FL
Bache, Martha Moffett b. 1893, Flint, MI; d. 1983, Washington, DC DC
Backus, Josepha/Josefa Crosby b. 1875, Brooklyn, NY; d. 1959, Washington, DC DC/GA
Backus, Mary Chase Gannett b. 1876; d. 1945 DC/NC/VA
Bacon, Frances Montgomery b. 1906; d. 2003, Louisville, KY KY
Badgley, Azalea Green b. 1880, Bates County, MD; d. 1971, Washington, DC DC/MD
Baekeland, Celine Swarts b. 1868, Ghent, Belgium; d. 1957, Coconut Grove, FL DC/FL
Baggerly, Elizabeth Frederick b. 1901, Louisville, KY; d. 1988, Oak Ridge, TN KY/TN
Bahan, Winifred Peters b. 1919, Union, SC; d. 2007, Isle of Palms, SC SC
Bahr, Florence Elizabeth Riefle b 1909, Baltimore, MD; d. 1998, Elkridge, MD MD
Bailey, Caroline Baskerville b. 1905, Baltimore, MD KY/MD
Bailey, Ellen b. 1867, Charleston, MS; d. 1922, Oxford, MS MS
Bailey, Henrietta Davidson b. 1874, New Orleans, LA; d. 1950, New Orleans, LA LA
Bailey, Hilda "Peggy" Loram b. 1910, South Africa; d. 2008 NC
Bailey, Ruth b. 1914; d. 1975 NC
Baillet, Affa Ann b. 1850; d. 1934, Tullahoma, TN TN
Baillet, Emma Adell b. 1838; d. 1926, Tullahoma, TN TN
Baillet, Jane/Jennie E. b. 1834; d. 1918, Tullahoma, TN TN
Baird, Myra Howard b. 1865, Louisville, KY; d. 1954, Louisville, KY KY
Baker, Doris Winchell b. 1905, Washington, DC; d. 1987, Big Sur, CA DC
Baker, Jessie E. d. 1944, Washington, DC DC/MD
Baker, Maria May b. 1890, Norfolk, VA DC/VA
Baker, Mary Frances b. 1879, New Orleans, LA; d. 1943, New Orleans, LA LA
Baker, Sarah Marindah b. 1899, Memphis, TN; d. 1983, Ossining, NY DC/MD/TN/VA
Baldwin, Amy b. 1899, New London, CT; d. 1987, Chester, PA DC/FL
Baldwin, Lois d. 1993, Woodbine, MD DC/MD
Ball, Alice Worthington b. 1868, Boston, MA; d. 1929, Gloucester, MA MD
Ball, Mary Wilson b. 1892, Charleston, SC; d. 1984, Charleston, SC DC/SC
Ballard, Mary Ruth b. 1908, Logan, UT; d. 2004, Jupiter, FL DC/FL/VA
Ballou, Adelaide/Adeline Jacobs b. 1895, Fall Creek, WI; d. 1992, Kearney, NE DC
Ballou, Julia Bertha b. 1891, Hornby, NY; d. 1978, Spokane, WA DC
Bane, Lucy "Mackey" McDonald {Jeffries} b. 1928, NC NC
Bannister, Pati b. 1929, North London, England; d. 2013, Gulfport, MS LA/MS
Baringer, Mary Louise "Terry" b. 1900, Louisville, KY; d. 1988 KY
Barker, Grace active in Washington, DC, 1937 DC
Barkley, Florence Howell b. 1880, Maysville, KY; d. 1954, East Northfield, MA KY
Barnes, Dorothy Dyer b. 1881, Charleston, WV; d. 1974, Sarasota, FL FL/WV
Barnes, Elizabeth A. active in Washington, DC, mid-1930s DC
Barnes, Halcyone Drennan b. 1913, Dallas, TX; d. 1988, Summit, MS MS
Barnes, Jean Haskell Cattell b. 1898, Chicago, IL; d. 1982, Bluefield, WV DC/VA/WV
Barnes, Virginia "Vae" White b. 1895, Livingston, AL; d. 1984, Montevallo, AL AL
Barney, Alice Pike b. 1860, Cincinnati, OH; d. 1931, Los Angeles, CA DC
Barnhill, Maybelle Roberson b. 1901, Martin County, NC; d. 1970, Martin County, NC NC
Barnum, Fayette b. 1871, Louisville, KY; d. about 1960, Louisville, KY KY
Barr, Leslie Beckwith b. 1894, Nettie, WV; d. 1977, Richwood, WV WV
Barret, Adele/Adela b. 1876; d. 1959, St. Louis, MO FL
Barrett, Elizabeth Kissam Hunt b. 1863, Paterson, NJ; d. 1956, Los Angeles, CA VA
Barringer, Anna Maria b. 1885, Charlotte, NC; d. 1977, Charlottesville, VA LA/MS/NC/VA
Barth, Jane b. 1922; d. 1975, Fort Mitchell, KY KY
Bartle, Lillian Hazel Westrop b. 1921, England; d. 2000, Baton Rouge, LA LA
Bartle, Sarah Norwood b. 1896, Washington, DC; d. after 1931, Washington, DC DC
Bartlett, Annie Latham b. 1865, Grafton, WV; d. 1948, Buckhannon, WV MD/WV
Bartlett, Evelyn Fortune b. 1886, Indianapolis, IN; d. 1997, Beverly, MA FL
Barton, Maude E. F. Kingsbury b. 1860, Cincinnati, OH; d. 1932, Natchez, MS MS
Barton, Mettie Marie Taylor b. 1904, Anderson, TN; d. 1992, Nashville, TN TN
Baskerville, Effie Louise Flannagan b. 1918, Covington City, VA; d. 2006, Kilmarnock, VA (b. Henderson, NC) NC/VA
Batchelor, Miriam "Mimi" French b. 1922, Nashua, NH; d. 2000, Melbourne, FL FL/NC
Batchelor, Nina Gordon {Comtesse de Foiard} b. 1861, Frankfort, KY; d. 1912 KY
Bauer, Marilyn Jean b. 1924; Cleveland, OH; d. 2016, Pahokee, FL FL/NC
Baughman, Mary Barney b. 1874, Richmond, VA; d. 1956, Richmond, VA VA
Bauman, Muriel Knowles active in Charleston, WV, 1931 WV
Baxter, Eula Blanche McMichael b. 1909, KY; d. 1981, Anderson County, KY KY
Baxter, Margaret Cunningham b. 1895; d. 1948, Washington, DC DC
Beadenkopf, Anne b. 1875, Baltimore, MD MD
Beale, Bertha Fitzgerald b. 1877, Arden, NC; d. 1942, Arden, NC NC
Beall, Adelaide b. 1845, Washington, DC; d. 1908? DC
Beall, Kenna Dalton b. 1924, Durham, NC; d. 1995, Greensboro, NC NC/VA
Beall, Mary Jones b. 1865, Davidson, NC; d. 1943, Wilmington, NC GA/NC/VA
Beals, Callie b. 1870, Monroe County, KY; d. 1958, Barren County, KY KY/LA
Bean, Caroline van Hook {Blommers} {Binyon} b. 1879, Washington, DC; d. 1980, Washington, DC DC/FL/GA/LA
Beason, Sarah "Sadie" Willard b. 1895, Union County, SC; d. 1976, Spartanburg, SC FL/SC
Beatty, Barbara Ann active in Washington, DC DC/NC
Beaux, Cecilia b. 1855, Philadelphia, PA; d. 1942, Gloucester, MA NC
Beck, Minna McLeod b. 1878, Atlanta, GA AL/GA/KY/NC
Becker, Faye Graham b. 1917; d. 1999, Elizabethtown, KY KY
Becket/Beckett/a'Becket, Maria/Marie Cecilia Graves b. 1839, Portland, ME; d. 1904, New York, NY FL/VA
Beckham, Eleanor Raphael b. 1901, Frankfort, KY; d. 1987, Frankfort, KY DC/KY/VA
Beckwith, Mary L. active in Washington, DC, 1928-1929 DC
Beecher, Julia "Judy" Margaret Hull b. 1920, Waterbury, CT; d. circa 1996-1998 NC
Begien, Jeanne Marie b. 1913, Cincinnati, OH; d. 2001, Richmond, VA VA
Belcher, Hilda b. 1881, Pittsford, VT; d. 1963, Maplewood, NJ FL/GA
Bell, Janet McLean b. 1900 KY
Bell, Jeanie active in Louisville, KY KY
Bell, Wenonah Day b. 1890, Trenton, SC; d. 1981, Alvaton, GA GA/SC
Bellinger, Margaret Thomson b. 1899, New York, NY; d. 1992, Bethesda, MD DC/MD
Belt, Avis Rebecca b. 1921, Washington, DC DC/MD/NC
Benas, Bess b. 1917; d. 1965 KY/TN
Benedict, Enella b. 1858, Lake Forest, IL; d. 1942, Richmond, VA VA
Benedict, Martha Milner b. 1890, Athens, GA; d. 1979, Birmingham, AL AL/GA/LA
Benglis, Lynda b. 1941, Lake Charles, LA LA
Benjamin, Mary J. b. 1863, Washington, DC DC
Bennett, Lyle "Leona" Hatcher b. 1903, Beckley, WV; d. 1988, Riverside, CA WV
Bensman, Marie E. Hansom b. 1908, San Francisco, CA; d. 1992 FL?/KY
Benson, Marie Levering b. 1877, LA; d. 1958, LA DC/LA
Benton, Joy Kime b. 1886, Guilford County, NC; d. 1957, Hendersonville, NC NC
Bentz, Natalie Sawyier b. Frankfort, KY KY
Berchmans, Sister Agnes (nee Julia Alma Landry) b. 1879, New Brunswick, Canada; d. 1973 VA
Berman, Eleanore Ruth b. 1928, New York, NY; d. 2004, Beverly Hills, CA NC
Bernard, Mary A. b. 1865, Lenoir, NC NC
Berner, Elma A. b. 1879, Grand Rapids, MI; d. 1953, Orlando, FL FL
Berresford, Virginia b. 1902, New Rochelle, NY; d. 1995, Marthas Vineyard, MA FL/MD
Berry, Camelia b. 1918, Washington, DC DC
Bessom, Florence Higgs b. 1905, Marblehead, MA; d. 2008, Solomons, MD DC/MD/VA/WV
Bethea, Florence Elizabeth b. 1902, Birmingham, AL; d. 1973, Birmingham, AL AL/LA
Bethel, Mary Eloise b. Savannah, GA GA/NC
Bettersworth, Beulah Lea Ruth b. 1894, St. Louis, MO; d. 1968, Tucson, AZ MS
Betts, Mary Hall Stryker b. 1903, Norfolk, VA; d. 1990, Keswick, VA VA
Betts, Virginia Battle b. 1880, Yazoo City, MS; d. 1942, Dallas, TX MS
Beyer, Marjorie Burke b. 1909, Louisville, KY; d. 2001, Rowlett, TX KY
Beyers, Bernice Delmar West b. 1906, New York, NY; d. 1987, New York, NY NC
Billfaldt, Jeanne Victoria b. 1919, Oil City, PA; d. 2002, Asheville, NC NC
Binckley, Ellen "Nella" Fontaine b. 1877, Washington, DC; d. 1951, Washington, DC DC
Bingham, Olivia Cochrane Gilmour b. 1890, Scotland DC
Bird, Esther Brock b. 1888, Union Dale, PA; d. 1950, Warrenton, VA DC/VA
Bishop, Dorothy Peyton Putzki b. 1892, Washington, DC; d. 1960, Indianapolis, IN DC
Bishop Emily Clayton b. 1883, Washington County, MD; d. 1912, Smithsburg, MD MD
Bishop, Mary Alice Fielitz b. 1933, Elmhurst, IL; d. 2015, South Acworth, NH NC
Bissell, Virginia active in Louisville, KY, 1936 KY
Black, Eleanor Rose Simms b. 1872, Washington, DC; d. 1949, Pittsburgh, PA DC/VA
Black, Julia Conroy Michel Hoerner b. 1886, New Orleans, LA; d. 1968, New Orleans, LA LA
Black, Mary McCune b. 1915, Broadwell, OH; d. 2011, West Chester, PA WV
Black, Minnie b. 1899, Laurel County, KY; d. 1996, Laurel County, KY KY
Black, Virginia Hutzler b. possibly 1847, Flintstone, MD; d. 1924 MD/WV
Blackshear, Annie Laura Eve b. 1875, Augusta, GA; d. 1967, Augusta, GA GA
Blain, Julia Frances Pierce b. 1891, Republic, MO; d. 1973, Nashville, TN TN
Blaine, Nell Blair Walden b. 1922, Richmond, VA; d. 1996, New York, NY VA
Blair, Jeanette Kenney b. 1922, Buffalo, NY; d. 2016, East Aurora, NY LA
Blair, Nellie Elizabeth Walling b. 1906, Great Falls, MT; d. 1987 KY
Blakely, Joyce Carol Montelius b. 1929, New Orleans, LA; d. 2018, Hendersonville, NC LA/NC
Blakeslee, Sarah Jane {Speight} b. 1912, Evanston, IL; d. 2005, Philadelphia, PA DC/NC/VA
Blanch, Esma Lucile/Lucille Lundquist b. 1895, Hawley, MN; d. 1981, Kingston, NY FL/KY/MS/SC/VA
Blanchard, Blanche Virginia b. 1866; d. 1959, New Orleans, LA DC/LA/MD
Blankenship, Myrtle S. b. 1889; d. 1962 WV
Blayton-Taylor, Betty Jean b. 1937, Newport News, VA; d. 2016, Bronx, New York VA
Blizzard, Georgia b. 1919, Saltville, VA; d. 2002, Glade Springs, VA VA
Bloch, Lucienne b. 1909, Geneva, Switzerland; d. 1999, Gualala, CA KY
Blount, Vincencia b. 1924, Miami, FL; d. 2012, Atlanta, GA FL/GA
Boal, Sara Metzner b. 1896, Wheeling, WV; d. 1979 WV
Boas, Belle b. 1884; d. 1953, Baltimore, MD NC
Boas, Isabelle Martine Simone Brangier b. 1895, France; d. 1981, Philadelphia, PA MD
Bodebender, Laura Elizabeth b. 1900, New Orleans, LA; d. 1991, New Orleans, LA LA
Bogart, Harriet C. b. 1917, Charlotte, NC; d. 1984, Charlotte, NC NC/VA
Bohanon, Gloria R. b. 1938, Atlanta, GA; d. 2008 GA
Boler, Ruth Richardson b. 1926, Washington, DC DC
Bollin, Leone Cobbum b. 1893, Bluffton, IN; d. 1966, Miami, FL FL
Boll, Nancy b. possibly 1860, Louisville, KY KY
Bollen, Doris Margaret {Dippman} b. 1925, Scranton, PA; d. 2012, Mine Hill, NJ NC
Bolton, Dr. Shirley L. b. 1945, Lexington, GA; d. 1984, Athens, GA FL/GA
Bond, Ella Tyler b. 1854, Louisville, KY; d. 1935, Louisville, KY KY
Boney, Mary Lily Hussey b. 1899, Duplin County, NC; d. 1974, Wilmington, NC NC
Bongé , Eunice "Dusti" Lyle Swetman b. 1903, Biloxi, MS; d. 1993, Biloxi, MS MS
Boring, Mollie Day b. 1925, Cambridge, MA; d. 2004 NC
Bornheim, Carrie active in Washington, DC, 1911-1913 DC
Bornstein, Yetta Libby Frieden b. 1913, Waynesboro, PA; d. 1968, Norfolk, VA VA
Bose, Norma b. San Francisco, CA; d. 1970 DC/VA
Bostick, Alma E. b. 1891, Monroe County, AL AL/DC
Bousman, Louisa Tate b. 1906, Bowling Green, KY; d. 1979, Jefferson County, KY KY
Bowden, Beulah Beatrice b. 1875, Townsville, NC; d. 1969, Tampa, FL NC
Bowdoin, Annie S. Dodd b. 1839, NC; d. 1903, Gordon County, GA GA/NC
Bowers, Inez Hogan b. 1895, Washington, DC; d. 1973, Provincetown, MA DC/MS
Bowman, Jean Eleanor {Magruder} {Mackay-Smith} {Morgan} b. 1917, Mount Vernon, NY; d. 1994, Middleburg, VA VA
Boyd, Mollie b. 1870, Rome, GA; d. 1928, Rome, GA GA
Boyd, Nellie Plitt Dodson b. 1902, Pilot Mountain, NC; d. 1956, Winston-Salem, NC NC
Bradbury, Mattie Lou b. 1899, Jackson, GA; d. 1977, Athens, GA GA/SC
Bradford, Martha Jane b. 1912, Guntersville, AL; d. 1993, Guntersville, AL AL
Bradford, Myrtle Taylor b. 1886?, Indianapolis, IN; d. 1958, Miami, FL FL
Bradley, Mary Parrish b. 1911, DE; d. 1993 MS
Bradt, Delphine b. 1887, Chattanooga, TN; d. 1927, Philadelphia, PA TN
Bramlett, Betty Jane b. 1925, Augusta, GA; d. 2015, Spartanburg, SC GA/SC
Brandeis, Adele b. 1885, Jefferson County, KY; d. 1975, Louisville, KY KY
Brannigan, Gladys Ames b. 1882, Hingham, MA; d. 1944, New York, NY DC/VA
Braswell, Callie O'Kelly b. 1883, GA; d. 1967, Greensboro, NC GA/NC
Breckinridge, Mary Marvin Patterson b. 1905, Manhattan, NY; d. 2002, Washington, DC DC/KY/MD
Breeskin, Adelyn Dohme b. 1896, Baltimore, MD; d. 1986, Washington, DC MD/NC
Brennan, Arrah Lee Gaul (see Gaul, Arrah Lee {Brennan})
Brent, Joleen Adalie Margules b. 1920, Dallas, TX; d. 1993, Baton Rouge, LA LA
Brewster, Ada Augusta b. 1842, Kingston, MA; d. 1929, Kingston, MA FL/GA
Brice, Ruth Valeria Cobb b. 1899, Knoxville, TN; d. 1971, Knoxville, TN TN
Bridges, Joan Marie Evans b. 1934, Natchez, MS; d. 2012, Pineville, MS MS
Brigham, Ruth Gertrude Richardson [Viktor?Flambeau, pseud.] b. 1876, Medfield, MA; d. 1971, Portland, ME GA
Britton, Faith Murray b. 1922, Charleston, SC; d. 1983, Duval County, FL FL/NC/SC
Britton, Louise Esther Weibel b. 1900, CT; d. 1988, Greene County, VA VA/SC
Brody, Ethel Sobel b. 1923, New York, NY; d. 2014, Columbia, SC SC
Brooks, Billie active in Louisville, KY, 1935 KY
Brooks, Miriam E. active in Washington, DC, 1903-1913 DC
Brown, Amelia Ward active in Washington, DC, 1895-1912 DC
Brown, Armantine b. circa 1860, AL; d. 1945, Mobile, AL AL/LA
Brown, Gertrude Grant b. 1880, Malden, WV; d. 1967, Malden, WV DC/GA/WV
Brown, Helen Cheney b. 1854, Canandaigua, NY; d. Carmel, CA DC
Brown, Hilda Wilkinson b. 1895, Washington, DC; d. 1981, Washington, DC DC
Brown, Lillian Mason b. 1859, St. Louis, MO; d. 1924, St. Louis, MO FL
Brown, Lydia M. b. about 1875, Watertown, NY GA/LA
Brown, Mrs. Rhodes b. Cincinnati, OH LA
Brown, Ruth T. b. 1924, Akron, OH; d. 1994, New Smyrna Beach, FL FL
Brown, Sarah Nelson b. circa 1865, Calhoun, GA; d. 1942, Clarksville, TN GA/TN
Browne, Vivian Elaine b. 1929, Laurel, FL; d. 1993, New York, NY FL
Browning, Ellen Guild b. 1841, Tuscaloosa, AL; d. 1915, Anniston, AL AL/GA
Browning, Emma E. J. Donohoo b. 1873, Muhlenberg County, KY; d. 1950 KY
Browning, Louise Starkweather b. 1878, New Bern, NC; d. after 1957 DC/NC
Bruce, Laura Sutton b. 1845? 1853?, Lexington, KY; d. 1904, Lexington, KY KY
Bruen, Elizabeth Dorsey Keech b. 1873, Baltimore, MD; d. 1951, Savannah, GA GA/MD
Brundage, Frances Isabell Lockwood b. 1854, Newark, NJ; d. 1937, Brooklyn, NY DC / NC
Bruner, Alice Craddock b. 1920, Lexington, KY; d. 1999, Owensboro, KY KY
Brunk, Anne b. Harrisonburg, VA VA
Bruskin, Kathleen Spencer b. 1911, Omaha, NE; d. 2001, Port Townsend, WA VA
Bryant, Maude Drein b. 1880, Wilmington, DE; d. 1946, Wilmington, DE MD
Bryant, Rebecca L. b. 1903, Parkersburg, IA NC
Bryce, Virginia Keane b. 1861, Richmond, VA; d. 1935, Richmond, VA VA
Buchanan, Beverly Ann b. 1940, Fuquay, NC; d. 2015, Ann Arbor, MI GA/NC/SC
Buchholz, Emmaline Hardy b. 1887, Ormondsville, NC; d. 1973, Gainesville, FL FL/NC
Buckner, Barbara active in Washington, DC, 1951 DC
Buell, Alice Standish b. 1892, Oak Park, IL; d. 1964, New York, NY FL/LA
Bugbird, Mary Bayne b. 1889, Richmond, VA; d. 1981, Richmond, VA VA
Bulliet, Katherine Adams b. 1880, New Salisbury, IN; d. 1946, Chicago, IL KY
Bullitt, Nora Iasigi b. 1881, MA; d. 1976, Louisville, KY DC/KY
Bullock, Mary Jane McLean b. 1898, Ft. Worth, TX; d. 1978, Ft. Worth, TX WV
Bulluck, Mary Bell Heyer b. 1889, Wilmington, NC; d. 1980, Wilmington, NC NC/VA
Burdell, Alice Marion b. 1858, Charleston, SC; d. 1930, Columbia, SC SC
Burdette, Hattie Elizabeth b. 1872, Washington, DC; d. 1955, Washington, DC DC
Burdwise, Alice active in Washington, DC, 1920 DC
Burfiend, Blanche E. b. 1872, MA DC
Burgess, Anna Marguerite Clawson b. 1913, Annandale, VA; d. 2002 DC/VA
Burgess, Mary Cotheal b. 1910, Saco, ME; d. 2002, Fort Washington, PA NC
Burke, Mary "Mollie" Lillian b. 1879, Washington, DC; d. 1952, Leesburg, VA DC/VA
Burke, Selma Hortense b. 1900, Mooresville, NC; d. 1995, New Hope, PA NC
Burkenroad, Flora Salinger b. 1873, Lafayette, IN; d. 1963, New Orleans, LA LA
Burkhard, Verona Lorraine b. 1910, Paris, France; d. 2004, Grand Junction, CO NC
Burnside, Katherine Talbott b. 1904, Ft. Worth, TX; d. 1979, Parkersburg, WV NC/WV
Burnside, Lucile Margaret Woolfolk Hitt/Hiit b. 1877, Augusta, GA; d. 1927, Washington, DC DC/GA
Buros, Luella Gubrud b. 1901, Canby, MN; d. 1995, Tucson, AZ VA
Burroughs, Victoria Margaret Taylor {Goss} b. 1917, Saint Rose, LA; d. 2010, Chicago, IL LA
Burwell, Lilian Thomas b. 1927, Washington, DC DC
Burwell, Mary Alice Travis b. 1869, Brunswick County, VA; d. 1962, Oxford, NC NC/VA
Burwell, Saida Jones b. 1878, Charlotte, NC; d. 1965, Charlotte, NC NC
Busbee, Juliana Adeline Royster b. 1876, NC; d. 1962, Seagrove, NC NC
Bush-Brown, Margaret White Lesley b. 1857, Philadelphia, PA; d. 1944, Philadelphia, PA DC
Bush-Brown, Marjorie Conant b. 1885, Boston, MA; d. 1978, Boston, MA GA
Butler, Abby Congar b. 1862, Louisville, KY; d. 1960, Atlanta, GA GA/KY
Butler, Marie Isabelle Wolf b. 1923, Shreveport, LA; d. 2009, Shreveport, LA LA
Butner, Kathryn "Kitty" Elizabeth Pittman b. 1914, Philadelphia, PA; d. 1979 GA
Butts, Doris active in Washington, DC, 1951 DC
Byram, Elizabeth Ruth Patterson b. 1908, New Orleans, LA; d. 2004, Atlanta, GA GA/LA
Byrne, Ellen Albert b. 1858, Fort Moultrie, SC; d. 1947, Washington, DC DC/SC
Byrns, Cornelia Park b. about 1904, AL AL/TN


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Artist Life Dates Associated With
Cabaniss, Lila Marguerite b. 1874, Savannah, GA; d. 1969, Savannah, GA GA
Cabaniss, Mary Hope b. 1882, Savannah, GA; d. 1941, Savannah, GA GA
Caffery, Bethia Richardson b. 1881, Franklin, LA; d. 1957, LA DC/FL/LA
Caldwell, Marjorie b. 1907, Parkersburg, WV; d. 1968, Los Angeles, CA WV
Caldwell, Mary A. b. 1847, MS; d. 1929, Los Angeles, CA MS
Caldwell, Mary Moss Brents b. 1865, Glasgow, KY; d. 1930, Glasgow, KY KY
Callender, Marjorie Bruce b. 1901, New Orleans, LA; d. 1990, Jackson, LA LA
Callery, Mary "Meric" Kenna b. 1903, New York, NY; d. 1977, Paris, France NC
Callihan, Anne Worthington b. 1880, Greenup County, KY; d. 1964, Lexington, KY KY
Calloway, Marie Edwards Johnson b. 1920, Baltimore, MD; d. 2018, Oakland, CA MD
Calvert, Bertha Winifred b. 1885, Nashville, TN; d. 1943, Nashville, TN TN
Calvert, Elizabeth b. 1921, Greenville, MS; d. 1977, Memphis, TN LA/MS/TN
Calvert, Jennie Alston Cooper b. 1878, Philadelphia, PA; d. 1951, Philadelphia, PA DC
Calvin, Louise Deese b. 1914, Lumberton, NC; d. 2002, Burnsville, NC KY/NC
Campbell, Anne/Anna Baraud b. 1879, Nelson County, VA; d. 1927, New York, NY DC/VA
Campbell, Annie b. 1862, Charleston, WV; d. 1951 Dayton, OH WV
Campbell, Bessie Stuart active in Washington, DC, 1921-1922 DC
Campbell, Dorothy Stokes Bostwick Smith b. 1899, New York, NY; d. 2001, Sarasota, FL DC/FL
Campbell, Georgine/Georgia b. 1861, New Orleans, LA; d. 1931, Washington, DC DC/LA
Campbell, Helena Eastman Ogden b. 1879, Macon, GA; d. 1964, Westchester, NY GA
Campbell, Pauline active in Washington, DC, 1908-1924 DC
Cane, Alice Norcross b. 1876, Louisville, KY; d. 1957, Jefferson County, KY KY
Canipe, Margaret "Peggy" Jewell Copeland b. 1881; d. 1956, Vale, NC NC
Cannon, Beatrice b. 1875, Louisville, KY KY
Cantieni, Margaret A. Balzer b. 1914, Newton, KS; d. 2002, Bethlehem, PA NC
Cargill, Annelieu "Anne" Tigner b. 1877, Columbus, GA; d. 1965, Columbus, GA GA
Carl, Katharine Augusta b. 1854, New Orleans, LA; d. 1938, Peking, China LA
Carlisle, Mary Helen b. 1869; d. 1925 SC
Carlstead, Helena active in Washington, DC, 1918 DC
Carothers, Sarah Pace b. 1910, Baltimore, MD; d. 1999, Catonsville, MD MD
Carroll, Billy Roberta Price b. 1920, TN; d. 2011, Memphis, TN TN
Carroll, Mary Ann Snead b. 1940, Sandersville, GA; d. 2019, Stone Mountain, GA (buried Ft. Pierce, FL) FL/GA
Carson, Caroline "CC" Petigru b. 1820, Orangeburg, SC; d. 1885, Charleston, SC GA/SC
Carson-DeAngelo, Judith b. 1944, Southington, CT; d. 2015, Spartanburg, SC SC
Carter, Elizabeth Miller b. 1897, New York, NY; d. 1971, Columbus, GA DC/GA
Carter, Martha Lee Pallett b. 1866, Woodville, CA; d. 1955, Orange County, CA DC
Carter, Yvonne Pickering b. 1939, DC DC/MD/SC
Casamer, Mabel b. 1882?; d. 1969? KY
Casey, Laura Welsh b. 1866, Philadelphia, PA; d. 1951 (buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA) DC/MS
Cashwell, Viola Hollifield Scarborough b. 1913, Spruce Pine, NC; d. 2010, Wilmington, NC NC/VA
Catchings, Yvonne Parks b. 1935, Atlanta, GA GA
Catlett, Alice Elizabeth/Elizabeth Alice {White} {Mora} b. 1915, Washington, DC; d. 2012, Cuernavaca, Mexico DC/LA/NC
Cauthen, Deloris Vaughan b. 1906, Wilmington, NC; d. 1992, Columbia, SC NC/SC
Chaffee, Olive Ruth Holbert {Gibson} b. 1886, Woodville, KY; d. 1980, St. Louis, MO AL/FL/KY
Chalaron, Corrinne Marie b. 1900, New Orleans, LA; d. 1977, New Orleans, LA LA
Chamberlain, G. Hope Summerell b. 1870, Salisbury, NC; d. 1960, Chapel Hill, NC NC
Chamberlin, Helen b. 1871, LA; d. 1914, San Francisco, CA KY/LA
Chambers, Hallie Worthington b. 1881, Louisville, KY; d. 1970, Louisville, KY KY
Chambers, Willie M. b. 1865, GA; d. 1919, Monroe County, GA GA
Chandler, Gabrielle active in Washington, DC, 1926 DC
Chandler, Genevieve Willcox b. 1890, Marion County, SC; d. 1980, Murrell's Inlet, SC SC
Chandler, Lucie Cross "Toss" b. 1934, Woodford County, KY; d. 1934, Versailles, KY KY
Chandler, Margaret Patterson affiliated with Black Mountain College, 1943–1944 NC
Chant, Elisabeth/Elizabeth Augusta b. 1865, Yeovil, Somerset, England; d. 1947, Wilmington, NC NC
Chapman, Esther I. E. McCord b. 1862, Richardson County, NE; d. 1952, Washington, DC DC
Charbonnet, Marie Nathalie Lowe b. 1845, New Orleans, LA; d. 1924, New Orleans, LA LA
Chase, Mary Agnes b. 1869, IL; d. 1963, MD DC
Chase, Susan Brown b. 1868, St. Louis, MO; d. 1948, Clearwater, FL DC/FL
Chesney, Letitia b. 1875, Louisville, KY; d. 1939, Seattle, WA KY
Child, Jane Bridgham Curtis b. 1868, New York, NY; d. 1958, Boston, MA DC
Chisholm, Margaret Sale Covey b. 1909, Englewood, NJ; d. 1965, Valhalla, NY TN
Chisholm, Marie Margaret b. 1900, Garnett, SC; d. 1994, Garnett, SC SC
Chisolm, Valeria North b. 1871, Beaufort, SC; d. 1949, Savannah, GA GA/SC
Chodorov, Rachel Mildred Katzin b. about 1935, Winston-Salem, NC NC
Choy, Katherine Po-yu b. 1927, Shanghai, China; d. 1958, Port Chester, NY GA/LA
Chrissinger, Mary Helen b. 1877, Hagerstown, MD; d. 1968, Hagerstown, MD MD
Christensen, Abbie/Abby Winch b. 1887, Beaufort, SC; d. 1969, Beaufort, SC SC/WV
Christoph, Willa Skipwith b. 1930?, NY NC
Churchill, Anna Eleanor Franzen b. 1888, Washington, MN; d. 1981, Arlington, VA KY/VA
Citron, Minna b. 1896, Newark, NJ; d. 1991, New York, NY TN
Clark, Adèle Goodman b. 1882, Montgomery, AL; d. 1983, Richmond, VA AL/VA
Clark, Constance Willis b. 1914, NY; d. 2004, Natick, MA KY
Clark, Elise Thomson b. 1872, Brampton, Canada; d. 1941, Washington, DC DC/WV
Clark, Georgia E. Belle Lawrence b. 1869, Adams County, IA DC
Clark, Irene V. b. 1927, Washington, DC; d. 1984 DC/GA
Clark, Kate Freeman [a.k.a. Freeman Clark] b. 1875, Holly Springs, MS; d. 1957, Holly Springs, MS MS
Clark, Margery Griffen b. 1910, Brooklyn, NY; d. 2003, South Charleston, WV WV
Clark, Marsha "Mattie" Elizabeth Goolsby b. 1881, Abemarle County, VA; d. 1959, New Orleans, LA LA/VA
Clark, Virginia Hynson Keep b. 1878, New Orleans, LA; d. 1962, Winter Park, FL FL/LA/MD
Clarke, Emily Ruth Abbott b. 1909, Greensboro, NC; d. 1981, Greensboro, NC NC
Clay, Emily Thomas b. 1897, Summerville, GA; d. 1991, Augusta, GA GA
Claypool, Naomi Segel b. 1895, Bath County, KY; d. 1983, Memphis, TN KY/TN
Clayton, Clara Zimmerman b. 1936, Burlington, NC NC
Clemens, Alethia Beatrice b. 1874, Biloxi, MS; d. 1960, Pass Christian, MS LA/MS
Clement, Shirley A. b. 1922, New York, NY; d. 2002, Sarasota, FL FL
Clements, Edith Gertrude Schwartz b. 1874, Albany, NY; d. 1971, La Jolla, CA DC
Clements, Gabrielle de Veaux/DeVaux/DaVaux b. 1858, Philadelphia, PA; d. 1948, Folly Cove, MA DC/MD/NC/SC
Clements, Rosalie Thompson b. 1878, Washington, DC; d. 1969, St. Petersburg, FL DC/FL
Clendenin, Genevieve "Eve" b. 1896, Baltimore, MD; d. 1974 (buried in Sleepy Hollow, NY) MD
Clephane, Rosebud Almand b. 1892, Atlanta, GA; d. 1972, Coral Gables, FL FL/GA
Clinedinst, May Spear b. 1887, Brooklyn, NY; d. 1960, St. Petersburg, FL FL
Cloyd, Mary S. b. 1902, Nashville, TN; d. 1986, Nashville, TN TN
Coates, Caroline Pennock Spiller b. 1917, Baton Rouge, LA; d. 2011, Ojai, CA LA
Cobb, Katherine McKinley Treanor b. 1887, Salem, GA; d. 1971, Athens, GA GA
Cochran, Doris Mable b. 1898, North Girard, PA; d. 1968, Hyattsville, MD DC/MD
Cochrane, Constance b. 1888, Pensacola, FL; d. 1962, Chester, PA FL/NC
Cochrane, Josephine Granger b. 1864, Enfield, CT; d. 1953, Preston, CT DC/MD
Cohee, Marion M. b. 1896, Baltimore, MD; d. 1980, Philadelphia, PA MD
Cohen, Isabel M. {Doud} (see Doud, Isabel M. Cohen)
Cohn, Mildred Amalie Hiller b. 1921, New Orleans, LA; d. 2008, Birmingham, AL AL/LA
Cohn, Rosalee Sondheimer b. 1910, Winnetka, IL; d. 2000, Memphis, TN TN
Colborn, Eva Grace Bauman b. 1878, Deal, PA; d. 1948, Washington, DC DC
Colburn Helen Frances b. 1868, Baltimore, MD; d. 1943, Takoma Park, MD DC/MD
Colby, Alix Bettison b. 1890, Brenham, TX; d. 1983, Ft. Lauderdale, FL FL/LA
Cole, Annie Elizabeth b. 1880, Providence, RI; d. 1932, Washington, DC DC
Cole, Jessie Duncan Savage b. 1858, Pass Christian, MS; d. 1940, Wellesley, MA MS
Cole, Peggy Stallings b. 1931, Wilmington, NC; d. 2012, Wilmington, NC NC
Cole, Sallie Leigh b. 1897, Petersburg, VA; d. 1976, Petersburg, VA VA
Coleman, Dorothy Jurisich b. 1919, New Orleans, LA; d. 2018, New Orleans, LA LA
Coler, Stella C. b. 1892, Grand Rapids, MI; d. 1992, Indianapolis, IN FL
Coles, Anne Cadwallader b. 1882, Columbia, SC; d. 1969, Columbia, SC SC
Collier, Emily Alberta b. 1911, Vicksburg, MS; d. 1985, New Orleans, LA LA/MS
Collins, Elizabeth Madeline b. 1879, Petersburg, VA; d. 1951, Petersburg, VA VA
Collins, Florestine Perrault b. 1895, New Orleans, LA; d. 1988, LA LA
Collins, Julia Alice [Alice Julia] b. 1875, Savannah, GA; d. 1952, Asheville, NC GA/NC
Collison, Helen F. b. 1895, Washington, DC; d. 1981, SC DC/SC
Colton, Mary-Russell Ferrell b. 1889, Louisville, KY; d. 1971, Phoenix, AZ KY/NC
Colvin, Clara Stroud b. 1890, New Orleans, LA; d. 1984, Ocean City, NJ FL/LA
Coman, Charlotte Buell b. 1833, Waterville, NY; d. 1924, Yonkers, NY FL
Coman, Zoe Carnes b. 1872, Benton County, TN; d. 1967, New York, NY TN
Combs, Frances Hungerford b. 1876, Washington, DC; d. 1973, Washington, DC DC
Comegys, Margaret Lewis b. 1884, MD; d. after 1947 DC/MD
Comer, Belle b. 1878, Rome, GA; d. 1966, Birmingham, AL AL/GA
Comfort, Katherine McIntosh b. 1897; d. 1981, Atlanta, GA GA/NC
Compton, Caroline Russell b. 1907, Vicksburg, MS; d. 1987, Vicksburg, MS LA/MS/VA
Compton, Dorothy Dumesnie {Stephenson} {Wearing} b. 1917, Edgewater, AL; d. 1973, Deltona, FL AL/FL
Condon, Florence B. active in Washington, DC, 1919-1926 DC
Cone, Louise Austin Shaefer b. 1888, Birmingham, AL; d. 1969, Birmingham, AL AL
Conger, Hallie Ramsay b. 1874, Alexandria, VA; d. 1977, Alexandria, VA DC/VA
Conley, Sarah/Sara Ward b. 1859, Nashville, TN; d. 1944, Nashville, TN TN
Connell, Minnie Clyde Dixon b. 1901, Belcher, LA; d. 1998, Elm Grove, LA LA
Connell, Sybil b. 1895, Dana, IN; d. 1983, Nashville, IN NC
Conover, Alida Van Rensselaer b. 1904, NY; d. 1981, Clearwater, FL DC/FL
Conrad, Jenetta Emily b. 1811, Harrisonburg, VA; d. 1898, Harrisonburg, VA VA
Conrad, Marilyn Christian Condron b. 1921, SD; d. 2015, New Orleans, LA LA
Constable, Susan M. d. 1913, Baltimore, MD DC/MD
Converse, Lily Schierenberg b. 1876, St. Petersburg, Russia; d. 1961, Philadelphia, PA NC
Cook, Irma Virginia Howard b. 1899, Ballston Spa, NY; d. 1984, Spartanburg, SC SC
Cook, Mildred Taylor b. 1917, Oberlin, KS; d. 2007, Paradise Valley, NV NC
Cooke, Mary Honoré Guilbeau b. 1907, Baton Rouge, LA; d. 2006, Summit, OH DC/LA
Cooley, Ursula Dixie Cleveland b. 1894, Hartwell, GA; d. 1956, Tarpon Springs, FL FL/GA/TN
Coolman, Hundley Love Wells b. 1890, New Albany, IN; d. 1973 (buried in New Albany, IN) GA/KY
Coombs, Genevieve C. active in Washington, DC, 1913-1914 DC
Cooper, Ann T. b. 1935, New Orleans, LA; d. 2005, New Orleans, LA LA
Cooper, Ellen b. Columbia, SC; d. 1858 AL/SC
Cooper, Emma Esther Lampert b. 1855, Nunda, NY; d. 1920, Pittsfield, NY GA/MD/SC/VA
Cooper, Jane "Janie" James Farrow b. 1861, Laurens, SC; d. 1950, Atlanta, GA GA/SC
Cooper, Jessie Faris Dunaway b. 1932, Fleming County, KY; d. 2013, Fleming County, KY KY
Cooper, Nettie Bartlett b. 1879, Prospect Valley, WV; d. 1951, Harrison County, WV WV
Cornish, Katherine Theodosia b. 1864, Aiken, SC; d. 1948, Charleston, SC SC
Costa, Elizabeth Petts b. 1938, Dover, DE FL
Costello, Helen active in Washington, DC, 1945 DC
Coulon, Mary Elizabeth Emma b. 1859, New Orleans, LA; d. 1928, New Orleans, LA LA
Coulon, Mary-Paoline Casbergue b. 1831, New Orleans, LA; d. 1914, New Orleans, LA LA
Coulter, Mary Jencques b. 1880, Newport, KY; d. 1966, Amherst, MA KY
Couper, Emma Josephine Sibley [a.k.a. Mrs. B. King Couper] b. 1867, Augusta, GA; d. 1957, Greenville, SC GA/NC/SC
Cousins, Clara Lea b. 1894, Halifax County, VA; d. 1991, Bremo Bluff, VA VA
Covington, Wickliffe Cooper b. 1867, Shelby County, KY; d. 1938, Bowling Green, KY KY
Cowen, Sarah Eakin b. 1875, Hendersonville, NC; d. 1958, Miami, FL (buried Nashville, TN) FL/NC/TN/SC
Cox-McCormack, Nancy Mal {Cushman} b. 1885, Nashville, TN; d. 1967, Ithaca, NY TN
Crabtree, Donna Angeline Wilson b. 1868, Nebraska City, NE; d. 1956, Washington, DC DC
Crabtree, Nannie E. Chaney b. 1893, Warren County, KY; d. 1981, Warren County, KY KY
Craig, Margaret H. b. 1852 or 1853, Westmoreland County, PA; d. 1951, Washington, DC DC
Craig, Marie Jackson b. 1906, Memphis, TN; d. 1943, Boston, MA TN
Craighill, Eleanor Rutherford b. 1896, Fort Totten, NY; d. 1988, Newport News, VA VA
Crane, Mary Florence Hedleston b. 1888, Pleasant Grove, KY; d. 1973, Gulfport, MS KY/MS
Crawford, Esther Mabel b. 1872, Atlanta, GA; d. 1958, San Gabriel, CA GA
Crawford, Josephine Marien b. 1878, New Orleans, LA; d. 1952, New Orleans, LA LA/MS
Crawford, Margaret Louise b. 1932 NC
Crawley, Ida Jolly b. 1867, Pond Creek, TN; d. 1946, Asheville, NC DC/NC/TN
Creecy, Emma Treynor b. 1869, Washington, DC; d. 1964, Washington, DC DC
Cresson, Margaret French b. 1889, Concord, MA; d. 1973, Stockbridge, MA DC
Critcher, Catherine Carter Coles b. 1868, Westmoreland County, VA; d. 1964, Blackstone, VA DC/VA/WV
Critcher, Louisa "Lulie" Kennon b. 1866, Washington, DC; d. 1939, Washington, DC DC/VA
Cron, Nina Nash b. 1882, Spokane, WA; d. 1946 (buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA) DC
Cross, Bernice Francena b. 1912, Iowa City, IA; d. 1996, Washington, DC DC/VA
Crowe, Amanda Marie b. 1928, Cherokee, NC; d. 2004, NC NC
Crozier, Katharine Sewall b. 1896, Washington, DC; d. 1979, Washington, DC DC
Crummer, Mary Worthington b. 1878, Baltimore, MD; d. 1958, Pikesville, MD MD
Crump, Kathleen Wheeler b. 1884, Reading, England; d. 1977, Washington, DC DC/MD
Cudlipp, Thelma Somerville {Grosvenor} {Whitman} b. 1891, Richmond, VA; d. 1983, Greenwich, CT VA
Cudmore, Mary A. active in Washington, DC, 1908-1917 DC
Cullen, Charlotte S. active in Washington, DC, 1926-1931 DC
Cullis, Mary Irene b. Bellevue, PA; d. 1992, Saline, MI KY/NC
Culver, Mildred active in Washington, DC, 1919-1920 DC
Cummings, Christabel b. 1873, Bala Cynwyd, PA; d. 1954, PA DC
Cunningham, Sarah "Sallie" Anderson b. 1858, Franklin, WV; d. 1939, Franklin, WV WV
Cunningham, Theodora Bradley b. 1867, Washington, DC; d. 1958, Essex, VT DC
Curlee, Eleanor Katherine b. 1866, Jacinto, MS; d. 1944, Corinth, MS MS
Currier, Mary Ann b. 1927, Louisville, KY; d. 1949, Louisville, KY FL/KY
Curry, Alison B. active 1933-1943 DC/FL/LA
Curtis, Constance b. Washington, DC; d. 1959, New York, NY DC
Custis, Eleanor Parke b. 1897, Washington, DC; d. 1983, Gloucester, MA DC
Custis, Naomi Holt b. 1911, Washington, DC; d. 2009, Chevy Chase, MD DC/MD
Cutts, Gertrude Eleanor Spurr b. 1858, Great Britain; d. 1941, Ontario, Canada NC


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Artist Life Dates Associated With
Dahl-Wolfe, Louise b. 1895, San Francisco, CA; d. 1989, Frenchtown, NJ TN
Daingerfield, Marjorie Lundean b. 1900, New York, NY; d. 1977, Blowing Rock, AR AR/NC
D'Alessio, Theresa Hilda Fellman [a.k.a. Hilda Terry] b. 1914, Newburyport, MA; d. 2006, New York, NY NC
Danaher, May b. 1867, La Grange, TN; d. 1931, Little Rock, AR AR/TN
Dance, Elizabeth Jennings b. 1901, Richmond, VA; d. 1984, Richmond, VA VA
Dandridge, Serena Catherine/Katherine Violet b. 1878, Shepherdstown, WV; d. 1956, Baltimore, MD DC/WV
Danebhunt, Sybil Aiken b. 1886, AL; d. 1933, Parrish, AL AL
Darwin, Ruth active in Washington, DC, 1902-1910 DC
Dashiell, Margaret May b. 1869, New Orleans, LA; d. 1959, Richmond, VA LA/VA
Daugherty, Agnes Huston b. 1898, Peninsula, OH; d. 1974, Charleston, WV WV
Davenport, Edith Fairfax b. 1880, Kansas City, MO; d. 1957, Winter Park, FL FL
Davidson, Dorothy Mary b. 1889, Arkansas City, KS; d. after 1977, possibly in CO DC
Davidson, Theresa Sherrer Julienna b. 1893, Marion, OH; d. 1986, Nashville, TN SC/TN
Daviess, Maria Thompson b. 1872, Harrodsburg, KY; d. 1924, New York, NY KY
Davis, Carrie Chamberlain b. 1929, Winston-Salem, NC; d. 2010, Winston-Salem, NC NC
Davis, Carrie E. active in Washington, DC, 1905-1920 DC
Davis, Eleanor "Elda" Layfield b. 1911, Richmond, VA; d. 1985, Winston-Salem, NC NC/VA
Davis, Elizabeth Logan b. 1886, Shelbyville, KY KY
Davis, Elizabeth Marguerite Evans {Willis} b. 1890, Washington, DC; d. 1984, Washington, DC DC
Davis, Elizabeth Upham b. 1890, Milwaukee, WI; d. 1985, Wilmington, DE FL
Davis, Emma L. b. 1905, IN; d. 1888, San Diego, CA DC
Davis, Margaret Lena Bulluck b. 1882, Pitt County, NC; d. 1967 or 1968, Rocky Mount, NC NC
Davis, Margaret McRae Williams b. 1916, Wilmington, NC; d. 1985, New Orleans, LA LA/NC
Davis, Natalie Harlan b. 1898, Philadelphia, PA; d. 1988, Fairfax, VA DC/VA
Dawson, Bess Phipps b. 1916, Tchula, MS; d. 1994, McComb, MS MS
Day, Juette Johnson b. 1922, Richmond, VA; d. 2021, Washington, DC DC/VA
Day, Mary Elizabeth Nottingham (see Nottingham, Mary Elizabeth Day)
Day, Esther Worden b. 1912, Columbus, OH; d. 1986, Montclair, NJ VA
Dayton, Ruth Woods b. 1894, Philippi, WV; d. 1978, Lewisburg, WV WV
de Brennecke, Muriel "Nena/Nina" Jackson b. 1888, Argentina; d. after 1957 NC
de Creeft, Alice Robertson Carr b. 1899, Roanoke, VA; d. 1996, Santa Barbara, CA VA
De Ghize, Eleanor May Jenks b. 1896, New York, NY; d. 1981, possibly Santa Fe, NM MD
de Jaham, Marie Therese Bernard b. 1866, New Orleans, LA; d. 1916, New Orleans, LA LA
de Kooning, Elaine Marie Catherine Fried b. 1918, Brooklyn, NY; d. 1989, Southhampton, NY NC
De Lamotte, Caroline Jones b. 1889, Pikesville, MD; d. 1947, Moss Point, MS MD/MS
De Lappe, Phyllis Pele b. 1916, San Francisco, CA; d. 2007, Petaluma, CA DC
de Saint Mart, Lucienne de Neuville b. 1866, Laval, France; d. 1953, Laguna Beach, CA LA/VA
Deachman, Nelle Kerr b. 1895, Prescott, AR; d. 1989, Downers Grove, IL AR
Dearing, Mildred "Millie" Lyle(s) b. 1906, Athens, GA; d. 1995, Athens, GA GA
Decker, Dorothy Marie Horne b. 1917, Red Springs, NC; d. 2005, Parkersburg, WV NC/WV
Decker, Effie Bennett b. 1869, Washington, DC; d. 1936, Washington, DC DC
Degen, Mabel Hussey b. 1885, Stoneham, MA; d. 1954, Louisville, KY KY
Degener, Faustina Monroe b. 1906; d. 1964 NC
Deike, Clara L. b. 1881, Detroit, MI; d. 1964, Rocky River, OH KY
Deikman, Etta Diane Mandelbaum b. 1929, Lawrence, NY NC
Del Mar, Frances/Francesca Paloma b. 1868, Washington, DC; d. 1951, New York, NY DC
Delaplane, Adele "Laddie" Sylvia Marshack b. 1923, Chicago, IL; d. 2012, Sacramento, CA NC
Demonet, Inez Michon b. 1897, Washington, DC; d. 1980, Green Valley, AZ DC
Dent, Dorothy b. Washington, DC; d. after 1940, possibly in New York, NY DC
Derryberry, Gertrude Joan Pitt-Rew b. 1906, Torrington, England; d. 1994, Cookeville, TN KY/TN
Derryberry, Mary Lou b. 1901, Marshall County, TN; d. 1981, Chattanooga, TN GA/NC/TN
Desport, Juliette Marie b. 1895, Louisville, KY; d. 1985, Bowling Green, KY KY/TN
Deweese, Harriet Ley b. 1901, Titusville, PA; d. 1995, Philadelphia, MS MS
Dewitt, Jessie R. b. DeQueen, AR; d. 1988 AR
Dick, Caroline Lavelle b. 1888, MS; d. 1965, Birmingham, AL AL/MS
Dickinson, Eleanor Evelyn Vaughn Creekmore b. 1931, Knoxville, TN; d. 2017, San Jose, CA TN
Didier, Rosaltha Kent b. 1887, VA DC/VA
Diebold, Henriette b. 1894; d. 1973, St. Paul, MN NC
Diecks, Lucy McGowan b. 1907, Louisville, KY; d. 1998, Jefferson County, KY KY
Dillaye, Blanche b. 1851, Syracuse, NY; d. 1931, Philadelphia, PA KY
Dismukes, Mary Ethel b. 1870, Pulaski, TN; d. 1952, Biloxi, MS MS/TN
Diuguid, Mary Sampson b. 1883, Lynchburg, VA; d. 1968, Lynchburg, VA VA
Dixon, Madeline Norris d. 1988, Anniston, AL AL
Dobson, Margaret Anna b. 1888, Baltimore, MD; d. 1981, Los Angeles, CA MD
Dodd, Irene b. 1941, GA GA
Dodd, Marilee Beverly b. 1907, GA; d. 1990, Chester, CT GA
Dodge, Margaret "Peggy" Elizabeth Polsky b. 1911, Akron, OH; d. 1985, Asheville, NC NC
Dodge, Mary "Mamie" Lucinda Leftwich/de Leftwich b. 1838, VA; d. 1928, Italy VA
Doelckner, Dorothy b. 1907, Jefferson County, KY KY
Doherty, Lillian A. Cook b. 1869, Washington, DC; d. 1927, Washington, DC DC
Dohlgrin, Josephine active in Washington, DC, 1907-1908 DC
Doke, Sallie George Fullilove b. 1872, Keachi, LA; d. 1953, Pineville, LA LA
Donahoo, Sara Freeman active in Washington, DC, 1926-1927 DC
Donaldson, Elise b. 1887, Elkridge, MD; d. 1980, La Jolla, CA MD
Donelson, Mary Hooper b. 1906, Hermitage, TN; d. 2000, TN TN
Donnally, M. Louise active in Washington, DC, 1913-1914 DC
Donnelly, Hester Claire b. 1912, Augusta, GA; d. 1992, New Hanover County, NC GA/NC
Dorhauer, Marjorie Ruth b. 1899, Gulfport, MS; d. 1994, Gulfport, MS MS
Dortch, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hogg b. 1895, Goldsboro, NC; d. 1985, Raleigh, NC NC
Dortch, Mary Louise Pegues b. 1896; d. 1952, Oxford, MS MS
Dotterer, Selma Tharin (see Tharin, Selma Marie {Furtwangler} {Dotterer})
Doud, Isabel M. Cohen b. 1867, Charleston, SC; d. 1945, Charleston, SC SC
Dougherty, Bertha Hurlbut b. 1883, Plainfield, NJ VA
Dougherty, Jeanie Caldwell b. 1842, Wheeling, WV; d. 1930, Florence, Italy WV
Douglas, Laura Glenn b. 1896, Winnsboro, SC; d. 1962, Washington, DC DC/SC
Douglass, Lucile Sinclair b. 1877, Tuskegee, AL; d. 1935, Andover, MA AL
Dowdell, Elaine Day b. 1931, Ames, IA; d. 2014, Winston-Salem, NC NC
Downey, Mary Virginia Ryder b. 1881, New York, NY; d. 1976, El Paso, TX VA
Dreskin, Jeanet Steckler b. 1921, New Orleans, LA LA/SC
Drew, Antoinette Farnsworth b. 1864, Fond du Lac, WI; d. 1941, Atlanta, GA DC/GA
Drexler, Lynne Mapp [Hultberg] b. 1928, Elizabeth City, VA; d. 1999, Monhegan, Maine VA
Driggs, Elizabeth "Elsie" H. Gatch b. 1898, Hartford, CT; d. 1992, New York, NY LA
Drinker, Catherine Ann {Janvier} b. 1841, Philadelphia, PA; d. 1922, Philadelphia, PA MD
Drummond, Sally Hazelet b. 1924, Evanston, IL FL/KY
Dryden, Helen b. 1887, Baltimore, MD; d. 1982, Brentwood, NY MD
Dryer, Della Frances b. 1867, Tuskegee, AL; d. 1951, Mountain Brook, AL AL
Dubé , Mattie b. 1861, Florence, AL; d. 1944, Paris, France AL
Dudley, Virginia Evelyn b. 1913, Spring City, TN; d. 1981, Rising Fawn, GA GA/TN
Duggan, Edith Boxer b. 1878, New Orleans, LA; d. 1932, New Orleans, LA LA
Duhamel, Elizabeth A. b. 1862, Washington, DC; d. 1953, Washington, DC DC
Dulac, Margarita {Walker} b. 1922, Asheville, NC NC
Dummett, Laura Dow b. 1856, Allegheny, PA; d. after 1931, possibly in NJ DC
DuMond, Helen Savier b. 1872, Portland, OR; d. 1968, Alhambra, CA FL
Duncan, Muriel Ethel Morrison b. 1914, Charlotte, NC; d. 1984, Charlotte, NC FL/NC/SC
Duncan, Virginia active in Louisville, KY, 1934 KY
Dunlop, Anna Mercer b. 1873, Petersburg, VA; d. 1957, Petersburg, VA VA
Dunn, Grace Blethen b. 1885, Minneapolis, MN; d. 1970, Metairie, LA LA
DuPré , Grace Annette b. 1894, Spartanburg, SC; d. 1984, Spartanburg, SC SC
Dupuy, Laura Nevitt b. 1893, Albany, NY; d. 1971, McLean, VA (buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA) DC/VA
Durieux, Caroline Spellman Wogan b. 1896, New Orleans, LA; d. 1989, Baton Rouge, LA LA
Dutheil, Anna active in Washington, DC, 1909-1917 DC
Duval, Ella Moss b. 1843, Pass Christian, MS; d. 1911, St. Louis, MO LA/MS
Dwyer, Adelaide b. 1896, Washington, DC DC


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Artist Life Dates Associated With
Eagle, Clara M. b. 1908, Columbus, OH; d. 1985, Columbus, OH KY
Eanes, Susan Frances "Fannie" b. 1884, Leesville, VA; d. 1974, Lynchburg, VA DC/VA
Earle, Cornelia Thompson b. 1859, Huntsville, AL; d. 1928, Richmond, VA SC/VA
Ebersole, Mabel Helen b. 1885, IA; d. 1969, Keokuk, IA AR
Eckel, Julia E. Dibblee b. 1870, NY; d. 1964 (buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA) DC
Edell, Josie Van Gent b. 1921, Amsterdam, Netherlands; d. 2006, Charleston, SC SC
Edelman, Barcia Stepner b. 1925, Boston, MA; d. 2009 NC
Edgerly, Beatrice Edna {MacPherson} b. 1898, Washington, DC; d. 1973, Tucson, AZ DC
Edsall, Louisa Cabot Richardson b. 1884, Chestnut Hill, MA; d. 1964, Cambridge, MA NC
Edwards, Alice Elsie b. about 1871; d. 1932, Washington, DC DC
Edwards, Caroline Estelle Harris b. 1907, Junction City, AR; d. 1954, Jacksonville, AL AL/MS/NC
Edwards, Ethel Gonzales b. 1914, Opelousas, LA; d. 1999, NY LA
Edwards, Jane Sumner {Funston} {Miskie} b. 1937, Greensboro, NC; d. 2010, Zebulon, NC (buried Franklinton, NC) NC
Edwards, Kate Flournoy b. 1877, Marshallville, GA; d. 1980, Atlanta, GA GA
Edwards, Mary Elizabeth active in Louisville, KY, 1939 KY
Egan, Eloise Carpenter Jackson b. 1874, IA; d. 1967, New York, NY FL/SC
Egbert, Evelyn "Lyn" Loretta Forsyth b. 1898, Oakland, CA; d. 1986, Dallas, TX DC/NC
Eggemeyer, Maude Kaufman b. 1877, New Castle, IN; d. 1959, Asheville, NC NC
Ehrmann, Marli b. 1904; d. 1982 NC
Eliot, Theresa Ann Garrett b. 1884, Louisville, KY; d. 1981, Cambridge, MA KY
Elkins, Mary Louise "Hallie" Davis b. 1854, Washington, DC; d. 1933, Washington, DC DC/WV
Elliott, Bertie Fredericks b. 1862, Perry County, PA; d. 1952, Carlisle, PA DC
Elliott, Hannah b. 1876, Atlanta, GA; d. 1956, Birmingham, AL AL/GA
Elliott, Jane S. active in Washington, DC, 1920-1935; d. about 1946, DC
Elliott, Martha Beggs b. 1892, Birmingham, AL; d. 1987, Panama City, FL AL/FL
Elliott, Sophia Appolina Hopkins b. 1821, NY; d. 1885 (buried in Rockport, OH) AR
Ely, Letitia Thompson Maxwell b. 1886, Pottstown, PA; d. 1967, New Hope, PA DC
Emery, Lin b. 1926, Larchmont, NY; d, 2021, New Orleans, LA LA
Emmerich, Mary Ashburton Pew b. 1864, Staten Island, NY; d. 1957, West Hazleton, PA DC
Emmons, Chansonetta Stanley b. 1858, Kingfield, ME; d. 1937, Kingfield, ME SC
Emmons, Dorothy Stanley b. 1891, Roxbury, MA; d. 1960, Kingfield, ME FL/GA/NC/SC
Engelhardt, Harriett Pinkston b. 1919, Montgomery, AL; d. 1945, France or Germany AL/NC
Ennis, Marion Elizabeth Brower b. 1896, Brooklyn, NY; d. 1979, Fairfax, VA DC/VA
Enquist, Mary Bisbee b. 1879, WI; d. 1953, Silver Bow, MT DC
Erb, Daisy Erin b. 1875, Canton, OH; d. 1959, Davenport, FL DC/FL/NC
Erlanger, Elizabeth Nachman b. 1890, Baltimore, MD; d. 1975, Goshen, NY MD
Erskine, Emma Payne b. 1854; Racine, WI; d. 1924, Tryon, NC NC
Erwin, Elsie George b. about 1883, PA DC
Estabrook, Florence C. b. Lowell, MA; d. about 1936, Washington, DC DC
Estill, Elizabeth Ritter Savage b. 1895, Charleston, WV; d. 1992, Vienna, WV WV
Ettling, Ruth Lena Droitcour b. 1910, Pittsburgh, PA; d. 2003, Huntington, WV WV
Etz, Pearl Potter b. 1875, Washington, DC; d. 1963, Tucson, AZ DC
Evans, Elizabeth Dolbear Montgomery b. 1898, Marysville, OH; d. 1988, Rockville, MD DC/MD
Evans, Minnie Eva Jones b. 1892, Long Creek, NC; d. 1987, Wilmington, NC NC
Evans, Virginia Barger b. 1894, Moundsville, WV; d. 1983, Wheeling, WV FL/WV
Evatt, Harriet Torrey b. 1891, Knoxville, TN; d. 1983, Worthington, OH TN
Everett, Reaunette b. 1924, GA GA
Everhart, Adelaide b. 1865, Charlotte, NC; d. 1958, Decatur, GA GA/NC
Everhart, Florence Aurelia b. 1893, Athens, PA; d. 1975, Alexandria, VA DC/VA
Everton, Louise Woodson Smith b. 1920, Birmingham, AL; d. 1995, Princess Anne, MD AL/MD
Ewald, Marion Butler b. 1910, Meriden, CT; d. 1944, Fallston, MD MD
Ewen, Carrie Douglas Dudley b. 1894, Flemingsburg, KY; d. 1982, Louisville, KY KY
Earwood, Margaret Franklin Ogden b. 1908; d. 1987, Belle Glade, FL FL


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Artist Life Dates Associated With
Fahey, Esther Edmunds b. about 1887, NY; d. 1976, Stockton, CA DC/LA/MD/SC
Fahrenbruch, Lottie L. b. about 1887; d. 1976, Washington, DC DC
Falkner, Maud Butler b. 1871, Oxford, MS; d. 1960, Oxford, MS MS
Fant, Elizabeth "Lizzie Betty" Anderson b. 1852, Holly Springs, MS; d. 1935, Holly Springs, MS MS
Faris, Gladys Going b. 1930, Greenville, SC; d. 2010, Wilmington, NC NC/SC
Farnham, Jessica Shirley b. 1882, New Rochelle, NY; d. 1956, Jefferson County, AL AL
Farr, Dorothy Bruce b. 1910; d. 1989 DC
Faulconer, Eleanor Tevis b. 1894, Shelby City, KY; d. 1985, Danville, KY KY
Faunce, Ethel A. active in Washington, DC, 1915 DC
Faure, Marie Rosalba b. 1865, New Orleans, LA; d. 1927, New Orleans, LA LA
Fell, Amy Watson Wells b. 1898, Lynchburg, VA; d. 1981, Morrisville, PA VA
Fenerty, Agnes Lawson b. 1885, Louisville, KY; d. 1974, Woodbridge, VA KY/VA
Ferguson, Alice Leczinska Lowe b. 1880, Washington, DC; d. 1951, Washington, DC DC/MD
Ferguson, Jean active in Louisville, KY, 1936 KY
Fernow, Bernice Pauahi Andrews b. 1881, Jersey City, NJ; d. 1969 SC
Ferris, Bernice Marie Branson b. 1882, Astoria, IL; d. 1936, Alexandria, VA DC/VA
Ferris, Katherine Norris b. 1916, Greenwich, CT NC
Féry, Lucie-Louise b. 1848, Metz, France; d. 1922, Charleston, SC SC
Fiene, Alicia Weincek b. 1918, Chicopee, MA; d. 1961, New York, NY DC/NC
Figg, Fannie Emma b. 1860, Louisville, KY; d. 1942, Louisville, KY KY
Findley, Ila B. b. 1900, Birmingham, AL; d. 1944, Tuscaloosa, AL AL
Finkelstein, Maria Hamel b. 1891, France; d. 1975, Bel Air, MD DC/MD
Fischer, Louis "Louise" Elizabeth Andrews b. 1901, New Orleans, LA; d. 1974, New Orleans, LA LA
Fischer, Mary Ellen Sigsbee Ker b. 1876, New Orleans, LA; d. 1960, Shandaken, NY LA
Fischer, Pansy b. 1892; d. 1967 KY
Fisher, Elizabeth Patten Brewer b. 1855, ME; d. 1927, Washington, DC DC
Fisher, Jane Tucker b. 1896, Columbia, SC; d. 1972, Columbia, SC SC
Fitzgerald, Harriet b. 1904, Danville, VA; d. 1984, Danville, VA VA
Fitzgerald, Zelda Sayre b. 1900, Montgomery, AL; d. 1948, Asheville, NC AL/NC
Flanigen, Jean Nevitt b. 1898, Athens, GA; d. 1994, Athens, GA GA
Fleming, Margaret Doubleday Eddy b. 1888, New York, NY; about 1977, La Jolla, CA LA
Flemming, Jean Robinson b. 1874, Charleston, SC; d. 1956, Charleston, SC SC/VA
Fletcher, Anne Christine b. 1876, Chicago, IL; d. 1955, Richmond, VA VA
Fliege, Lillian b. about 1880, Michigan; d. after 1940 WV
Flippin, Mary Louise b. 1909, Nashville, TN; d. 1982, Nashville, TN TN
Flisher, Edith Ella b. 1885, Cleveland, OH; d. 1936, Nashville, TN TN
Folse, France Marie b. 1906, Raceland, LA; d. 1985, Houma, LA LA
Fonville, Jean McIver Lane b. 1909; d. 2008, Hickory, NC NC
Forbes-Oliver, Harriet b. 1908, Atlanta, GA GA/LA
Ford, Celinda/Celeste W. active in Washington, DC, 1901-1920 DC
Ford, Louisa Wright Neilson b. 1866, Baltimore, MD; d. 1931, Baltimore, MD MD
Forsdale, Elinor Wulfekuhler affiliated with Black Mountain College NC
Forsyth, Elizabeth Duverje Villere b. 1911, New Orleans, LA; d. 1975, VA LA/VA
Fort, Gladys Coker b. 1891, Hartsville, SC; d. 1976, Gaffney, SC NC/SC
Fosdick, Gertrude Christian b. 1862, Urbanna, VA; d. 1961, Manhattan, NY VA
Foster, Alice b. 1873, IL; d. 1927, Washington, DC DC
Foster, Anne Bemister Dunn affiliated with Black Mountain College NC
Foster, Ethel Elizabeth b. 1873, Washington, DC; d. 1968, St. Petersburg, FL DC/FL
Foushee, Ola Maie Suttenfield b. 1905, Rockingham County, NC; d. 1999, Chapel Hill, NC NC
Fowler, Frances Herrick b. 1864, Bowling Green, KY; d. 1948, Bowling Green, KY KY/TN
Fowler, Mary Blackford b. 1892, Findlay, OH; d. 1982, Findlay, OH DC/VA
Fowler, Maud E. b. 1890, Washington, DC DC
Fowler, Rhoda Gibbs b. 1869, WI; d. 1951, Petersburg, VA VA
Fox, Margaret Mason Taylor b. 1857, Philadelphia, PA; d. 1942, Thomaston, CT DC
Frank, Alyce b. 1932, New Iberia, LA LA
Frank, Elise b. 1891, Haarlem, Holland; d. 1981, Tampa, FL FL
Frankenthaler, Helen b. 1928, Manhattan, NY; d. 2011, Darien, CT NC
Frankforter, Katharine Ann Swartzbaugh d. 2006, Marin, CA; affiliated with Black Mountain College NC
Franklin, Mary Jett b. 1842, Athens, GA; d. 1928, Athens, GA GA
Freeman Mayme A. b. 1883, Knoxville, TN; d. 1959, TN TN
French, Lillie Bell Harper b. 1877, Southport, NC; d. 1944, Wilmington, NC NC
Freund, Elsie Mari Bates b. 1912, Mincy, MO; d. 2001, Little Rock, AR AR/FL
Frishmuth, Harriet Whitney b. 1880, Philadelphia, PA; d. 1980, Hampton, CT SC
Frohock, Edith Mary Harker b. 1917, Kansas City, MO; d. 1997, Birmingham, AL AL/FL
Frost, Eda active in Washington, DC, 1920-1935 DC
Fry, Francisca Negueloua b. 1917, New Orleans, LA; d. 1972, New Orleans, LA LA
Fry, Rowena C. b. 1892, Athens, AL; d. 1990, Nashville, TN AL/TN
Fuelling, Annie M. Schoenborn b. 1870, Washington, DC; d. 1917, Washington, DC DC
Fulda, Elizabeth b. 1879, Berlin, Germany; d. 1968, New York, NY DC
Fuller, Sue b. 1914, Pittsburgh, PA; d. 2006, Southampton, NY GA/NC
Fuller, Susan E. W. b. 1831, New York, NY; d. 1907, Washington, DC DC
Fulton, Antoinette Willner b. 1882, Loudoun County, VA; d. 1940, Washington, DC DC/VA
Fulton, Ruth McConnell b. 1905, Rome, GA; d. 2003, Winston-Salem, NC GA/NC/TN
Funck, Zella Ouida Chevallier b. 1917, Forest Hill, LA; d. 2009, New Orleans, LA LA
Furr, Dani Hayes b. 1928, Selma, NC AL/NC


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Artist Life Dates Associated With
Gage, Ethel Allen b. 1873, Louisville, KY; d. 1960, Louisville, KY KY
Gailor, Charlotte Moffett b. 1888, Sewanee, TN; d. 1972, Memphis, TN TN
Gaines, Denise "Nina" Martin affiliated with Black Mountain College NC
Gallagher, Mary Ashton Cotton b. 1890, Charleston, WV; d. 1968, Charleston, WV WV
Galt, Mary "Mollie" Jeffrey b. 1844, Norfolk, VA; d. 1922, Norfolk, VA VA
Gamble, Rose Evelyn b. 1871, England DC/MD
Ganong, Valerie Marie b. 1909, Memphis, TN; d. 1966, Memphis, TN TN
Gardner, Letitia Sellar b. 1894; d. 1968, Lexington, KY KY
Garesche, Marie Rosella b. 1864, St. Louis, MO; d. 1951, Tampa, FL FL
Garner, Dorothy T. active in Washington, DC, 1920-1935 DC
Garner, Sara L. b. 1927, Marietta, GA; d. 1976, Marietta, GA GA
Garrison, Margaret Fielding Estey b. 1911, Washington, DC; d. 1996, Bethesda, MD MD
Gassman, Frances Josephine b. 1907, NJ; d. 1981, Marietta, GA AL/GA
Gatchell, Dorothy Glendenning b. 1904, Washington, DC; d. 1976, Washington, DC DC
Gates, Margaret Casey "M.C." b. 1903, Washington, DC; d. 1989, Mitchellville, MD DC/MD/NC/VA
Gates, Mary Leonard b. 1912, Charleston, WV; d. 1981, Miami, FL FL/WV
Gatewood, Maud Florance b. 1934, Yanceyville, NC; d. 2004, Chapel Hill, NC AL/NC
Gath, Ethel Robertson b. 1887, Ontario, Canada; d. 1972, Buffalo, NY DC
Gattinger, Minnie b. 1857, Nashville, TN; d. 1944, Nashville, TN TN
Gaul, Arrah Lee {Brennan} b. 1883, Philadelphia, PA; d. 1980, Philadelphia, PA FL
Gay, Helen Darrough b. 1898, Greenwood, MS; d. 1987, Rosenberg, TX MS
Gearhart, Shirlee Elaine Morton b. 1939, Jacksonville, NC NC
Gersdorff, Bertha D. b. 1890, Washington, DC DC
Getman, Ina b. 1881, Columbia, NY; d. 1941, St. Petersburg, FL FL
Gianelloni, Melba Hildreth Dukes b. 1914, Birmingham, AL; d. 2012, Casselberry, FL AL/FL/LA
Gibbs, Jean Allen b. 1911, Stearns, KY; d. 2006, Somerset, KY KY
Gibson, Sybil Aaron Deyanmon b. 1908, Dora, AL; d. 1995, FL AL/FL
Giffen, Lilian b. 1873, New Orleans, LA; d. 1950, Baltimore, MD LA/MD
Gifford, Marguerite Peters b. 1877, Louisville, KY; d. 1969, Louisville, KY KY
Gilbert, Katharine b. 1886; d. 1952 NC
Gilchrist, Emma/Emily Susan b. 1862, Charleston, SC; d. 1929, Charleston, SC SC
Gill, Mary Irvin Wright b. 1868, Washington, DC; d. 1929, Washington, DC DC/NC
Gill, Minna Partridge b. 1896, Washington, DC; d. 1964, Boulder, CO DC
Gill, Rosalie Lorraine b. 1867, Elmira, NY; d. 1898, Paris, France MD
Gillespie, Dorothy Muriel b. 1920, Roanoke, VA; d. 2012, Coral Springs, FL FL/MD/VA
Gillespie, Jeanette McCord b. 1887, Springfield. IL; d. 1972, Nashville, TN TN
Gillespie, Manda E. b. 1862, TN TN
Gilliam, Lucille Moore b. 1901, Crider, KY; d. 1997, Louisville, KY KY
Gilmour, Virginia M. "Gina" born 1948, NC NC
Givens, Fannie Rosalind Hicks b. 1872, Chicago, IL; d. 1947, Louisville, KY KY
Glazer, Nancy Wellman b. 1913, Memphis, TN; d. 1995, Memphis, TN TN
Glennan, Mary Emilie b. 1855, NY; d. 1949 (buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA) DC
Glinberg, Rose Jean Cohen b. 1917, Milwaukee, WI; d. 1992, Milwaukee, WI NC
Gloetzner, Josephine b. 1877, Washington, DC; d. 1952, Washington, DC DC
Gobble, Gwendolyn Fussell b. 1935, Rose Hill, NC NC
Goddard, Virginia Hargraves Wood b. 1872, Washington, DC; d. 1941, Charlottesville, VA DC/VA
Godding, Mary Patten b. 1867, Washington, DC; d. 1948, Washington, DC DC
Godfrey, Mary Jo Slick b. 1924, Johnstown, PA; d. 2013, Farmington, AR AR/NC
Godwin, Judith b. 1930, Suffolk, VA; d. 2021 VA
Godwin, Maggie Lee Ripa b. 1922, Ahoskie, NC; d. 2013, Wilmington, NC NC
Goings, Martha Henderson b. 1911, Birmingham, AL; d. 2004, Birmingham, AL AL
Gold, Lenore Ellis b. 1930; Chicago, IL; d. 1996, Sandy Springs, GA GA/NC
Goldsborough, Lucinda Davis b. 1906, New Orleans, LA; d. 1993, New York, NY LA
Goldsborough, Ruth Emagene McGowen b. 1917, Pennsylvania; d. 2013, Hendersonville, NC FL/NC
Goldsleger, Cheryl born 1951 GA/NC
Goldthwaite, Anne Wilson b. 1869, Montgomery, AL; d. 1944, New York, NY AL
Gonzales, Juanita Louise b. 1903, New Orleans, LA; d. 1935, New Orleans, LA LA
Good, Maude M. active in Washington, DC, 1920 DC
Good, Minetta b. 1895, New York, NY; d. 1946, New York, NY LA
Goodrich, Gertrude b. 1914, New York, NY DC
Goodwyn/Goodwin, Sallie Aylett b. 1896, Washington, MS; d. 1975, Athens, GA GA/MS/VA
Gordon, Emeline N. Hastings b. 1877, Boston, MA; d. 1963, GA GA
Gordon, Rebecca Wilson Carson b. 1890, Spartanburg, SC; d. 1979, North Salem, NY SC
Gosman, Lillian May Briggs b. 1889, NY; d. 1976, Ft. Lauderdale, FL DC/FL
Goth, Marie b. 1887, Indianapolis, IN; d. 1975, Nashville, IN KY
Gotthold, Florence Wolf b. 1858, Ulrichsville, OH; d. 1930, Wilton, CT DC
Gotthold, Rose/Rosell/Rozel b. 1884, New Orleans, LA; d. 1966, New Orleans, LA LA
Gough, Agnes E. b. 1903, Marshall County, KY; d. 1988, Benton, KY KY/TN
Gould, Alice Dinneen b. 1908, New York, NY; d. 1963 KY/NC
Gould, Zoe Aileen affiliated with Black Mountain College NC
Goulet, Josephine "Lorrie" Helen Lorrain[e] {de Creeft} b. 1925, Riverdale, NY; d. 2021, NY NC
Gourevitch, Jacqueline Hermann b. 1933, Paris, France NC
Graf, Genevieve Goth b. 1890, Indianapolis, IN; d. 1961, Nashville, TN TN
Graham, Josephine "Josus" Hudson b. 1914, Newport, AR; d. 1999, Little Rock, AR AR
Graham, Katherine Camille b. Canton, MS MS
Graham, Margaret Nowell b. 1867, Lowell, MA; d. 1942, Winston-Salem, NC NC
Graham, Neva Ottilie Byrd Sherman b. 1915, Tampa, FL; d. 2005, Tampa, FL FL
Gramling, Martha/Marta Johnston b. 1909, Marietta, GA; d. 1990, Marietta, GA GA
Granbery, Henrietta Augusta b. 1829, Norfolk, VA; d. 1927, New York, NY VA
Granbery, Virginia b. 1831, Norfolk, VA; d. 1921, Norfolk, VA VA
Grandy, Julia Selden b. 1903, Norfolk, VA; d. 1962, Norfolk, VA MD/VA
Grange, Jessie Cary Stangland b. 1881, Kendall, NY; d. 1987, Washington, DC DC
Grant, Dorothy Eleanor Louise Mengis b. 1911, Belize (British Honduras); d. 2004, Sicily Island, LA LA
Grauer, Natalie Eynon b. 1894, Wilmington, DE; d. 1955, OH WV
Gravatt, Sara Hoffecker b. 1898, Ridley Park, PA; d. 1973, St. Petersburg, FL FL/VA/WV
Graves, Hilda V. b. 1902, Laurel Grove, MD; d. 1995, Clearfield, PA DC/MD
Graves, Nell "Nellie" Cole b. 1908, Moore, NC; d. 1997, Seagrove, NC NC
Gray, Mary b. 1890 or 1891; d. 1963 or 1964 NC
Gray, Sophia DeButts b. 1854, Baltimore, MD; d. 1942, Jefferson County, KY KY/LA/MD
Greacen, Nan Faure b. 1908, Giverny, France; d. 1999, Vicars Landing, FL FL
Green, Anne Guerrant b. 1908, Jefferson County, KY; d. 2000, Louisville, KY KY
Green, Jane Randolph Whipple b. 1910, Brusly, LA; d. 2007, Schaumburg, IL LA
Green, Laura E. K. active in Louisville, KY, 1931-1932 KY
Green, Lydia M. active in Washington, DC, 1913-1914 DC
Green, Myra Hamilton b. 1924, Fayetteville, TN; d. 2002, Jackson, MS MS/TN
Greene, Anne Waite Bosworth b. 1878, Chippenham, Wiltshire, England; d. 1961 NC
Greene, Mary b. 1929, Homer, GA; d. 2015, Baldwin, GA GA
Greene, Virginia Owen b. 1905, AL; d. 1981 AL/FL/GA
Greenman, Frances Cranmer b. 1890, Aberdeen, SD; d. 1981, Long Lake, MN DC
Greenwood, Marion b. 1909, New York, NY; d. 1970, Woodstock, NY TN
Greer, Blanche L. b. 1881, Eldora, IA; d. after 1940 DC
Greer, Sarah b. 1879, Denver, CO; d. 1969, Birmingham, AL AL
Gregory, Angela b. 1903, New Orleans, LA; d. 1990, New Orleans, LA LA
Gregory, Barbara Delle Simmons b. 1914, Fordyce, AR; d. 1994, Pine Bluff, AR AR
Gregory, Mary Bland Rogers b. 1839, Apalachicola, FL; d. 1919, Atlanta, GA FL/GA
Gregory, Mary "Molly" b. 1914, Woodmere, NY; d. 2006 NC
Gregory, Selina Elizabeth Bres b. 1870, New Orleans, LA; d. 1953, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France (buried in New Orleans, LA) LA
Grey, Gertrude G. active in Washington, DC, 1905-1920 DC
Grider, Dorothy b. 1915, Bowling Green, KY; d. 2012, New Hope, PA KY
Griggs, Martha E. active in Washington, DC, 1905-1935 DC
Grippe, Florence Berg {Roseman} b. 1910; d. 2010, New York, NY NC
Griswold, Jennie Montague b. 1858, CT; d. 1941, NY DC
Groome, Constance A. active in Washington, DC, 1925 DC
Grose, Ruth Turner active Washington, DC, 1928-1935 DC
Grosz, Louise b. 1908, New Orleans, LA; d. 2003, New Orleans, LA LA
Guermonprez, Gertrud "Trude" Jalowetz {Elsesser} b. 1910, Danzig, Poland; d. 1976, San Francisco, CA NC
Guignard, Caroline b. 1869, Aiken County, SC; d. 1958, Columbia, SC SC
Guillaume, Bertha b. 1856, France; d. 1928, Washington, DC DC
Gulledge, Josephine F. b. about 1877, MS; d. 1945, Lexington, MS DC/MS
Guthman, Belle active in Washington, DC, 1915 DC
Gwathmey, Rosalie Hook b. 1908, Charlotte, NC; d. 2001, Amagansett, NY NC


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Artist Life Dates Associated With
Haden, Eunice Barnard b. 1901, Washington, DC; d. 1995, Washington, DC DC
Hadley, Mary Alice Hale b. 1911, Terre Haute, IN; d. 1965, Louisville, KY KY
Haggart, Winifred Watkins b. 1911, Albany, NY; d. 2002, Pittsburgh, PA KY
Hahan, Helen active in Washington, DC, 1920-1925 DC
Hahn, Florentine I. b. 1893, PA DC
Haines, Marie Bruner Burt b. 1881, Cincinnati, OH; d. 1979, Bennington, VT FL/GA
Hale, Ellen Day b. 1855, Worcester, MA; d. 1940, Brookline, MA DC/SC
Hale, Lillian Coleman Westcott b. 1880, Bridgeport, CT; d. 1963, St. Paul, MN VA
Hale, Martha Jane b. 1892, KY; d. 1984, Knoxville, TN KY/TN
Hall, Dorothy active in Louisville, KY, 1940 KY
Hall, Frances Devereux Jones b. 1872, New Orleans, LA; d. 1941, Gwynedd Valley, PA LA
Hall, Helena Jameson b. 1902, Summit, NJ VA
Hall, Lee b. 1934, Lexington, NC; d. 2017, Northampton, MA NC
Hall, Margaret "Peggy" Tannahill b. 1910, Wilmington, NC; d. 1992, Wilmington, NC NC
Hall, Mary Ed Mecoy b. 1895, Clinton, KY; d. 1949, Murray, KY AL/GA/KY/TN
Halper, Lorna Blaine Howard b. 1924, New York, NY; d. 2012 NC
Haltiwanger, Helen Gertrude Walker {McKay} b. 1918, Sumter, SC; d. 2014, Sumter, SC SC
Haltiwanger, Laura b. 1890, Richland County, SC; d. 1988, Columbia, SC SC
Hamblett, Theora Alton b. 1895, Paris, MS; d. 1977, Oxford, MS MS
Hamel, Genevieve b. 1902; d. 1976, Sarasota, FL FL
Hamer, Lenore Kirby b. 1884, Smiths Grove, KY; d. 1960, Walterboro, SC KY/SC
Hamilton, Blanche b. 1880, Washington, DC; d. 1951, Washington, DC DC
Hamilton, Hildegarde Hume b. 1898, Syracuse, NY; d. 1970, New York, NY FL/DC/VA
Hamilton, Leone Bowers b. 1903, Jefferson County, WV; d. 1981, Kearneysville, WV AL/GA/WV
Hamlin-Miller, Eva Katherine b. 1909, Brooklyn, NY; d. 1991, Greensboro, NC NC
Hamm, Freida Hollis b. 1935, Selmer, TN; d. 2021, Frankin, TN TN
Hanaw, Alice Burkenroad b. 1908, New Orleans, LA; d. 1968, New Orleans, LA LA
Hanford, Joan Lela b. 1913, Denver, CO; d. 2005, Medford, OR GA/VA
Hankins, Sophia Maude McGehee b. 1875, Fulton County, KY; d. 1968, Nashville, TN KY/TN/VA
Hanley, Sarah Eileen b. 1883, Sligo, Ireland; d. 1958, Laurel Hollow, NY FL
Hannaford, Alice Steel Ide b. 1888, Baltimore, MD; d. 1975 MD
Hannan, Katherine A. b. 1920; d. 1987, KY KY
Hanson, Berta Mork b. 1876, Belmont County, OH DC
Harding, Anne Seamons b. 1887, Charlottesville, VA; d. 1936, New York, NY VA
Harding, Grace M. active in Washington, DC, 1924 DC
Hardison, Inge Ruth b. 1914, Portsmouth, VA; d. 2016, New York, NY VA
Harmon, Adelaide Heinitah b. 1897, Spartanburg, SC; d. 1988, Nashville, TN SC/TN
Harmon, Harriet R. b. 1891, Atlanta, GA; d. 1972, Somerset, NJ GA/TN
Harper, Edith Irene Jones b. 1925, Conway, AR; d. 2010, Brandon, MS AR/MS
Harper, Margaret Ellen b. 1895, Caldwell County, NC; d. 1984, Lenoir, NC NC
Harrell, Elizabeth Lambert Hatton b. 1882, Prince Georges County, MD; d. 1975, Silver Spring, MD DC/MD
Harrington, Patricia Lou Bates b. 1924, Saginaw, MI; d. 2019, Lynchburg, VA GA/VA
Harrington, Vary Barbour Thrower b. 1892, MS; d. 1983, Madison, MS AL/GA/MS
Harris, Beverly Humphreys active in Washington, DC, 1920-1935 DC
Harris, Edith Maude active in Washington, DC, 1911-1931 (buried in DC) DC
Harris, Florence E. active in Washington, DC, 1912-1920; d. 1926 (buried in Highland Hills, OH) DC
Harris, Lorraine Beauchamp b. 1904, Williamson, GA; d. 1998, St. Petersburg, FL FL/GA/SC
Harris, Margie Coleman b. 1891, Washington, DC; d. 1968 DC
Harrison, Caroline Lavinia Scott b. 1832, Washington, DC; d. 1892, Washington, DC DC/KY
Harrison, Dorothy Van Houton b. 1895, Brooklyn, NY; d. 1994, Hastings, NE DC
Harrison, Edith Smith b. 1879, Jacksonville, FL; d. 1963, Jacksonville, FL FL
Harrison, Rosalind M. active Washington, DC, 1915 DC
Hart, Justina C. b. 1907, Clarksburg, WV; d. 2011, Clarksburg, WV WV
Hart, Pearl A. b. 1897, MA; active in Washington, DC, 1917 DC
Hartigan, Grace b. 1922, Newark, NJ; d. 2008, Baltimore, MD MD
Hartley, Rachel V. b. 1884, New York, NY; d. 1955, Southampton, NY FL/SC/VA
Hartman, Ethel B. active in Washington, DC, 1912 DC
Hartman, Martha Elizabeth Dye b. 1922, Alabama; d. 2017, Sarasota, FL AL/FL
Harvey, Bessie Ruth White b. 1929, Dallas, GA; d. 1994, Alcoa, TN GA/TN
Hasselman, Anna b. 1871, Indianapolis, IN; d. 1966, Delaware County, IN DC
Hattorf, Helen A. King b. 1900, Huntington, IN; d. 1977, Richmond, VA VA
Haupt, Winifred Hope b. 1891, Bijou Hills, SD; d. 1972, Natchitoches, LA LA
Hauze, Margaret Brunan/Brennan active in Washington, DC, 1913-1920 DC
Hawkes, Alice Silliman Belknap b. 1878, Louisville, KY; d. 1972, Miami, FL FL/KY
Hawkins, Eloise Oviatt b. 1897, Montgomery, AL; d. 1973, Montgomery, AL AL
Hawkins, Estelle Fleming b. 1872, Shinnston, WV; d. 1965, Shinnston, WV WV
Hawkins, Harriet Alma Chambers b. 1890, Birmingham, AL; d. 1961, Sarasota, FL AL/FL/DC/MD
Hawks, Rachel Marshall b. 1879, Port Deposit, MD; d. 1964, Towson, MD MD
Hawley, Margaret Foote b. 1880, Guilford, CT; d. 1963, New York, NY DC
Hayes, Marian Yancey b. 1890, Chase City, VA; d. 1989, Rockville, MD DC/MD/VA
Haynes, Anne Lee b. 1896, Atlanta, GA; d. 1997, Brunswick, GA GA/SC
Hays, Etta Hast b. 1873, Louisville, KY; d. 1944, Louisville, KY KY
Healey, Emily active in Washington, DC, 1905-1923 DC
Healey, Mary active in Washington, DC, 1902-1923 DC
Healy, Marion Maxon b. 1890, Cincinnati, OH; d. 1983, Green Valley, AZ AL
Heath, Louise active in Washington, DC, 1905-1914 DC
Hebb, Mathilde Marie Mylander b. 1911, Baltimore, MD; d. 1982, Baltimore, MD MD
Heckert, Isabelle Louise b. 1914 Harrisburg, PA; d. 1977, Roanoke, VA LA/SC
Heidel, Edith Hope Ogden b. 1871, St. Paul, MN; d. 1956, St. Paul, MN DC
Heidrick, Madeleine Johnson b. 1913, IL; d. 1982, Chapel Hill, NC NC
Heintzen, Elizabeth Carter {Laughlin} b. 1914, New Orleans, LA; d. 2010, Conway, AR AR/LA
Heiss, Peggy active in Washington, DC, 1923-1924 DC
Heitmuller, Marian Roeder b. 1894, Washington, DC DC
Heldner, Dorothy Colette Pope b. 1902, Waupaca, WI; d. 1990, New Orleans, LA LA
Heller, Carolyn Frohsin b. 1937, Alexander City, AL; d. 2011, Tampa, FL FL/LA
Heller, Henrietta Blackburn b. 1908, Panama Canal Zone; d. Louisville, KY KY
Hellman, Bertha Louise "Liza" Rublee b. 1900, La Grange, TX; d. 1976, San Antonio, TX TN
Helm, Clara Ester Lucas b. 1856, Bristol, KY; d. 1950, Bowling Green, KY KY
Hemenway, Alice Spaulding b. 1866, Dedham, MA; d. 1953, Taunton, MA FL
Hemenway, Mary Louise Jordan Liddell b. 1893, Birmingham, AL; d. 1970, Alexandria, LA AL/FL/LA
Helmer, Shearly Mae Grode b. 1925, New Orleans, LA; d. 2003, New Orleans, LA LA
Henderson, A. Elizabeth b. 1873, Ashland, KY KY
Henderson, Isabelle Worth Bowen b. 1899, Wilmington, NC; d. 1969, Raleigh, NC NC
Henderson, Martha Goings b. 1911; d. 2004, Birmingham, AL AL
Henthorne, Eunice Faye Marvin b. 1888, Columbus, OH; d. 1978, Columbus, OH FL
Henning, Henrietta Hunt b. 1893, Louisville, KY; d. 1964, Louisville, KY KY
Henning, Julia Duke b. 1900, Louisville, KY; d. 1996, Louisville, KY KY
Henriksen, Catherine Turner b. 1915, Denmark, SC; d. 2010, Hickory, NC NC/SC
Henry, Natalie Smith b. 1907; d. 1992, Malvern, AR AR
Hergesheimer, Ella Sophonisba b. 1873, Allentown, PA; d. 1943, Nashville, TN TN
Herschel, Sarah Frances b. 1866, Boston, MA; d. 1937, Montclair, NJ DC
Herzog, Betty Warren Lancaster b. 1920, New York, NY; d. 1993, Albany, NY FL/LA
Heustis, Louise Lyons b. 1865, Mobile, AL; d. 1951, New York, NY AL
Heyden, Sylvia Gertrude b. 1927, Basel, Switzerland; d. 2015, Durham, NC NC
Heyns, Cornelia "Nell" Goldsmith b. 1924, Milwaukee, WI; d. 2017, Milwaukee, WI (buried New Orleans, LA) LA/NC
Heyward, Elizabeth "Lille" Barnwell Rhett b. 1900, Atlanta, GA; d. 1930, Charlotte, NC GA/NC/SC
Heyward, Katherine Bayard b. 1886, Lexington, VA; d. 1974, Columbia, SC SC/VA
Hiatt, Bertha Bethea Shaw b. 1904, Kenton, OH; d. 1963, Jackson, MS MS
Hicks, Belva Kathleen Mahood b. 1924, Bluefield, WV; d. 2006, Roanoke, VA VA/WV
Higgins, Elizabeth Vitezy b. 1912, Hungary; d. 2008, NC NC
Higgs-Ross, Joanna b. 1931, Nashville, TN TN
Hill, Anne Frances b. 1932, High Point, NC; d. 2008, Chapel Hill, NC NC
Hill, Carolyn "Carrie" Lillian b. 1875, Vance, AL; d. 1957, Birmingham, AL AL
Hill, Clara P. b. 1870, Hyde Park, MA; d. 1935, Washington, DC DC
Hill, Edith L. b. 1884, Ridgewood, NJ DC
Hill, Harriett Amanda "Hattie" Hutchcraft b. 1847, Bourbon County, KY; d. 1921, Paris, KY KY
Hill, Kate active in Washington, DC, 1905-1924 DC
Hill, Margaret Mason active in Washington, DC, 1920-1935 DC
Hill, Pauline "Polly" Knipp b. 1900, Ithaca, NY; d. 1990, St. Petersburg, FL FL
Hill, Victoria b. 1871, SC; d. 1968, Sharon, MS MS/SC/TN
Hillsmith, Fannie Louise b. 1911, Boston, MA; d. 2007, Jaffrey, NH NC
Hinton, Josephine b. 1908, Wilmington, NC; d. 1979, Wilmington, NC NC/VA
Hite, Marcia Shallcross Warren b. 1876; Louisville, KY; d. 1946, Jefferson County, KY KY
Hobson, Margaret Morehead b. 1890, Warren County, KY; d. 1987, Warren County, KY KY
Hodge, Lena Murray active in Washington, DC, 1927-1939 DC
Hodge, Margaret Whitehead Magill b. 1863, Washington, DC; d. 1935, York, PA DC
Hodges, Annie Ruth Bethea b. 1916, Mount Olive, NC; d. 2012, Wilmington, NC GA/NC/SC
Hoffman, Helen Bacon b. 1930, San Antonio, TX; d. 2017, Jacksonville Beach, FL FL/VA
Hogan, Frances (Fanny) Dunaway b. 1875, AR; d. 1964, AR AR
Hokinson, Helen Elna b. 1893, Mendota, IL; d. 1949, Washington, DC DC
Holbrook, Vivian Nicholas b. 1913, Mount Vernon, NY; d. 1994, Gainesville, FL FL
Holden, Jean MacLeod Stansbury b. 1842, Pinckney, MI; d. 1934, Tryon, NC NC/SC
Holden, Lephe Kingsley b. 1881, Hadley, MA; d. 1973, Volusia, FL FL
Holl, Mirande Roxane Geissbuhler b. 1928, New York, NY NC
Holland, Marion L. active in Washington, DC, 1920-1935 DC
Hollerith, Lucia Beverly b. 1891, Washington, DC; d. 1982, Bethesda, MD DC/MD
Holley, Lida Estes b. 1910, AL; d. 1987, Montgomery, AL AL
Holliday, Annie May b. 1887, Athens, GA; d. 1972, Athens, GA GA
Holliday, Roberta active in Washington, DC, 1920 DC
Hollingsworth, Flora Campbell b. 1891, Augusta, GA; d. 1944, Augusta, GA GA
Holloway, Jenelsie Walden b. 1920, Atlanta, GA; d. 2009, Atlanta, GA GA/LA
Holloway, Virginia Hudson b. 1928, Boston, MA; d. 1989, Wilmington, NC NC
Holmes, Beverly Elizabeth Neal b. 1922, Smiths Creek, MI; d. 2003, Oakland, MI NC
Holmes, Kate Clifton Osgood b. 1858, Ellsworth, ME; d. 1925, Washington, DC DC/VA
Holmes, Ruth Miller Atkinson b. 1910, Hazlehurst, MS; d. 1981 McComb, MS LA/MS
Holt, Julia Samuel Travis b. 1897, Hampton, VA; d. 1978, Hampton, VA VA
Holt, Maud Spiller b. 1866, Carbondale, IL; d. 1952, Little Rock, AR AR
Honan, Mary Agnes b. 1894, Fall River, MA; d. 1984, DC (buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA) DC
Honour, Leila b. 1862; d. 1948, Charleston, SC (?) SC
Hood, Ethel Painter b. 1908, Baltimore, MD; d. 1982 MD
Hooper, Annie Miller b. 1897, Buxton, NC; d. 1986, Buxton, NC NC
Hoover, Marie Louise Rochon b. 1894, Washington, DC; d. 1976, Washington, DC DC
Hopkins, Claire Miller b. 1939, Spartanburg, SC FL/SC
Hopkins, Edna Bel Beachboard Boies b. 1872, Hudson, MI; d. 1937, New York, NY DC/KY
Hopkins, Elinor F. b. 1901, Hot Springs, VA; d. 1995, Warm Springs, VA VA
Hopman, Marcia Elizabeth Evert b. 1920, El Paso, TX; d. 2013, Arlingon, IA DC/NC
Horne, Kathleen Perkins b. 1894, Washington, DC; d. 1984, Alexandria, VA DC/VA
Horne, Laura Trevitte b. 1891, Dalton, GA; d. 1958, Mt. Vernon, NY GA
Horne, Nellie Mathes b. 1870, Eliot, ME; d. 1950, Los Angeles, CA DC
Horner, Elizabeth Antoinette active in New Orleans, 1905-1916 LA
Hosmer, Madeline Rose Flint b. 1890, St. Louis, MO; d. 1947, DeKalb, GA GA/MD
Hosterman, Naomi/Naomie Louise Sunderland b. 1903, Elkhart, IN; d. 1990, Los Alamitos, CA WV
Hotchkiss, G. Elenora active in Washington, DC, 1921 DC
Houston, Eleanora"Nora" Clare Gibson b. 1883, Richmond, VA; d. 1942, Richmond, VA VA
Houston, Ruth Richardson b. 1869, Brooklyn, NY; d. after 1938, WV WV
Hovey-King, Rita Yokum b. 1911, Charleston, SC; d. 1975, New Orleans, LA LA/SC
Howard, Esther A. active in Louisville, KY, 1936 KY
Howard, Marion P. b. 1883, Roxbury, MA; d. 1953, possibly in North Conway, NH DC
Howell, Alicia "Patsy" Crawford b. 1934, Rowland, NC; d. 2021, Charlotte, NC NC
Howell, Millicent Merritt b. 1927, Meridian, MS MS
Howen, Effie Lillian Harris b. 1903, Pine Bluff, AR; d. 1985, Riverside, CA AR
Howland, Anna C. Goodheart Whittleton b. 1871, Atchison, KS; d. 1943, Washington, DC DC
Howorth, Emma Louise b. 1890, Kosciusko, MS; d. 1979, Monteagle, TN AL/DC/MS/TN
Hoyle, Annie Elizabeth b. 1851, Charles Town, WV; d. 1931, Washington, DC DC/MD/WV
Hoyt, Margaret Howard Yeaton b. 1885, Baltimore, MD; d. 1943, Lexington, VA MD/VA
Hoyt, Vivian Church b. 1880, Walworth, WI; d. 1957, Clermont, FL FL
Hubbard, Emma Eva Boyers b. 1858, Des Moines; IA; d. 1947, Morgantown, WV WV
Hubbert, Lily Saxon b. 1878, MS; d. 1976, Lubbock, TX MS
Huddle, Nannie Zenobia Carver b. 1860, Mobile, AL; d. 1951, Austin, TX AL
Huffer, Cornelia Cunningham Schoolcraft b. 1903, Savannah, GA; d. 1974, Dover, NH GA
Huffington, Anita Joyce {Sutter} born 1934 AR/MD
Huger, Emily Hamilton b. 1876, New Orleans, LA; d. 1946, New Orleans, LA LA
Huger, Katherine Middleton b. 1858, Charleston, SC SC
Hughes, Ethel Parrot b. 1884, Lenoir, NC; d. 1986, Winston-Salem, NC NC
Hughes, Nina V. active in Washington, DC, 1914-1915 DC
Hughes, Philippa Swinnerton de Pearsall b. 1824, South Gloucestershire, England; d. 1917, Oldland, South Gloucestershire, England KY
Huie, Mildred Weigle Nix b. 1906, Augusta, GA; d. 2000. Saint Simons Island, GA GA
Hull, Emily Marie Atkinson b. 1890, Summit, MS; d. 1980, Jackson, MS MS
Humphrey, Eleanor Silliman Belknap b. 1876, Louisville, KY; d. 1964, Miami, FL FL/KY
Hunt, Celestia M. active in Louisville, KY, 1936 KY
Hunt, Mabelle/Maybelle Alcott b 1898, New York, NY; d. 1933, possibly in Savannah, GA GA
Hunt, Una Atherton Clarke b. 1876, Cincinnati, OH; d. after 1934, possibly in NH DC
Hunter, Anna Habersham Colquitt b. 1882, Savannah, GA; d. 1985, Savannah, GA GA
Hunter, Bertha Mae Carmack b. 1899; d. 1974, Caldwell County, KY DC/KY
Hunter, Clementine Reuben b. 1886, Cloutierville, LA; d. 1988, near Natchitoches, LA LA
Huntington, Anna Vaughn Hyatt b. 1876, Cambridge, MA; d. 1973, Redding Ridge, CT SC
Huntington, Priscilla Weld b. 1922, Norwich, CT; d. 2015, Greenport, NY NC
Huntley, Victoria Ebbels Hudson b. 1900, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ; d. 1971, Chatham, NJ FL
Hurd, Angela Mary Parker b. 1898, Stafford, England; d. 1976, Escondido, CA DC
Hurry, Lucy Washington b. 1884, Hagerstown, MD; d. 1950, Mineola, NY MD
Huston, Harriet Lawrence Cann b. 1901, GA; d. 1989, Savannah, GA GA
Hutson, Ethel b. 1872, Baton Rouge, LA; d. 1951, Gulfport, MS LA/MS
Hyatt, Anna Vaughn (see Huntington, Anna Vaughn Hyatt)
Hyde, Della Mae Pascal Ravenscroft {Bell} b. 1895, Oakland, MD; d. 1973, Los Angeles, CA DC/MD
Hyde, Helen b. 1868, Lima, NY; d. 1919, Pasadena, CA NC/SC
Hyland, Ruth Hibbs b. 1907; d. 1973, Richmond, VA KY/NC/VA
Hynes, Mary Helen b. 1894, Washington, GA; d. 1945, Augusta, GA FL/GA


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Artist Life Dates Associated With
Ingram, Virginia Stebbins b. 1929, Winston-Salem, NC; d. 2015, Winston-Salem, NC NC/VA
Ions, Estelle de Willoughby b. 1881, New Orleans, LA; d. 1977, Richmond, VA DC/LA/VA
Ireland, Ada "Addie" Rosalie b. 1875, Pennsboro, WV; d. 1944, Shepherdstown, WV WV
Irvine, Sarah "Sadie" Agnes Estelle b. 1887, New Orleans, LA; d. 1970, New Orleans, LA LA/MD


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Artist Life Dates Associated With
Jackson, Amy Miears b. 1903, Caldwell County, TX; d. 1970, Lockhart, TX LA
Jackson, Elizabeth Leslie b. 1866, Rochester, MN; d. 1958, Amsterdam, NY DC
Jackson, Lily Irene b. 1848, Parkersburg, WV; d. 1928, Parkersburg, WV WV
Jackson, May Howard b. 1877, Philadelphia, PA; d. 1931, DC or Long Beach, CA DC
Jackson, Ruth C. b. 1894, Washington, DC; d. 1977, Washington, DC DC
Jackson, Zuleima Bruff b. 1843, Washington, DC; d. 1915, Washington, DC DC
Jacob, Mariette Handy Allen b. 1894; d. 1970, Scottsdale, AZ NC
Jacobs, Dorothy active in Louisville, KY, 1936 KY
Jamar, Sophia Corinne b. 1874, Elkton, MD; d. 1961, Elkton, MD MD
James, Alice Archer Sewall b. 1870, Glendale, OH; d. 1955, Columbus, OH VA
James, Bess Black b. 1897, Big Spring, TX; d. 1987, Fort Collins, CO LA
Jansen, Henrietta Beckwith b. 1913, Louisville, KY; d. 1998, Louisville, KY KY
Jaques, Bertha Evelyn Clausen b. 1863, Covington, OH; d. 1941 (buried in Covington, OH) GA/NC/SC
Jardet, Florence Mary b. 1882, New Orleans, LA; d. 1980, New Orleans, LA LA
Jaudon, Valerie b. 1945, Greenville, MS MS
Jenkins, Mary Anne Keel b. 1929, Stokes, NC; d. 2017, Raleigh, NC NC
Jennerjahn, Elizabeth "Betty" Marie Schmitt b. 1923, Wauwatosa, WI; d. 2007, Sedona, AZ NC
Jennings, Louise Burridge b. 1879, Tecumseh, MI; d. 1953, Summit County, OH MD
Jerome, Lucretia Halstead [Tieman] b. 1890, Brooklyn, NY; d. 1982, Orlando, FL FL
Jett, Virginia Lee Knox b. 1912, Pulaski, TN; d. 1999, Chattanooga, TN TN
Jetton, Norma b. 1932; d. 1959, Graves County, KY KY
Johansen, Beate "Ati" Eveliene Gropius {Forberg} b. 1926, Wiesbaden, Germany; d. 2014, Wellfleet, MA NC
Johnson, Elena Mix b. 1889, Nogales, Mexico; d. 1939, Raleigh, NC DC/NC
Johnson, Irene Charlesworth b. 1888, Gering, NE; d. 1973, Kingsport, TN TN
Johnson, Iris Beatty b. 1897, Hamburg, Germany; d. 1983, Takoma Park, MD DC/MD
Johnson, Isabella D. active in Washington, DC, late 1920s DC
Johnson, Margaret "Maggi" F. Kennard b. 1918; d. 2015, Princeton, NJ NC
Johnson, Mary Carter "Maud" Craven b. 1874, Philadelphia, PA; d. 1950, Annapolis, MD MD/MS
Johnson, Nellie Guild Hall b. 1864, Tuscaloosa, AL; d. 1924, Talladega, AL AL
Johnston, Annie B. active in FL, 1930s FL
Johnston, Frances Benjamin b. 1864, Grafton, WV; d. 1952, New Orleans, LA DC/LA/WV
Johnston, Mary Gardner b. 1872, Evansville, IN; d. 1966, Pewee Valley, KY KY
Johnston, Mary Virginia del Castillo b. 1865, Puerto Principe, Cuba; d. 1951, San Francisco, CA DC
Jones, Anna "Annie" Weaver b. 1858, Nashville, TN; d. 1917, Cook County, IL TN
Jones, Cora Evangeline Ellis b. 1875, Aurora, IL; d. 1932, Fairfield, AL AL
Jones, Gladys Moon b. 1892, Colfax, IL; d. 1981, Washington, DC DC
Jones, Loïs Mailou b. 1905, Boston, MA; d. 1998, Boston, MA DC/NC
Jones, Myrtle "Berr" Valdosta Braddy {King} b. 1913, Winder, GA; d. 2005, Savannah, GA GA
Jones, Nell Hinton Choate b. 1879, Hawkinsville, GA; d. 1981, Brooklyn, NY GA
Joor, Harriet "Hattie" Coulter b. 1875, Houston, TX; d. 1965, Baton Rouge, LA LA/MS
Jordan, Anita Phillips b. 1902; d. 1980 SC
Josey, Atha Hicks b. 1888, Wilmington, NC; d. 1979, Wilmington, NC NC/VA
Joy, Sue b. 1903, Nashville, TN; d. 1960, Nashville, TN TN
Julian, Freida Catherine Mylius b. 1902, Chattanooga, TN; d. 1991, Roanoke, VA NC/TN
Junkin, Mary Moreland Toya b. 1907, Chunju, Korea; d. 1960, Richmond, VA VA


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Artist Life Dates Associated With
Kabacker, Elizabeth Balfour Raymond b. 1904, New Orleans, LA; d. 1986, Orange County, CA LA
Kaish, Luise Clayborn b. 1925, Atlanta, GA; d. 2013, New York, NY NY
Kalb, Dorothy Buhrman b. 1885, Washington City, DC; d. 1963, Washington, DC DC
Kalbfeld, Carol Harriet Singer d. 2008 NC/GA
Kane, Theodora A. b. 1907, Boston, MA; d. 1977, Washington, DC DC/VA
Kant-Glaser, Maria affiliated with Black Mountain College NC
Kantlehner, Laura Bruenger b. 1892 or 1893, KY; d. 1981, Louisville, KY KY
Karnes, Karen b. 1925, New York, NY; d. 2016, Vermont NC
Karow, Anna Bell Wilson b. 1863, Savannah, GA; d. 1924, Savannah, GA GA
Katz, Nancy Louise Brager b. 1916, Baltimore, MD; d. 2004, MD MD/NC
Katzen, Lila Pell b. 1932, NY; d. 1998, NY MD
Kawa, Florence Kathryn b. 1912, Weyerhauser, WI; d. 2008, Green Bay, WI FL/LA
Kay, Alexandra active in Washington, DC, 1943 DC
Kaye, Elizabeth Gutman b. 1887, Baltimore, MD; d. 1971, Jamaica, NY MD
Keane, Lucina Mabel b. 1904, Gross, NE; d. 1984, Charleston, WV WV
Keane, Margaret "Peggy" Doris Hawkins b. 1927, Nashville, TN; d. 2022, Napa, CA TN
Keely, Harriet Madeleine b. 1871, Charleston, WV; d. 1961, Charleston, WV WV
Keen, Lila Moore b. 1903, Cleveland, GA; d. 1963, High Point, NC GA/NC
Keffer, Frances Alice b. 1881, Des Moines, IA; d. 1953, San Diego, CA NC
Keith, Lila McDuffie b. 1890, Wilmington, NC; d. 1954, Greensboro, NC NC
Keller, Joan "Jon" Theresa "Tess" {Louie} b. 1916, Cleveland, OH; d. 1963, RH (buried at sea) FL
Keller, Marie de Ford b. 1860, Germany; d. 1962, Baltimore, MD MD
Kelley, May McClure b. 1864; d. 1963, Georgetown, DC DC
Kellner, Charlotte M. b. 1901, Kalamazoo, MI; d. 1989, Hollywood, FL FL
Kellogg, Marguerite Henrich b. 1894, Germantown, CA; d. 1988, El Cerrito, CA DC
Kelly, Alice M. d. 1933, Washington, DC DC
Kelly, Grace active in Washington, DC, 1915-1917 DC
Kemeys, Laura Swing b. 1860, Cumberland County, NJ; d. 1934, Washington, DC DC
Kendall, Joanna Gichner b. 1899, Baltimore, MD; d. 1989, Atlantic City, NJ MD
Kendall, Minerva active in Washington, DC, 1918-1924 DC
Kendrick, Elsie L. Lowe b. 1914, South Amboy, NJ; d. 1998, Wilmington, NC DC/NC/VA
Kennedy, Dawn S. b. 1887, Crawfordsville, IN; d. 1959, Seattle, WA AL
Kennedy, Doris Wainwright b. 1916, Bernice, LA; d. 1994, LA AL/LA
Kennington, Dale Wilson b. 1935, Savannah, GA; d. 2017, Dothan, AL AL/GA
Kenton, Elizabeth MacDowell b. 1858, Philadelphia, PA; d. 1953, Roanoke, VA VA
Kephart, Margaret Ruth Bigler b. 1918, Troutville, VA; d. 2006, Roanoke, VA VA
Keplinger, Lona Inez Miller b. 1875, Marion County, IN; d. 1956, Bethesda, MD MD
Kercheville, Christina Johnson b. 1906, Altus, AR; d. 1989, Bernalillo, NM AR
Kernodle, Evelyn Pratt b. 1917, Guilford County, NC; d. 2002, Greensboro, NC NC
Kerr, Adma Green b. 1878, Lone Oak, TX; d. 1949, Boulder, CO DC
Kerr, Lucy Whitney b. 1883, Independence, MO; d. 1976, Washington, DC DC
Kerr, Viola Claire Cruickshank b. 1892, Canada; d. 1987, Phoenix, AZ (buried Fayetteville, AR) AR
Kershaw, Alice Farias b. 1911, Uruapan, Mexico; d. 1968, Hendersonville, NC NC/WV
Keshishian, Margaret b. 1899, Turkey; d. 1982, Washington, DC DC
Key-Oberg, Ellen Burke b. 1905, Marion, AL; d. 1983, San Diego, CA AL
Khouri, Greta Matson b. 1915, Claremont, VA; d. 2004, Norfolk, VA VA
Kiah, Virginia Jackson b. 1911, Baltimore, MD; d. 2001, Savannah, GA GA/MD/MS
Kilgore, Ph.D., Ruby June Quillen b. 1927, Huntington, WV; d. 2006, Huntington, WV WV
Kilpatrick, Mary Grace b. 1879, Baltimore, MD MD
Kimberly, Cara A. Draper b. 1866, St. Louis, MO; d. 1961, Washington, DC DC
Kimbrough, Charlotte Ann Gray b. 1824, Columbus, MS; d. 1910, Carrollton, MS MS
Kimbrough, Sara Pryor Dodge b. 1901, New York, NY; d. 1990, Bay St. Louis, MS MS
Kindler, Alice Riddle b. 1892, Germantown, PA; d. 1980, London, England MD/SC
King, Blanche Tuing Elliot b. 1895, Washington, DC; d. 1975, Washington, DC DC
King, Daisy Blanche b. 1874, Washington, DC; d. 1947 DC
King, Eleanor {Salley} {Hookham} b. 1909, Marlow, OK; d. 2003, Elmhurst, IL FL
King, Frances Fanny Mahon b. 1865, Aiken, SC; d. 1952, Point Pleasant Plantation, Meggett, SC SC
King, Janet Catherine b. 1886, Regina, Canada; d. 1959, St. Petersburg, FL FL
King, Mary Elizabeth Mayes b. 1899, Springfield, MO; d. 1991, Washington, DC DC
King, Myrtle Valdosta Braddy Jones (see Jones, Myrtle "Berr" Valdosta Braddy)
Kinney, Belle Marshall b. 1890, Nashville, TN; d. 1959, Boiceville, NY TN
Kinsey, Alberta b. 1875, West Milton, OH; d. 1952, New Orleans, LA LA
Kirby, Lenore Hamer (see Hamer, Lenore Kirby)
Kirk, Lydia Chapin b. 1896, PA; d. 1984 (buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA) DC
Kirk, Mary Wallace Wyman b. 1889, Tuscumbia, AL; d. 1978, Tuscumbia, AL AL
Kirkham, Charlotte Burt b. 1856, East Saginaw, MI; d. 1943, Springfield, MA DC
Kirkup, Mary A. b. Ft. Atkinson, IA; d. after 1940, possibly in Larchmont, NY DC
Klitgaard, Georgina b. 1893, Spuyten Duyvil, NY; d. 1976, Bearsville, NY FL/GA/NC
Klutts, Ethel Lindsay b. about 1872, AL; d. 1935, Gadsden, AL AL
Knapp, Grace Adele Le Duc b. 1874, MN; d. 1958, Pasadena, CA DC
Knebel, Jean Eleanor Peacock King b. 1900, Norfolk, VA; d. 1959, Arlington, VA VA
Knecht, Fern Elizabeth Edie b. 1888, Du Bois, NE; d. 1979, Georgetown, TX AR
Knee, Gina Schnaufer {Brook} b. 1898, Marietta, OH; d. 1982, Suffolk County, NY SC
Knerr, Sallie Elizabeth Frost b. 1914, Plattsburg, MO; d. 1988, SC SC
Knight, Gwendolyn Clarine {Lawrence} b. 1913, Bridgetown, Barbados; d. 2005, Seattle, WA LA/NC
Knight, Julia Murray b. 1889, Frankfort, KY; d. 1977, Los Angeles, CA KY
Knox, Martha Katherine Crane b. 1899, Blackstone, VA; d. 1990, Wilmington, NC GA/NC/VA
Knox, Susan Ricker b. 1874, Portsmouth, NH; d. 1959, Concord, NH FL
Kogler, Gertrud Du Brau b. 1889, Germany; d. 1965, Tacoma, WA MD
Kohlhepp, Dorothy Irene Smith b. 1907, Boston, MA; d. 1964, Louisville, KY KY
Kohlmeyer, Ida Rittenberg b. 1912, New Orleans, LA; d. 1997, New Orleans, LA GA/LA
Kollock, Mary b. 1840, Norfolk, VA; d. 1911, New York, NY VA
Kopman, Katharine b. 1870, New Orleans, LA; d. 1950, Biloxi, MS LA/MS
Kormendi, Elizabeth b. 1897, Budapest, Hungary; d. 1980, Washington, DC DC
Kortheuer, Katheryn Woods b. 1908, New York, NY; d. 1988, Charlotte, NC NC
Kosinsky, Anna Matilda b. 1889, New York, NY; d. 1961, Washington, DC DC
Kottgen, Eve b. 1903; active in MS, 1942 MS
Kramer, Perna Krick b. 1909, Greenville, OH; d. 1991, Baltimore, MD MD
Kremelberg, Mary A. b. 1876, MD; d. 1946, Baltimore, MD MD
Kroman, Secile b. 1889; d. 1967 AL
Kron, Adelaide b. 1828, NC (possibly in France); d. 1910, Stanly County, NC NC
Kruger, Clara Brandon Garrason b. 1875, Hillsborough, FL; d. 1970, Hillsborough, FL FL/SC
Kuck, Anne/Annie/Anna Catherine b. 1885, Savannah, GA; d. 1965, Hendersonville, NC GA/NC
Kugler, May Marie Catoire b. 1916, Reserve, LA; d. 2005, Harahan, LA LA
Kumm, Marguerite Elizabeth b. 1902, Redwood Falls, MN; d. 1992, Falls Church, VA DC/VA


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Artist Life Dates Associated With
LaBruce, Flora MacDonald Bryce b. 1852, Alexandria, VA; d. 1931, Charleston, SC SC/VA
Lacy, Laura Jean Wells b. 1932, Washington, DC DC/LA
LaFrance, Helen (see Orr, Helen LaFrance) b. 1919, Graves County, KY; d. 2020, Mayfield, KY KY
Lahey, Carlotta Alma Gonzales b. 1910, Wilmington, NC; d. 1999, Fairfax, VA DC/NC/VA
Lake, Gloria Jean Thompson b. 1929, Troy, AL; d. 1976, Troy, AL AL
Lake, Grace M. b. 1908, Providence, RI; d. after 2008, Naples, FL FL
Lampert, Emma Esther (see Cooper, Emma Esther Lampert)
Lane, Helen MacMillan b. 1914, Wilmington, NC; d. 1987, Wilmington, NC NC
Lane, Marian Ursula Margaret b. 1874, England; d. 1963, Washington, DC DC
Lane, Mary Comer b. 1881, Savannah, GA; d. 1966, Savannah, GA GA
Lang, Annie Traquair b. 1885, Philadelphia, PA; d. 1918, New York, NY NC
Lange, Dorothea Margaretta Nutzhorn {Dixon} {Taylor} b. 1895, Hoboken, NJ; d. 1965, San Francisco, CA AR/SC
Langsdorf, Martyl Schweig b. 1917, St. Louis, MO; d. 2013, Schaumburg, IL DC
Lanpher, Helen Fowler b. 1904, Superior, WI; d. 1961 LA
Lathrop, Bessie Stebbins b. 1854, Savannah, GA; d. 1930, Northhampton, MA GA
Lathrop, Clara Welles b. 1853, Savannah, GA; d. 1907, Northhampton, MA GA
Lathrop, Susanne "Susie" b. 1860, Savannah, GA; d. 1938, Northhampton, MA GA
Latimer, Glenna Montague {Davies} b. 1886, Newport News, VA; d. 1980, Newport News, VA VA
Lautenschlager/Lautenslager, Lena active in Washington, DC, 1909-1912 DC
Lauterstein, Ingeborg Svarc b. 1923, Vienna, Austria; d. 2012, Rockport, MA NC
Law, Margaret Moffett b. 1871, Spartanburg, SC; d. 1956, Fletcher, NC (buried Spartanburg, SC) MD/NC/SC
Lawrence, Betty Conway b. 1903, Vicksburg, MS; d. 1963, Shreveport, LA LA/MS
Lawrence, Gwendolyn Clarine Knight {see Knight, Gwendolyn Clarine {Lawrence})
Lawrence, Josephine b. 1904, Sumter, SC; d. 1985, Mobile, AL AL/SC
Lawson, Blanche Maretta Cleveland b. 1904, Seward, IL; d. 1993, Pittsburgh, PA WV
Lawson, Delphine Marie Caron b. 1904, New Orleans, LA; d. 1991, New Orleans, LA LA
Lazard, Alice Abraham b. 1893, New Orleans, LA; d. 1972, Highland Park, IL LA
Lazzell, Nettie Blanche b. 1878, Maidsville, WV; d. 1956, Provincetown, MA FL/WV
Leader, Garnet Rosamonde b. 1905, Bessemer, AL; d. 2002, Bessemer, AL AL/MS
LeBlanc, Eileen b. 1917, New Orleans, LA; d. 2004, New Orleans, LA LA
LeBlanc, Emilie de Hoa b. 1870, New Orleans, LA; d. 1941, New Orleans, LA LA
LeBlanc, Marie de Hoa b. 1874, New Orleans, LA; d. 1954, New Orleans, LA LA
LeBrecque, Adele Suska b. 1927, New York, NY NC
LeBron, Warree Carmichael b. 1910, Elba, AL; d. 1998, Rockford, AL AL/GA
Ledbetter, Alice McGehee b. 1891, Montgomery, AL; d. 1984, Montgomery, AL AL
Ledford, Freda Bernice Widder b. 1894, Harrisburg, PA; d. 1959, Charlotte, NC NC
Lee, Ana Bel {Washington} b. 1924, Detroit, MI; d. 2000, St. Simons Island, GA GA
Lee, Angelica Bodky b. 1929, Berlin, Germany; d. 2012 NC
Lee, Doris Emrick b. 1905, Aledo, IL; d. 1983, Clearwater, FL DC/FL/GA
Lee, Ida N. active in Washington, DC, 1897-1911 DC
Lee, Mattie Crawley b. 1858, Pine Bluff, AR; d. 1935, Buncombe County, NC AR/NC
Lee, Musier Taintor b. 1909, New York, NY; d. 1968, Pittsburgh, PA VA
Lee, Rosa b. 1860, Stewart, TN; d. 1936, Memphis, TN TN
Lee, Ruth Hudson b. 1885, Ellisburg, NY; d. 1973, Ellisburg, NY DC
Lee, Selma Van Praag b. 1879, New York, NY; d. 1968, Sarasota, FL FL
Leech, Dorothy Sherman b. 1913, Pittsburgh, PA; d. 2013, Sarasota, FL FL
Leet, Marie Elizabeth b. 1916, Charleston, WV; d. 1978, Charleston, WV WV
Lehman, Louise Brasell b. 1897, Orwood, MS; d. 1987, Memphis, TN MS/TN
Leighton, Clare Veronica Hope b. 1898, London, England; d. 1989, Woodbury, CT MD/NC
Leisenring, Mathilde Mueden b. 1870, Washington, DC; d. 1949, Washington, DC DC
Leist, Doris K. b. 1911, New Albany, IN; d. 2004, Louisville, KY KY
Lemly, Elizabeth "Bessie" Cary b. 1871, Jackson, MS; d. 1947, Gulfport, MS LA/MS
Lemm, Adele Marion Gawin b. 1897, Milwaukee, WI; d. 1977, Memphis, TN TN
L'Engle, Lucy Stelle Brown b. 1889, New York, NY; d. 1978, Truro, MA FL
Leòn/Leon, Eleanor Robson Smith b. 1925, Bay City, MI; d. 2015, Ann Arbor, MI NC
Leonhardt, Olive Ellzey b. 1895, Jackson, MS; d. 1963, New Orleans, LA LA/MS
Leonetti, Mayme Sellers b. 1899, West Plains, MO; d. 1996, Tampa, FL FL
Leopold, Helen Sophia b. 1912; d. 1993, Louisville, KY KY
Lesch, Alma Wallace b. 1917, McCracken County, KY; d. 1999, Paducah, KY KY
Levy, Miriam Flora b. 1895, Franklin, LA; d. 1975, New Orleans, LA LA
Lewis, Clayre Barr b. 1913; d. 1980, New Orleans, LA LA
Lewis, Lalla Walker b. 1912, Greenwood, MS; d. 2006, Greenwood, MS LA/MS
Lewis, Laura Blocker b. 1915, Manila, Philippines; active in 1940, New Orleans, LA LA
Lewis, Louise Garland active 1897-1924 GA/TN
Lewis, Louise "Lucy" Dabney b. 1906, Tuscaloosa, AL; d. 1990, Louisville, KY KY
Lewis, Samella Sanders b. 1923, New Orleans, LA; d. 2022, Torrence, CA FL/LA/MD/VA
Liebman, Marjorie C. b. 1911; d. 2007, Memphis, TN TN
Lieutand, Louise G. active in Washington, DC, 1920-1935 DC
Light, Rosie Lee Cotton b. 1948, Little Rock, AR; d. 2003, Memphis, TN TN
Liles, Nonie Margaret Brown b. 1922, Bigheart, OK; d. 2013, Lake Charles, LA LA
Lilienthal, Jane Drexler Roth b. 1914, IL; d. 1983, Monterey, CA MS/TN
Lilly, Thelma Raybeck b. 1903, Friendsville, MD; d. 1985, Beckley, WV MD/WV
Lindenfield, Lore Kadden b. 1921, Wuppertal, Germany; d. 2010, Princeton, NJ NC
Lindley, Josephine b. 1871, Charlestown, IN; d. 1968, West Palm Beach, FL FL
Lineberry, Helen Gaines Howerton b. 1919, Asheville, NC; d. 2012, Greensboro, NC NC
Linger, Barbara active in Washington, DC, 1951 DC
Lippitt, Margaret Walthour b. 1872, Clayton, AL; d. 1964, Wilmington, NC AL/DC/GA/NC
List, Crystal W. active in Washington, DC, 1920 DC
Little, Mamie Burkhalter b. 1869, Warrenton, GA DC/GA
Livingston, Virginia Budd b. 1898, Baltimore, MD MD/SC
Livingstone, Aline T. b. 1915, Tamaqua, PA; d. 2004, Jenkintown, PA VA
Lobingier, Elizabeth Erwin Miller b. 1889, Washington, DC; d. 1975, Winchester, MA DC/GA/NC
Lockerby, Elma E. Le Gro b. 1861, Waupaca County, WI; d. 1949, Orlando, FL FL
Lockwood, Mary Murray b. 1861, Annapolis, MD; d. 1945, Washington, DC DC/MD
Logan, Grace Redfield Boynton b. 1873, Sterling, IL; d. 1944, Washington, DC DC
Logan, Irma Gladys Levi b. 1899, New Orleans, LA; d. 1978, New Orleans, LA LA
Logan, Josephine Maria Lillie b. 1843, Charleston, SC; d. 1923, Richmond, VA SC/VA
Logan, Velma Enslen Kidd b. 1912, Birmingham, AL; d. 1991, Maitland, FL AL/FL
London, Edith Caspary b. 1904, Berlin, Germany; d. 1997, Durham, NC NC
Long, Elizabeth active in Louisville, KY, 1932 KY
Long, Gulnare Baker b. 1884, KY; d. 1965, Louisville, KY KY
Long, Marion Lee b. 1898, Louisville, KY; d. 1994, Jefferson County, KY KY
Long, Ollie Palmore b. 1899, Marion, AL; d. 1988, Marion, AL AL/DC
Longman, Sarah Fannie May b. 1860, Liverpool, England TN
Longwater, Eleanor M. Goldberg b. 1915, Savannah, GA; d. 1997, Savannah, GA GA
Lonnegan, Ada Wilt b. 1874, New Orleans, LA; d. 1963, New Orleans, LA LA
Lossen, Emma b. 1892, Wilmington, NC; d. 1976, Wilmington, NC NC
Lotterhos, Edith b. 1888, Crystal Springs, MS; d. 1965, Crystal Springs, MS MS
Lotterhos, Helen Jay b. 1905, McComb, MS; d. 1981, Jackson, MS LA/MS
Lotz, Matilda b. 1858, Franklin, TN; d. 1923, Tata, Hungary TN
Loughborough, Margaret McClelland b. 1872, Montgomery County, MD; d. 1947, Washington, DC DC/MD
Loury, H. Sophie b. 1858, Dayton, OH; d. after 1915, possibly in San Diego, CA DC
Love, Josephine Harreld b. 1914, Atlanta, GA; d. 2003, Detroit, MI GA/NC
Loveless, Joan Couch Potter {Sihvonen} b. 1925, San Angelo, TX; d. 2009, Taos, NM NC
Lovell, Caroline Couper Stiles b. 1862, Etowah Cliffs, GA; d. 1947, Savannah, GA AL
Lovick, Annie Laurens Pescud b. 1882, Raleigh, NC; d. 1968, Raleigh, NC NC
Low, Juliette Gordon b. 1860, Savannah, GA; d. 1927, Savannah, GA GA
Low, Rebecca Cordis b. 1897, Asheville, NC; d. 1980, Summerville, SC NC/SC
Lowe, Mary Elizabeth b. 1870, Nashville, TN; d. 1933, Memphis, TN GA/TN
Lowe, Willa May b. 1871, Shinnston, WV; d. 1947, Shinnston, WV WV
Loyacano, Mary Katharine Knoblock b. 1910, Forest, MS; d. 2009, Forest, MS MS
Lucas, Essie Leone Seavey b. 1872, VT; d. 1932, Oconomowoc, WI KY/VA
Lucas, Jean Williams b. 1873, Hagerstown, MD MD
Lucky, Eliza J. active in Washington, DC, 1907-1920 DC
Luebkert, Rosina Bakersmith b. 1893, Washington, DC; d. 1951, Washington, DC DC
Lugano, Ines Somenzini b. 1886, Verretto, Pavia, Italy; d. 1983, New Orleans, LA LA
Luke, Anne E. active in Manatee County, FL, 1937 FL
Lundborg, Elsa Marie b. 1902 SC
Luria, Corinna Morgiana b. 1890, New Orleans, LA; d. 1987, New Orleans, LA LA
Lutz, Adelia Armstrong b. 1859, Jefferson County, TN; d. 1931, Knoxville, TN TN
Lwenstein, Loretto Christine b. 1876, Washington, DC DC
Lybrand, Lulu M. b. 1888; d. 1976, Bethesda, MD DC/MD
Lyles, Dorothy C. active in Washington, DC, 1915-1917 DC
Lynch, Mary Pascard b. 1877 NC
Lynn, Katharine Evans Norcross b. 1875, Philadelphia, PA; d. 1930, Switzerland DC
Lyon, Elizabeth Reeves b. 1917; d. 2008, Winston-Salem, NC NC
Lytle, Emma Knowlton b. 1910, Perthshire, MS; d. 2000, Gunnison, MS MS


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Artist Life Dates Associated With
Meagher, Laura Alexander Coleman b. 1914, Danville, VA; d. 1974, Roanoke, VA VA
MacAtee, Mary-Lane active in Washington, DC, 1945 DC
MacCandless, Mary Madeline b. 1885, Jackson, GA; d. 1983, Washington, DC DC
MacCrowe, Flora E. d. 1947, MD MD
Mack, Marie Elizabeth Hamrick b. 1909, Cleveland County, NC; d. 2002, Shelby, NC NC
MacKubin, Florence b. 1857, Florence, Italy; d. 1918, Baltimore, MD MD
MacMillan, Jane Meares Williams b. 1882, Wilmington, NC; d. 1964, Wilmington, NC NC
MacPherson, Marian Francis Acker b. 1906, Mobile, AL; d. 1993, Mobile, AL AL
MacQueen, Virginia Hamilton b. Fries, VA; d. 1972, Jacksonville, FL FL/NC/VA
Maddox, Mariema Miller b. 1912, GA; d. 2006, Clayton, GA DC/GA
Magafan, Ethel Currie b. 1916, Chicago, IL; d. 1993, Woodstock, NY AR/DC/GA
Mahaffie, Isabel Cooper b. 1892, Tacoma, WA; d. 1984, Bethesda, MD DC/MD
Maher, Virginia active in Washington, DC, 1917 DC
Mahier, Edith Albina b. 1892, Baton Rouge, LA; d. 1967, Baton Rouge, LA LA
Mahier, Lois W. b. 1906; d. 1996, Baton Rouge, LA LA
Mahoney, Elizabeth DuBose Porcher b. 1908, Porchers Bluff, SC; d. 2001, Charleston, SC SC
Mahood, Sallie Lee Blount b. 1864, Lynchburg, VA; d. 1953, Lynchburg, VA VA
Majette, Vara Anna Swinney b. 1875, Duluth, GA; d. 1974, St. Simons Island, GA GA
Mallalieu, Olivia Pohlman b. 1896, Baltimore, MD; d. 1980, Culpeper, VA KY/MD/VA
Mallison, Euphame Clason b. 1874, Annapolis, MD; d. 1962, Charlottesville, VA MD/VA
Malone, Blondelle Octavia Edwards b. 1877, Bostwick, GA; d. 1951, Columbia, SC GA/SC
Mamlok, Ursula b. 1923, Berlin, Germany NC
Manning, Mariana Heyward Taylor b. 1914, Columbia, SC; d. 2004, Raleigh, NC NC/SC
Maynard, Priscilla Lobeck b. 1921, NJ; d. 2009, King, WA FL/GA
Manasse, Marianne/Marianna Bernhard b. 1911, Breslau, Germany; d. 1984, Durham, NC NC
Mangum, Elsie Kennedy b. 1921, Magee, MS; d. 1999, Magee MS MS
Manigault, Mary Jane b. 1913, Mt. Pleasant, SC; d. 2010, Mt. Pleasant, SC SC
Mannakee, Sarah Nelson Dale b. 1877, Paterson, NJ; d. 1983, Sandy Spring, MD DC/MD/WV
Manning, Eva active in Washington, DC, 1920 DC
Manning, Kate Covington b. 1840, Columbia, SC; d. 1926, Clio, SC SC
Mansfield, Blanche McManus b. 1869 or 1870, East Feliciana, LA; d. 1929, New Orleans, LA LA
Mapes, Doris Genevieve Williamson b. 1920, Russellville, AR; d. 2013, Little Rock, AR AR
Marbain, Sheila Rivka Oline {Ravin} b. 1927, London, England; d. 2008, Brooklyn, NY NC
Marden, Helen Grace Wright b. 1919, Concord, MA NC
Margoulies, Berta b. 1907, Poland; d. 1996, Walnut Creek, CA AR/DC
Markell, Isabella Mozier Banks b. 1891, Superior, WI; d. 1980, New York, NY FL/MD
Markham, Margaret Joy Pratt b. 1894, Washington County, AR; d. 1976, Fayetteville, AR AR
Marley, Geralynne Marie Knowles b. 1895, Jackson, MS; d. 1978, Jackson, MS MS
Marlin, Hilda Gerarda Van Stockum b. 1908, Holland; d. 2006, United Kingdom DC
Marquette, Lena Mitchell b. 1902, Ellisville, MS; d. 1997, Louisville, MS MS
Marquez, Emma Sutton Carter Bennett b. 1890, Washington, DC; d. 1956, Greenville, VA DC
Marshall, Katherine Mateline b. Natchez, MS MS/TN
Marshall, May Chiswell b. 1874, Markham, VA; d. 1959, Markham, VA DC/VA/SC
Marshall, Pearl McDermott b. 1888, Goodman, MS; d. 1970, Quitman, MS MS
Marsteller, Pauline active in Washington, DC, 1920 DC
Martin, Emma Angelene Norris b. 1867, VA; d. 1941, Falls Church, VA DC/VA
Martin, Willa Gray b. 1911, Greenville, SC; d. 2006, Rye, NY SC
Masinter, Shirley Rabe b. 1932, New Orleans, LA LA
Mason, Ella May b. 1912, Brookhaven, MS; d. 2005, Siloam Springs, AR AR/MS/VA
Mason, Mary Stoddert Winfield b. 1850, Jackson, TN; d. 1934, Elmsford, NY TN
Mason, Mary Stuard Townsend b. 1886, Zanesville, OH; d. 1964, Philadelphia, PA MD
Mason, Maud Mary b. 1867, Russellville, KY; d. 1956, New Canaan, CT KY
Mason, Nan b. 1896, Woodstock, NY; d. 1982, Manatee County, FL FL
Mason, Nanee F. b. 1896; d. about 1982 KY
Massie, Martha Willis b. 1894, Three Springs, VA; d. 1986, Lynchburg, VA VA
Massie/Massy, Julia M. b. 1869, Jackson, MS; d. 1949, New Orleans, LA LA/MS
Master, Mary active in Washington, DC, 1923 DC
Mathewson, Lucy Madeleine Stickney b. 1866, France; d. 1918, Hartford, CT DC
Matthews, Doris M. active in Washington, DC, 1943 DC
Matthews, Kate Seston b. 1870, New Albany, IN; d. 1956, Oldham County, KY KY
Matthey, Jacqueline Katherine Tankersley b. 1922, St. Louis, MO; d. 2003, Webster Groves, MO NC
Maury, Cornelia Field b. 1866, New Orleans, LA; d. 1942, St. Louis, MO LA
Maxwell, Virginia b. 1870, Wheeling, WV; d. 1951, Wheeling, WV WV
May, Florence Lister Land b. 1870, Caddo Parish, LA; d. 1937, New York, NY LA
Mayer, Bena Virginia Frank b. 1898, Norfolk, VA; d. 1994, New York, NY VA
Mayer, Franziska b. 1914, Hamburg, Germany; d. 1995 NC
Mayo, Isabel Bingham Jones b. 1889, Amelia County, VA; d. 1972, Richmond, VA VA
Mayo, Reba Elizabeth Harkey b. 1895, Bryants Mill, TX; d. 1974, Lexington, KY KY
McAdams, Gladys Wilson b. 1889, Cynthiana, KY; d. 1958, Fayette County, KY KY
McAllister, Ethel M. active in Washington, DC, 1919-1921 DC
McArthur, Betty b. 1862, Gattman, MS; d. 1945, Atlanta, GA AL/GA/LA/MS
McBryde, Cora Bolton b. 1839, Richmond, VA; d. 1920, Blacksburg, VA SC/VA
McCallum, Corrie Parker {Halsey} b. 1914, Sumter, SC; d. 2009, Charleston, SC FL/GA/SC
McCarl, Helen Weathers b. 1900, Richmond, VA; d. 1985, Wilmington, NC NC/VA
McCarthy, Helen Mary Kiner b. 1884, Poland, OH; d. 1927, Philadelphia, PA NC
McCauley, Caroline Kaufmann b. 1919, Savannah, GA; d. 1999, Decatur, GA DC/GA/NC/VA
McClean, Roberta Fisk b. 1882, Russellville, KY; d. 1975, Russellville, KY KY
McClung, Miriam Maddox Jackson b. 1932, Birmingham, AL AL, FL, NC, TN
McClure, Dorothy Sue b. 1934; d. 2008 NC
McClure, Flossie Sheriff b. 1892; d. 1975, Lexington, KY KY
McComb, Marie Louise b. 1883, Louisville, KY; d. 1973, Winter Park, FL FL/KY
McCoy, Daisy B. active in Washington, DC, 1920s-1930s DC
McCoy, Margaret b. 1845, Grant County, WV; d. 1929, Franklin, WV WV
McCravey, Mary Katharine Knoblock Loyacano (see Loyacano, Mary Katharine Knoblock)
McCullough, Geraldine Hamilton b. 1917, Kingston, AR; d. 2008, New Edinburg, AR AR
McDavid, Mittie Owen b. 1873, Madison, AL; d. 1948, Birmingham, AL AL
McDougall, Corinne Margaret Cunningham Collins b. 1894, Mobile, AL; d. 1977, Gerrardstown, WV AL/DC/WV
McDowell, Magdalen Harvey b. 1829, Fincastle, VA; d. 1918, Ashland, KY KY
McFarland, Pearl active in Washington, DC, 1920s DC
McGavock, Bessie Hunter Dawson b. 1889, Maury County, TN; d. 1982, Columbia, TN TN
McGee, Olivia Jackson Parkhurst b. 1915, Clemson, SC; d. 1987, Clemson, SC SC
McGehee, Helen Mahood b. 1892, Lynchburg, VA; d. 1980, Lynchburg, VA MS/VA
McGinnis, Geraldine Gunter b. 1921, Sanford, NC NC
McGowen, Ruth b. 1876, Milwaukee, WI; d. 1962, Fair Haven, CT DC
McIntire, Emma/Emmie Mayberry b. 1874; d. 1948 NC/SC
McIntire, Katharine Angela b. 1876, Richmond, VA; d. 1960, Charlottesville, VA VA
McIntyre, Florence Makin b. 1878, Memphis, TN; d. 1963, Memphis, TN TN
McKee, Lena Meyler b. 1874, Shepherdsville, KY; d. 1955, Warren County, KY KY
McKenzie, Annie Cole Hawkins b. 1848; d. 1917 TN
McKinley, Barbara Hazel Guggenheim b. 1903, New York, NY; d. 1995, New Orleans, LA LA
McKinstry, Grace Emmajean b. 1859, Fredonia, NY; d. 1936, Minneapolis, MN DC
McLaughlin, Willie Cyrene b. 1878, Pinson, AL; d. 1967, Birmingham, AL AL
McLaws, Virginia Randall b. 1868, Augusta, GA; d. 1967, Savannah, GA VA
McMahan, Melva Kirkpatrick b. 1918, VA; d. 1999 NC/VA
McMahon, Charlotte L. active in Washington, DC, 1914-1917 DC
McMichael, Emerine Jackson b. 1912, Texhoma, OK; d. 1986, Decatur, GA GA
McMillan, Mrs. George E. active in Washington, DC, 1917 DC
McMullen, Lilie Haynes active in Louisville, KY, 1936 KY
McNamara, Lena Randolph Brooke b. 1890, Norfolk, VA; d. 1983, Norfolk, VA VA
McNamara, Mary E. active in Washington, DC, 1925 DC
McNaughton, Mary Hunter [a.k.a.MacNaughton] b. 1891, Lockhart, TX; d. 1935, Dallas, TX LA/VA
McNeer, Isabella (Belle) Smith Weeden b. 1865, d. 1938, Biloxi, MS FL/NC/SC
McNett, Elizabeth Vardell b. 1894, New Bern, NC; d. 1988, Laurinburg, NC NC
McNulty, Agnes Gabrielle Tait b. 1894, New York, NY; d. 1981, Santa Fe, NM NC
McNulty, Kathryn Marie b. 1897, Bakersfield, CA; d. 1993, Tazewell, VA VA
McWilliams, Eloise Flagler Vail Knight b. 1878, Cleveland, OH; d. 1969, Coconut Grove, FL (b. Brooklyn, NY) FL
McWhorter, Jean b. 1932, MS; d. 2011, Columbia, SC GA/MS/SC
Mead, Lucile Elliott b. 1887, Bellefontaine, OH; d. 1944, Bradenton, FL FL/VA
Meade, Mary Belle Long b. 1910, Norfolk, VA; d. 2008, Richmond, VA LA/VA
Means, Sarah Jane Henderson b. 1826, Dresden, TN; d. 1924, Hopkinsville, KY KY/TN
Meares, Mary Burkett b. 1928, Salisbury, NC FL/NC
Meegan, Beatrice active in Washington, DC, 1913 DC
Meegan, Blanche Van C. active in Washington, DC, 1896-1924 DC
Meetze, Sarah R. active in Washington, DC, 1902-1920 DC
Melchers, Corinne Lawton Mackall b. 1880, Baltimore, VA; d. 1955, Falmouth, VA VA
Melton, Catherine Parker b. 1888, Nashville, TN; d. 1959, Nashville, TN DC/TN
Menk, Hazel W. Cameron b. 1888, St. Paul, MN; d. 1956, FL DC/FL/VA
Mercer, Geneva b. 1889, Jefferson, AL; d. 1984, Demopolis, AL AL
Merilh, Mathilde Olivia Marie b. 1889, New Orleans, LA; d. 1934, Metairie, LA LA
Merrill, Olive Katherine/Katharine Clapp b. 1876, Milwaukee, WI; d. 1962, Fair Haven, CT FL/SC
Meyer, Lillie Bennett b. 1881, Taylorsville, KY; d. 1959, Charlestown, IN KY
Meyer, Louise M. active in Washington, DC, 1924 DC
Meyer, Mary Eno Pinchot b. 1920, New York, NY; d. 1964, Georgetown, DC DC
Michael, Minnie Rae Odom b. 1908, Walker County, AL; d. 1992, Parrish, AL AL
Middleton, Sallie Williamson Ellington b. 1926, Washington, DC; d. 2009, Asheville, NC DC/NC/SC
Mierisch, Dorothea b. 1885, NY; d. 1977, Brielle, NJ SC
Mieth, Hansel b. 1909, Berglen, Germany; d.1998, Santa Rosa, CA NC
Mignon, Josephine Cressy Faget b. 1896, New Orleans, LA; d. 2000, New Orleans, LA LA
Mikell, Minnie Robertson b. 1891, Charleston, SC; d. 1987, Charleston, SC SC
Miles, Emma Bell b. 1879, Evansville, IN; d. 1919, Chattanooga, TN TN
Miles, Jeanne Patterson b. 1908, Baltimore, MD; d. 1999, Los Angeles, CA MD
Miller, Bessie Alexander b. about 1877, Cabell County, WV; d. 1959, Barboursville, WV WV
Miller, Cora Ella b. 1868, Jenkintown, PA; d. 1940, Pittsburgh, PA DC
Miller, Ellen W. active in Washington, DC, 1918-1924 DC
Miller, Eva Katherine Hamlin b. 1909, Brooklyn, NY; d. 1991, New York (buried in Greensboro, NC) NC
Miller, Josephine Anne Braendle Traynor b. 1892, Washington, DC DC
Miller, Marguerite Cuttino b. 1895, Charleston, SC; d. 1956, Charleston, SC SC
Milligan, Kizzie Gladys b. 1892, LaRue, OH; d. 1973, Tryon, NC DC/NC
Milner, Caroline Connelly b. 1917, Raleigh, NC NC
Miltenberger, Lucia A. b. 1873, New Orleans, LA; d. 1955, New Orleans, LA LA
Milton, Martha Elizabeth Fenner b. 1898, New Orleans, LA; d. 1984, Washington, CT LA/TN
Mims, Elizabeth "Eliza" Morrison b. 1862, Edgefield, SC; d. 1968, Edgefield, SC SC
Minish, Mary Virginia Duncan b. 1910, KY; d. 1997, Louisville, KY KY
Minnich, Lenora Florence Linger b. 1889, Lewis County, WV; d. 1963, Weston, WV WV
Mitchell, Corinne Howard b. 1914, South Hill, VA; d. 1993, Washington, DC DC/VA
Mitchell, Gladys Vinson b. 1894, Albuquerque, NM; d. 1968, St. Augustine, FL DC/FL
Mitchell, Sue Lavinia b. 1922, Copperhill, TN; d. 2012, Copperhill, TN TN
Mixter, Felicie Waldo Howell b. 1897, Honolulu, HI; d. 1968 DC
Mize, Mary b. about 1834 KY
Moffatt, Adah Terrell b. 1881, Vincennes, IN; d. 1930, Fairfax, VA DC/VA
Moffett, Mary Elvish Mantz b. 1863, Perry, IL; d. 1940, Mt. Vernon, NY LA
Mohan, Jennie/Jenny Cramer b. 1874, AL; d. 1956, Birmingham, AL AL
Moise, Alice Leigh b. 1905, New Orleans, LA; d. 1997, New Orleans, LA GA/LA
Molinary, Marie Madeleine Seebold b. 1866, New Orleans, LA; d. 1948, New Orleans, LA LA
Moncure, Elise "Lisa" Vance b. 1886, Gallipolis, OH; d. 1960, Aquia, VA VA
Montague, Harriotte Lee Taliaferro b. 1871, Gloucester, VA; d. 1947, Gloucester, VA VA
Montgomery, Alberta active in Washington, DC, 1920s DC
Montgomery, Caroline "Carrie" Garland Lewis b. 1865, Montevallo, AL; d. 1951, Birmingham, AL AL
Montjoy, Merle Berry Tennyson b. 1920, Brandon, MS; d. 2008, Madison, MS MS
Moomaw, Catharine b. 1912, Roanoke, VA; d. 2000, Madison, WI VA
Moore, Anne Louise Cook b. 1854, New Orleans, LA; d. 1941, New Orleans, LA LA
Moore, Mary Virginia b. 1878, Brownsville, TN; d. 1934, Brownsville, TN TN
Moore, Ruth C. active in Washington, DC, 1923-1924 DC
Moore, Ruth Huntington b. 1866, New York, NY; d. 1936, Raleigh, NC NC
Moore, Susan Elizabeth b. 1926, Williamston, NC; d. 2013, Winston-Salem, NC NC
Mora, Emma Gladys b. about 1927 DC/NC
Morales, Desdemona Agnes Wade b. 1927, Washington, DC; d. 1992, Washington, DC DC
Moran, Mary Eulalie b. 1865, Washington, DC; d. 1963, Washington, DC DC
Morel, May Sydnor b. 1885, New Orleans, LA; d. 1920, New Orleans, LA LA
Morgan, Adelaide Baker b. Cleveland, OH; active in Washington, DC, 1923-1924 DC
Morgan, Annie Germany Stephenson b. 1859, Memphis, TN; d. 1944, Memphis, TN TN
Morgan, Barbara Brooks Johnson b. 1900, Buffalo, KS; d. 1992, North Tarrytown, NY NC
Morgan, Florence Gross b. Marietta, OH; active in Washington, DC, 1940s-1950s DC
Morgan, Frances Mallory b. 1905, Memphis, TN; d. 1988, Rye, NY TN
Morgan, Georgia Weston b. 1869, Floyd County, VA; d. 1951, Lynchburg, VA VA
Morgan, (Sister) Gertrude Williams b. 1900, LaFayette, AL; d. 1980, New Orleans, LA LA
Morgan, Gladys Rowley Butler b. 1899, Houma, LA; d. 1981, Shreveport, LA LA
Morgan, Samantha Jane Atkeson b. 1843, Buffalo, WV; d. 1926, Winfield, WV WV
Morley, Ann Roberts "Frantic" b. 1936, Pensacola, FL; d. 2009, Pensacola, FL FL
Morley, Margaret Warner b. 1858, Montrose, IA; d. 1923, Washington, DC DC/NC
Morrell, Cordelia D. Young b. 1868, Buckeystown, MD; d. 1938, Washington, DC DC/MD
Morrell, Imogene Robinson b. 1828, Attleboro, MA; d. 1908, Washington, DC DC
Morrell, Mary Ogden b. 1874, TN; d. 1935, Knoxville, TN TN
Morris, Helen V. active in Washington, DC, 1904-1917 DC
Morris, Katherine active in Raleigh, NC, 1940 NC
Morrison, Mary Coples b. 1908, Petersburg, VA DC/VA
Morriss, Mary Rachel b. 1904, Memphis, TN; d. 1996, Memphis, TN TN
Morse, Ruth Eleanor b. 1887, Watertown, MA; d. 1992 SC
Morton, Christina May Boles b. 1878, Dardanelle, AR; d. 1957, Dardanelle, AR AR
Morton, Louise E. Jennings b. 1870, Nashville, TN; d. 1947, Winchester, TN TN
Morton, Nancy Bowden active in Louisville, KY, 1936 KY
Moseley, Alice Latimer b. 1909, Birmingham, AL; d. 2004, Bay St. Louis, MS MS/TN
Moseley, Glenna "Glennie" b. 1876, Chattooga County, GA; d. 1972, Winnetka, IL GA/MS
Moseley, Helen Allston DuPré b. 1887, Spartanburg, SC; d. 1984, Spartanburg, SC SC
Moser, Martha Ingersoll Scoville b. 1857, Cornwall, CT; d. 1941, White Plains, NY DC/GA
Moser, Sarah Jane Irby b. 1842, Union County, NC; d. 1925, Kannapolis, NC NC
Moses, Anna Robertson [a.k.a. Grandma Moses] b. 1860, Greenwich, NY; d. 1961, Hoosick Falls, NY VA
Mosher, Catherine "Kate" E. Perry b. 1836, Warsaw, KY; d. 1926, Covington, KY KY
Moshier, Elizabeth Alice b. 1901, Utica, NY NC
Moulton, Sue Buckingham b. 1873, Hartford, CT; d. after 1956 DC
Muhlhofer, Mary Elizabeth b. 1877, Baltimore, MD; d. 1950, Washington, DC DC/MD
Muldoon, Hannah Lithgow b. 1868, Louisville, KY; d. 1959, Louisville, KY KY
Mulford, Margarete Lent b. 1896, Washington, DC; d. 1989, McLean, VA DC/VA
Muller-Uri, Hildegarde Petronella Bernhardina b. 1894, New York, NY; d. 1990, St. Augustine, FL FL
Munch, Margaret Obee b. 1884, Whitehouse, OH; d. 1961, Cary, NC NC
Munger, Anne Wells b. 1862, Springfield, MA; d. 1945, Gulfport, MS LA/MS
Munn, Marguerite Campbell b. 1886, Washington, DC; d. 1979, Charlottesville, VA DC/VA
Munroe, Sarah Sewell b. about 1870, Brooklyn, NY; d. 1946 DC
Munz, Edna Hammer b. 1913; d. 1984, Louisville, KY KY
Murdaugh, Ella Lee Johnson b. 1877, Bartow, FL; d. 1966, Orangeburg, SC FL/SC
Murdoch, Dora Louise b. 1857, Canemount, MS; d. 1933, Baltimore, MD MD/MS
Murdoch, Eleanor P. active in Washington, DC, 1910-1921 DC
Murphy, Lelia Mae b. 1937, Laurens, SC NC/SC
Murphy, Lucile Desbouillons b. 1873, Savannah, GA; d. 1956, Savannah, GA GA
Murphy, Margaret Augusta b. 1908, Savannah, GA; d. 1991, Savannah, GA GA
Murray, Faith Ernestine Cornish b. 1897, SC; d. 1984, Taylors, SC (buried Edisto, SC) DC/SC
Murray, Rosa Rainold Graner b. 1904, New Orleans, LA; d. 1962, New Orleans, LA LA
Myrick, Ann L. b. about 1910, Greensboro, NC NC


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Artist Life Dates Associated With
Namias, Edith Paipert b. 1909, Somerville, MA; d. 2003, Sharon, MA VA
Nash, Anne b. 1884, Warwickshire, England; d. 1968, Tryon, NC NC
Nash, Anne Mauger Taylor b. 1884, Pittsboro, NC; d. 1968, Savannah, GA NC/SC
Nash, Diana Lillian b. 1873, Warwickshire, England; d. 1952, Tryon, NC NC/VA
Nash, Marguerite L. active in Washington, DC, 1909-1917 DC
Nash, Mary Screven Arnold b. 1876, Savannah, GA; d. after 1940 GA/NC
Nay, Mary Spencer b. 1913, Crestwood, KY; d. 1993, Provincetown, MA KY
Neilson, Louisa Wright (see Ford, Louisa Wright Neilson)
Nell, Antonia "Tony" b. 1881, Washington, DC; d. 1960, New York, NY DC
Nelms, Marjory/Marjorie H. Collison Schulhoff b. 1902, Washington, DC; d. 1983, Dallas, TX DC/SC
Nelson, Belle E. b. 1912-1914, Washington, DC DC
Neville, Katherine "Kate" Young b. 1876, Camden, AL; d. 1953, Montgomery, AL AL
Newberry, Florence C. active in Washington, DC, 1920-1925 DC
Newby, Ruth Warren b. 1886, Goff, KS; d. 1952, Tucson, AZ FL
Newcastle, Lena May b. 1867 or 1868, Pittsfield, MA; d. 1951, Mineral Springs, NC FL/NC
Newell, Natalie b. 1891, IL; d. 1970, MIami, FL FL
Newhoff, Theresa C. b. 1908, Versailles, KY; d. 1996, Lexington, KY KY/NC
Newman, Irene Hodes b. 1900, Cameron, MO; d. 1982, New York, NY GA
Newman, Willie Betty b. 1863?, Murfreesboro, TN; d. 1935, Nashville, TN TN
Newton, Amanda A. b. 1858, PA; d. 1943, Washington, DC DC
Ney, Franzisca Bernadina Wilhelmina Elisabeth "Elisabet" b. 1833, Mnster, Germany; d. 1907, Austin, TX GA
Nickels, Myrtle b. 1871, Bristol, TN; d. 1948, Bristol, TN TN
Nickerson, Jennie Ruth {Greacen} b. 1905, Appleton, WI; d. 1997 NC
Nickson, Lia b. 1924, Durham, NC; d. 2010, New York, NY NC
Niles, Rosamond Agnes b. 1881, Portsmouth, NH; d. 1960, Essex, CT VA
Nirenberg, Rosalind Abramson b. 1901, Norfolk, VA; d. 1938, Albany, NY VA
Nison, Jean b. 1922, Egypt NC
Nix, Frances Nimmo Greene {Pitts} b. 1907, Montgomery, AL; d. 1982, Montgomery, AL AL
Noble, Ida S. Chandler b. 1865, Beech Grove, TN; d. 1947, Beech Grove, TN TN
Nohowel, Margaret Lily Dressler b. 1888, Leipzig, Germany; d. 1969, North Elba, NY DC
Northrop, Christine b. 1897, Pass Christian, MS; d. 1975, Pass Christian, MS GA/MS/TN
Norton, Ann Vaughan Weaver b. 1906, Selma, AL; d. 1982, Palm Beach, FL FL
Norton, Effie C. Y. active in Washington, DC, 1911-1922 DC
Norton, Jane Lewis Morton b. 1908, Louisville, KY; d. 1988, Pittsfield, MA KY/MD
Nottingham, Mary Elizabeth {Day} b. 1907, Salisbury, NC; d. 1956, Staunton, VA NC/VA
Nourse, Elizabeth b. 1859, Mount Healthy, OH; d. 1938, Paris, France TN
November, Sara D. b. 1902, Richmond, VA; d. 1983, Richmond, VA VA
Noyes, Bertha E. b. 1876, Washington, DC; d. 1966, Washington, DC DC
Nungester, Mildred Bernice (see Wolfe, Mildred Bernice Nungester)
Nunnally, Catherine Smith b. 1905, Atlanta, GA; d. 1993, Atlanta, GA GA


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Artist Life Dates Associated With
O'Bannon, Hildegarde Whitney b. 1897, IN; d. 1976, Louisville, KY KY
O'Brien, Nell Louise Pomeroy b. 1897, New Orleans, LA; d. 1966, New Orleans, LA LA
Obering, Mary Amanda McLean born 1937, Shreveport, LA; died 2022, New York LA/VA
Ochs, Camille Caheen Hagedorn b. 1910, Birmingham, AL; d. 2000, New Orleans, LA AL/GA/LA
Ocko, Ida Blank b. 1912, New York, NY; d. 1987, Oakland, CA GA
O'Day, Caroline Love Goodwin b. 1875, Perry, GA; d. 1943, Rye, NY GA
Odum, Martha Ann Huff b. 1917; d. 1995, Athens, GA GA
Oelschig, Augusta Denk {Petressen} b. 1918, Savannah, GA; d. 2000, Savannah, GA AL/GA
O'Fallon, Virginia b. 1897 KY
Ogburn, Hilda Lanier b. 1895, Guilford County, NC; d. 1984, Walnut Cove, NC NC
Ogle, Mary Light b. 1856, Covington, KY; died 1929? KY
O'Keeffe, Georgia Totto b. 1887, Sun Prairie, WI; d. 1986, Santa Fe, NM SC/VA
O'Keeffe, Ida Ten Eyck b. 1889, Sun Prairie, WI; d. 1961, Whittier, CA AL/NC/VA
O'Kelley, Emily Mattie Lou b. 1908, Maysville, GA; d. 1997, Decatur, GA FL/GA
Oliphant, Carol Elizabeth Stephens b. 1898, Washington County, IA; d. 1964, Baldwin County, GA GA/SC
Oliver, Annie McIntosh Petree b. 1893, Franklin County, AL; d. 1985, Birmingham, AL AL
Oliver, Edith Walker b. 1889, Chicago, IL; d. 1979, St. Augustine, FL FL
Oliver, Elisabeth Paxton b. 1891, Rockridge County, VA; d. 1977, Tryon, NC GA/MD/NC/VA
O'Meallie, Kate"Kitty" Morrison Chamness b. 1916, Bennettsville, SC; d. 2014, Cary, NC NC/SC
O'Neal, Mary Lovelace {Toro} b. 1942, Jackson, MS DC / MS
O'Neill, Mary H. active in Washington, DC, 1915-1916 DC
O'Neill, Ruth Heilprin/Helprin {Hammerslough} [R. Ford Harper, pseud.] b. 1883, Washington, DC; d. 1983, Santa Barbara, CA DC
Oppenheimer, Selma Levy b. 1898, Baltimore, MD; d. 1988, Baltimore, MD MD
Orr, Helen LaFrance (see LaFrance, Helen Orr) KY
Orrick, Agnes Gertrude b. 1880, Canton, MS; d. 1966, Gary, IN MS
Ortmayer, Constance b. 1902, NY; d. 1988, Morristown, TN AL/FL
Osgood, Ruth L. b. 1887, Minneapolis, MN; d. 1977, Alexandria, VA DC/VA
Oudin, Dorothy Lyman Savage b. 1898, Baltimore, MD; d. 1956, Cooperstown, NY MD
Owen, Eva Vatter b. 1917, LA; d. 2005, Tulsa, OK LA


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Artist Life Dates Associated With
Page, Cordelia b. 1878, MS MS
Page, Josephine active in Washington, DC, 1912-1932 DC
Page, Katherine Stuart b. Cambridge, MA DC/MD/VA
Pagon, Katharine Dunn b. 1892, Chestnut Hill, PA; d. 1985, Baltimore, MD MD
Paine, Mary "May" Williman b. 1873, Charleston, SC; d. 1941, Savannah, GA SC
Pajerski, Elizabeth Mitchell b. 1915, Meridian, MS; d. 2003, Vicksburg, MS MS
Palmer, Adaline Osburn b. 1817, Rippon, WV; d. 1906, Rippon, WV WV
Palmer, Pauline Lennards b. 1867, McHenry, IL; d. 1938, Trondheim, Norway SC
Pancoast, Clara Caffery b. 1872, Lafayette, LA; d. 1959, San Antonio, TX LA
Paris, Lena B. b. 1895, Gloversville, NY; d. 1984, Washington, DC DC
Parker, Cora b. 1859, KY; d. 1944 KY
Parker, Edith b. Dayton, OH LA
Parker, Jennie C. H. active in Washington, DC, 1917-1939 DC
Parker, Marie A. active in Washington, DC, 1908-1911 DC
Parker, Mary Virginia b. 1897, New Orleans, LA; d. 1980?, LA LA/VA
Parkhurst, Anna M. active in Washington, DC, 1925 DC
Parnell, Eileen Mary {Bohland} b. 1897, Belfast, Ireland; d. 1987, Miami Beach, FL FL
Parrish, Clara Minter Weaver b. 1861, Selma, AL; d. 1925, New York, NY AL
Parrish, Lydia Ambler Austin b. 1872, Pilesgrove, NJ; d. 1953, St. Simons Island, GA GA
Parsons, Edith Barretto Stevens b. 1878, Halifax, VA; d. 1956, New Canaan, CT VA
Parsons, Katherine Daraxa Yarwood b. 1871, Elgin, IL; d. 1918, Huntington, WV WV
Parsons, L. S. Columbia, SC SC
Parsons, Virginia Arkle b. 1905, Wetzel County, WV; d. 2002, Charleston, WV WV
Pascal, Jeanne B. b. 1891, France DC
Paschal, Primrose McPherson b. 1915, Raleigh, NC; d. 1998, Cary, NC NC
Paso, Lillian Sebrell b. 1915, Wilmington, NC; d. 2003, Wilmington, NC NC
Passailaigue, Mary Reynolds Flournoy b. 1908, Columbus, GA; d. 1989, Columbus, GA GA
Passlof/Passloff, Patricia "Pat" b. 1928, Brunswick, GA; d. 2011, New York, NY GA/NC
Patterson, Mary Loring b. about 1875; d. 1950 WV
Patterson, Nelle "Nellie" b. Statesville, NC; active 1921 DC/NC
Patton, Alice Vincent Corson b. 1876, Philadelphia, PA; d. 1915 DC/FL/VA
Patton, Elizabeth b. 1914, Philadelphia, PA; d. 2001, Largo, FL FL
Peiter, Edith Denham b. Livingston Parish, LA; d. 1994, possibly in Orlando, FL DC/LA
Penney, Jacqueline Singer b. 1930, Port Washington, NY NC
Pereny, Madeline S. b. 1893, Hungary; d. 1970, La Jolla, CA DC
Peres, Beatrice Myra b. 1906, New Orleans, LA; d. 1986, New Orleans, LA LA
Pert, Marcelle Martinet b. 1898, New Orleans, LA; d. 1973 LA
Pering, Cornelia Susan b. 1840, Bloomington, IN; d. 1923, Louisville, KY KY
Perrie, Bertha Eversfield b. 1868, Washington, DC; d. 1921, Gloucester, MA DC
Perry, Clara Greenleaf b. 1871, Long Branch, NJ; d. 1960, Brattleboro, VT (buried Dedham, MA) DC
Perry, Lallah Miles b. 1926, Auburn, AL; d. 2008, Jackson, MS AL/MS
Perry, Lilla Cabot b. 1848, Boston, MA; d. 1933, Hancock, NH SC
Peters, Winifred Ellen Bahan b. 1919, Union, SC; d. 2007 Isle of Palms, SC SC
Peterson, Gladys Hobbs b. 1907, Delco, NC; d. 2007, Wilmington, NC NC
Peterson, Jane/Jennie Christine b. 1876, Elgin, IL; d. 1965, Leawood, KS FL
Peterson, Margaret Laura Williamson b. 1924, Montreal, Canada NC
Pettus, Shirley Gill b. 1895; d. 1978, Louisville, KY KY
Peyton, Anne Douglas Moon b. 1891, Charlottesville, VA; d. 1978, Yonkers, NY VA
Phelps, Nannie (Nan) Dorothea Hinkle b. 1904, London, KY; d. 1990, Hamilton, OH KY
Phillips, Malley b. 1900; d. 1986 LA
Phillips, Marguerita Kuhrt b. 1895, Newark, NJ; d. 1978, St. Augustine, FL FL
Phillips, Marjorie Grant Acker b. 1895, Bourbon, IN; d. 1985, Washington, DC DC
Phillips, Pansy M. Wilcoxson b. 1909, Liletown, KY; d. 1990, Columbia, KY KY
Picken, Claire Deborah {Jaeger} affiliated with Black Mountain College NC
Pierce, Delilah Louise Williams b. 1904, Washington, DC; d. 1992, Washington, DC DC
Pierce, Florence Melva Miller b. 1918, Washington, DC; d. 2007, Albuquerque, NM DC
Pierce, Martha Lily b. 1873, Cumberland, WV; d. 1948, Lincoln, NE WV
Pilié, Patricia Marie Cannella b. 1948, New Orleans, LA; d. 2007, New Orleans, LA LA/MS
Pinhey, Amy Victorina Putman b. 1850, New York, NY; d. 1931, Geneva, Switzerland DC
Pinkerton, Lewers Lucile Wilkinson b. 1910, Washington, DC; d. 1995, Orleans, MA DC
Pitkin, Anna Denio b. 1844, Louisville, KY; d. 1929, Tryon, NC KY/NC
Plant, Olive active in Washington, DC, 1919-1924 DC
Platt, Ella M. active in Washington, DC, 1897-1926 DC
Plotkin, Edna Hibel b. 1917, Boston, MA; d. 2015, Palm Beach Gardens, FL FL
Poe, Elisabeth Ellicott b. 1888, Philadelphia, PA; d. 1947, Washington, DC DC
Pogue, Stephanie Elaine b. 1944, Shelby, NC; d. 2002, Laurel, MD MD/NC
Pohle, Anne Cooley b. 1922, Honolulu, HI; d. 2020, Tryon, NC NC/SC
Pollak, Theresa b. 1899, Richmond, VA; d. 2002, Richmond, VA VA/SC
Pollak, Virginia Leigh Morris b. 1898, Norfolk, VA; d. 1967, New York, NY VA
Pollard, Ann Carter b. 1930, Winston-Salem, NC NC
Pollard, Mabel Carpenter b. 1878, Baltimore, MD; d. 1953, Savannah, GA GA/MD
Pollitzer, Anita Lily {Edson} b. 1894, Charleston, SC; d. 1975, Queens, NY SC
Pook/Pooke, Harriett E. F. active in Washington, DC, 1923-1924 DC
Poor, Anne b. 1918, New York, NY; d. 2002, Nyack, NY DC/TN
Poppenheim, Mary Barnett b. 1866, Charleston, SC; d. 1936, Charleston, SC SC
Popkin, Elsie Dinsmore b. 1937, Philadelphia, PA; d. 2005, Winston-Salem, NC NC
Poppe, Joan Beers b. 1886, New York; d. 1969, Spartanburg, SC SC
Porter, Beata Beach b. 1911, Rome, Italy; d. 2006, Putnam Valley, NY FL/GA
Porter, Doris Lucile McLean b. 1897, Norfolk, VA; d. 1994, Portsmouth, VA VA
Porter, Laura Shaefer b. 1891, Fort Edward, NY DC/FL/GA
Porter, Vida L. b. 1889, Sherman, TX; d. 1985, Washington, DC DC
Postle, Katherine Joy {Blackstone} b. 1896, Chicago, IL; d. 1989, Orlando, FL FL
Poteat, Ida Isabella b. 1858, Forest Home, NC; d. 1940, Raleigh, NC NC
Potter, Bertha Herbert b. 1895, Nashville, TN; d. 1949, Santa Fe, NM TN
Powell, Georgette Seabrooke b. 1916, Charleston, SC; d. 2011, Palm Coast, FL SC
Powers, Harriet b. 1837, Athens, GA; d. 1910, Clarke County, GA GA
Prather, Winifred Helen Palmer b. 1912, Plainfield, NJ; d. 1993, Bucks County, PA LA
Pratt, Hazel M. b. Frankfort, KS MS
Pratt, Ruth C. active in Tryon, NC, 1921 NC
Prejza, Deborah Evelyn Sussman b. 1931, Brooklyn, NY; d. 2014, Los Angeles, CA NC
Preston, Blanche Barger b. 1873, Fayetteville, WV; d. 1934, Beckley, WV LA/WV
Prewitt, Ella May b. 1889; d. 1990, Danville, KY KY
Price, Irene Roberta b. 1900, Savannah, GA; d. 1971, Wilmington, NC DC/GA/NC
Price, Lucie Harris Locke b. 1904, Valdosta, GA; d. 1989, Santa Fe, NM GA/LA
Price, Mary Elizabeth b. 1877, Martinsburg, WV; d. 1965, Trenton, NJ WV
Price, Rosalie Pettus b. 1913, Birmingham, AL; d. 2003, Birmingham, AL AL
Price, Sarah "Sadie" Frances b. 1849, Evansville, IN; d. 1903, Bowling Green, KY KY
Pride, Joy b. 1909, Lexington, KY; d. 1998 KY
Prince, Ethel T. active in Washington, DC, 1905-1935 DC
Prince, Lottie D. active in Washington, DC, 1920-1935 DC
Protas, Helen Frank b. 1908, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; d. 1961, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada FL
Pryor, Eleanor Hancock b. 1874, Lexington, KY; d. 1966, Lexington, KY KY
Pugh, Sarah Mabel b. 1891, Morrisville, NC; d. 1986, Raleigh, NC NC
Purefoy, Heslope b. 1884, Chapel Hill, NC; d. 1934, Asheville, NC NC
Purser, Mary May b. 1913, Chicago, IL; d. 1986, Gainesville, FL AR/FL
Puryear, Jr., Mrs. B. active in Washington, DC, 1920-1935 DC
Pusey, Mavis Iona b. 1928, Retreat, Jamaica, West Indies; d. 2019, Falmouth, VA VA
Putnam, Brenda b. 1890, Minneapolis, MN; d. 1975, Stamford, CT DC
Putzki, Kate Stuart Stirling b. 1859, Newfoundland, Canada; d. 1941, Washington, DC DC
Pyle, Mrs. Frank Wilkes b. 1878, San Saba, TX DC


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Artist Life Dates Associated With
Quartana, Roma Louise Burris b. 1918, Queens, NY; d. 2009, Covington, LA LA
Quaintance, Helen M. Yocum b. 1871, WI; d. 1940, MD DC/MD
Quarterman, Leonora b. 1911, Savannah, GA; d. 1979, Savannah, GA GA


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Artist Life Dates Associated With
Radley, Rose Burr b. 1866, MI; d. 1944, San Diego, CA DC
Raffle, Mary E. b. 1917, MD MD/VA
Raines, Mary "Minnie" Lanier b. 1862, Raines, TN; d. 1955, Memphis, TN TN
Ramseur, Mary Dodson b. 1864, Caswell County, NC; d. 1935, Deweese, NC NC/SC
Rankin, Dorothy Taylor b. 1889, PA; d. 1977, Alexandria, VA DC/VA
Rannells, Doris Krumm Wilson b. 1897, Columbus, OH; d. 1981, Lexington, KY KY
Rathborne, Jean Mary {Paine} b. 1913, Mobile, AL; d. 2005, Franklin, TN AL/GA/TN
Raul, Minnie Louise Pyles {Briggs} b. 1886, Camp Springs, MD; d. 1955, Washington, DC DC/MD
Ravenel, Pamela Hart Brown Vinton {Strunz} b. 1883, Brookline, MA; d. 1955, Woodstock, NY GA/MD
Ravenscroft, Ellen b. 1876, Jackson, MS; d. 1949, New York, NY MS
Rawlins, Arline McLean Perkins b. 1899, Bowling Green, KY; d. 1962, Bowling Green, KY KY
Raymond, Grace Russell b. 1876, Mount Vernon, OH; d. 1967, Winfield, KS DC
Raymond, Kathryn Tileston b. 1983, MA; d. 1943, Pinellas County, FL FL
Raymond, Madeline Gordon b. 1928, Washington, DC; d. 2011, Raleigh, NC DC/NC
Reading, Alice Matilda b. 1859, Shasta County, CA; d. 1939, Shasta County, CA DC
Reath, Dorothy Fisher Foulke b. 1916, Montchanin, DE; d. 1988, Easton, MD MD/NC
Redfield, Mary Bannister b. 1883, Newark, NJ DC
Reed, Elaine Rosalie Rubenstein b. 1927, Linwood, PA; d. 2019, Raleigh, NC FL/NC
Reed, Veda Louise b. 1934, Granite, OK TN
Rees, Mary de Berniere Graves b. 1886, Chapel Hill, NC; d. 1950, Chapel Hill, NC NC
Reese, Anabel Hays b. 1890, Petersburg, VA; d. 1973, Louisville, KY KY/VA
Reeves, Elizabeth Lovejoy Street b. 1910, MA; d. 1994, Chapel Hill, NC NC
Regan, Kathyrine b. 1896, New Orleans, LA; d. 1979, Covington, LA LA
Regester/Regesteri, Charlotte b. 1883, Baltimore, MD; d. 1964, Rockport, MA MD
Reichle, Leona B. b. 1904; d. 1969, Jeffersonville, IN KY
Reichman, Josephine Lemos b. 1864, Louisville, KY; d. 1938, Chicago, IL KY
Reid, Bessie C. Beall b. 1871, Lenoir, NC; d. 1963, Lenoir, NC NC
Reid, Celia Cregor b. 1895, Springfield, KY; d. 1956, St. Augustine, FL FL/KY
Reid, Dorothy Buchanan b. 1918, Tacoma, WA NC
Reid, Florence Sims b. 1891, Birmingham, AL; d. 1973, Richmond, VA AL
Reid, Shirley Ann Woodson b. 1936, Pulaski, TN; d. 2018, Sibley, MO TN
Reilly, Elvira b. 1899, Oak Ridge, NJ; d. 1958, Oak Ridge, NJ FL
Reindel, Edna b. 1894, Detroit, MI; d. 1990, Santa Monica, CA GA
Reiss, Mary Alice Peak b. 1909, LA; d. 1981, New Orleans, LA LA
Rembert, Catharine Phillips b. 1905, Columbia, SC; d. 1990, Tryon, NC MD/NC/SC
Remsen, Helen Irene Quarton b. 1895, Algona, IA; d. 1975, Sarasota, FL FL
Rendall, Theodosia Hamilton Vance Minge b. 1882, Benton, LA; d. 1966, Pass Christian, MS LA/MS
Rennie, Helen Sewell b. 1906, Cambridge, MD; d. 1989 DC/MD
Resnick, Elizabeth Cowles Gellhorn b. 1927, Pasadena, CA; d. 2008, MA NC
Rettstatt, E. Myrna b. 1892, PA DC
Reuer, Eleanor Griswold b. 1929, Durham, NC; d. 2017, Raleigh, NC NC
Rex, Edna Leroy Crenshaw b. 1893, VA; d. 1972, Richmond, VA VA
Rhett, Antoinette Francesca Guerard b. 1881, Baltimore, MD; d. 1964, Charleston, SC MD/SC
Rhett, Hanna McCord b. 1871, Columbia, SC; d. 1940, Brevard, NC NC/SC
Rhett, Mary Alicia b. 1915, Savannah, GA; d. 2014, Charleston, SC GA/SC
Rhoades, Katherine Nash b. 1885, New York, NY; d. 1965, New York, NY DC/TN
Rhoads, Mary Katherine b. 1892, Richmond, VA; d. 1938, Richmond, VA VA
Rhodes, Jessie b. 1900; d. 1972 AL/LA
Rice, Ann Louise O'Hanlon b. 1908, Ashland, KY; d. 1998, Mill Valley, CA KY
Rice, Barbara Stone b. 1925, Brooklyn, NY; d. 2008, Topanga, CA NC
Rice, Emma Deuel active in Washington, DC, 1906-1935 DC
Rice, Jenny Eakin Delony [a.k.a. Jenny Delony; Jenny Meyrowitz] b. 1862, Washington, AR; d. 1949, Little Rock, AR AR
Richards, Ella E. b. 1899, VA MD/VA
Richards, Martha "Matsy" Wynn b. 1888, Greenville, MS; d. 1960, Greenville, MS MS
Richardson, Ann Worsham {Paszek} b. 1919, Turbeville, SC; d. 2012, Charleston, SC SC
Richardson, Mrs. L. E. b. 1898; d. 1940 VA
Ricketts, Agnes Edmund Fairlie b. about 1880, Glasgow, Scotland; d. 1964 GA/MS
Riddle, Kate b. 1866, VA; d. after 1930 VA/WV
Riley, Mary Gine b. 1883, Washington, DC; d. 1939, Washington, DC DC
Ritter, Marie Antoinette b. 1901, Baltimore, MD; d. 1993, Baltimore, MD MD
Rivers, Cornelia Jackson McIntire b. 1912, Savannah, GA; d. 1969, Birmingham, AL (buried Savannah, GA) AL/GA
Rivers, Rosetta Raulston b. 1872 Barnsville, GA; d. 1946, Macon, GA GA
Rives, Sarah Landon b. 1874, Mobile, AL; d. 1958, Castle Hill, VA AL/VA
Robbins, Ellen b. 1828, Watertown, MA; d. 1905, Boston, MA FL
Robbins, Hulda Dornblatt b. 1910, Atlanta, GA; d. 2011, Atlantic City, NJ GA
Robbins, Jenny Loring b. 1866; d. 1946 KY
Roberts, Dolly Anderson b. 1916, Roanoke, VA; d. 2002, Clearwater, FL AL/FL/VA
Roberts, Edith Lucille Howard b. 1885, Bellows Falls, VT; d. 1960, Moorestown, NJ NC
Roberts, Helen active in Washington, DC, 1917 DC
Roberts, Janet Chloe Heling b. 1925, Lindenhurst, NY; d. 2000 NC
Roberts, Lucille Elizabeth "Malkia" Davis b. 1917, Washington, DC; d. 2004, Silver Spring, MD DC/MD
Roberts, Violet Kent b. 1880, The Dalles, OR; d. 1956, Suitland, MD DC/MD
Robertson, Persis Weaver b. 1896, Des Moines, IA; d. 1992, Bridgeport, CT DC
Robinson, Margaret Frances b. 1904, Hull, MA; d. 1985, New Orleans, LA LA/MS
Roddy, Edith Jannette b. 1878, Meadville, PA; d. 1957, Sarasota, FL FL
Rogers, Juanita b. 1934, Tintop, AL; d. 1985, Montgomery, AL AL
Rogers, Lois Pauline Cochran b. 1896, WV; d. 1979, Parkersburg, WV WV
Rogers, Louise de Gignilliat b. Macon, GA; active 1917-1923 GA
Rogers, Mary "Maize" C. Gamble b. 1882, Louisville, KY; d. 1920, NY KY
Rogers, Sarah Isabelle McCullough b. 1899, Greenville County, SC; d. 1974, Darlington, SC SC
Rogers, Venda L. Marcum b. 1920, KY; d. 2005, Louisville, KY KY
Rohland, Caroline Melvina Speare b. 1885, Boston, MA; d. 1964, New York GA/LA/SC
Rolando, Virginia Moorhead b. 1898, North East, PA; d. after 1976, Erie, PA DC
Roller, Janet Worsham b. 1887, Lynchburg, VA; d. 1975, Lynchburg, VA VA
Roller, Margaret J. R. active in Washington, DC, 1920-1924 DC
Rollin, Kate C. active in Washington, DC, 1914-1920 DC
Roman, Marie Desire b. 1867, St. James Parish, LA; d. 1950, New Orleans, LA LA
Roman, Marie Jeanne Amelie b. 1873, St. James Parish, LA; d. 1955, New Orleans, LA LA
Romayne, Sally McKee b. 1914; d. 2009, Charleston, WV WV
Roper, Mathilde/Matilda Secor McCord b. 1886, Morristown, NJ; d. 1958, Norfolk, VA VA
Rose, Cornelia "Nellie" Woodward b. 1882, Fernandina Beach, FL; d. 1967, Wilmington, NC FL/NC
Rose, Ruth Starr b. 1887, Eau Claire, WI; d. 1965, Alexandria, VA DC/LA/VA
Rosenbaum, Margo Newmark b. 1939, Los Angeles, CA GA
Ross, Margaret Lavinia Hudson b. 1908, Owensboro, KY; d. 2004 KY
Rosser, Barbara Winston b. 1896, Charlottesville, VA; d. 1984, Charlottesville, VA VA
Roth, Jane Malone b. 1837, St. Louis, MO; d. 1922, Knoxville, TN TN
Rothschild, Amalie Getta Rosenfeld b. 1916, Baltimore, MD; d. 2001, Baltimore, MD MD
Round, Edith Dexter Rice b. 1906, Columbus, GA; d. 1995, Manassas, VA GA/VA
Roush, Dorothy Alexander b. 1923, Atlanta, GA; d. 2015, Carrollton, GA GA
Roush, Sara b. 1920; active in Louisville, KY KY
Rowe, Nellie Mae Williams {Wheat} b. 1900, Fayette County, GA; d. 1982, Fayetteville, GA GA
Rowe, Willie Lucille Reed b. 1914, Goliad, TX; d. 1986, Pecos County, TX DC/LA
Ruckman, Grace Merrill b. 1873, Buchanan, MI; d. after 1948 DC
Ruddick, Dorothy Lawrence Cole b. 1925, Chicago, IL; d. 2010, Manhattan, NY NC
Rudofsky, Berta b. 1910; d. 2006 NC
Rudolf, Doris Hankee b. 1917, Palmerton, PA; d. 2016, Wilmington, NC NC
Rudulph, Rella Merriwether b. 1906, Livingston, AL; d. 1988, Paris, France AL
Ruellan, Andreé {Taylor} b. 1905, New York, NY; d. 2006, Kingston, NY GA/SC/VA
Ruff, Alice Isham active in Washington, DC, 1912-1924 DC
Rule, Fay Shelley b. 1887, Chattanooga, TN; d. 1974, Signal Mountain, TN TN
Rule, Mary Heyward Shand b. 1929, Columbia, SC; d. 2003, Arlington, VA DC/SC/VA
Rumley, Mildred Louise McMullen b. 1915, Beaufort, NC; d. 2002, Beaufort, NC NC
Rumph, Alice Edith b. 1877, Rome, GA; d. 1957, Tuscaloosa, AL AL/GA
Russell, Irone Hancock Sessions b. 1866, Philadelphia, PA; d. 1946, Los Angeles, CA DC
Rust, Mildred Anderson b. 1893, Brooklyn, NY; d. 1973, Washington, DC DC
Ruysenaars, Marie Augusta b. 1901, Louisville, KY; d. 1952, Louisville, KY KY


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Artist Life Dates Associated With
Sargeant, Jane Smith Ninas Evans b. 1913, Fond du Lac, WI; d. 2005 LA
Sachse, Janice Rubenstein b. 1908, New Orleans, LA; d. 1998, Baton Rouge, LA DC/LA
Saenger, Elizabeth "Betty" Faris b. 1899,San Antonio, TX; d. 1985, San Antonio, TX LA
Safford, Ruth Appleton Perkins b. 1897, Boston, MA; d. 1979 Washington, DC DC
Saint-Gaudens, Marie b. 1877, Brooklyn, NY; d. 1947, Augusta, GA FL/GA
Salisbury, Alta West b. about 1879, Darnestown, MD; d. 1933, New Rochelle, NY DC/MD
Salvo, Ouida Moore b. 1921, Cheraw, SC; d. 2014, Myrtle Beach, SC SC
Samuel, Hélène b. 1892, Superior, WI; d. after 1954 LA
Samuels, Jane Todd Holmes b. 1866; d. 1963, Frankfort, KY KY
Sanders, Arzada Brown b. 1896, SC; d. 1989, York County, SC SC
Sandman, Johanna "Jo" Chaie {Asher} b. 1931, Boston, MA NC
Sands, Anna M. b. 1860, MD; d. 1927, Washington, DC DC/MD
Sanford, Marion b. 1904, Ontario, Canada; d. 1988 GA
Sansum, Edith M. b. 1867, Evanston, IL; d. 1934, New Orleans, LA LA
Sarrazin, Louise Angelique b. 1888, New Orleans, LA; d. 1967, San Bruno, CA LA
Sato, Nathalie Georgia active in NC, 1933-1936 NC
Saugrain, Joan Bredendieck [a.k.a. Joan Wadell; Joan Wadell-Barnes; Joan Bredendieck] b. 1921; d. 2008 GA
Saugstad, Eugenie deLand b. 1872, Washington, DC; d. 1961, Fairfax, VA DC/VA
Saunders, Clara Rossman b. 1874, Cincinnati, OH; d. 1951, Washington, DC DC
Saunders, Leora/Leonora, Pearl b. 1878, Purdy, TN; d. 1947, Jackson, TN NC/TN
Saunders, Mary Ann Parmelia Xantippe "Tip" b. 1838, Adair County, KY; d. 1922, Louisville, KY KY
Saunders, Rebekah b. 1912 or 1913; d. 2009, Boston, MA GA
Saussy, Hattie b. 1890, Savannah, GA; d. 1978, Savannah, GA GA
Savage, Augusta Christine Fells {Moore} {Poston} b. 1892, Green Cove Springs, FL; d. 1962, New York, NY FL
Savage, Marguerite Downing b. 1879, Bay Ridge, NY; d. 1976, possibly in Worcester, MA DC
Sawrie, Mary "Mamie" Bang b. 1874, Nashville, TN; d. 1968, Nashville, TN TN
Sawtelle, Alice Elizabeth b. 1875, Washington, DC; d. 1956, Washington, DC DC
Sawtelle, Mary "Daisy" Berkeley Blackford b. 1871, Washington, DC; d. 1954, London, Ontario, Canada DC/NC
Sawyer, Helen Alton Farnsworth b. 1900, Washington, DC; d. 1999, Sarasota, FL DC/FL
Saxon, Lulu King b. 1852, LA; d. 1927, New Orleans, LA LA
Sayre, Elizabeth Grace Evans b. 1896, Fort Brady, MI; d. 1985, Washington, DC DC
Sayre, Zelda (see Fitzgerald, Zelda Sayre)
Scanland, Alice Scott b. 1924, Columbia, SC; d. 2005, Charleston, SC SC
Scaravaglione, Concetta b. 1900, New York, NY; d. 1975, Bronx, NY DC/NC
Schachner, Katherine Amann d. 1906 (buried in Jefferson County, KY) KY
Schachner, Mary Weller b. 1869, Louisville, KY KY
Schaeffer, Hilda V. active in Washington, DC, 1923-1928 DC
Schanzenbacher, Nellie b. 1866, Louisville, KY; d. 1961, Louisville, KY KY
Scharf, Katherine active in Louisville, KY, 1936 KY
Schauffler, Verna Edith Raattama b. 1924, New York Mills, MN; d. 2019, Portland, OR NC
Scheibner, Vira Grace McIlrath b. 1889; d. 1956, St. Augustine, FL FL
Schevlin, Rubye Everts b. 1892, Anthon, OH; d. 1956 (buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA) DC
Schlamp, Ethel Belle Hutcheson b. 1882, Henderson, KY: d. 1963, Monticello, FL FL/KY
Schmidt, Agnes C. active in Washington, DC, 1912-1939 DC
Schmidt, Katherine {Kuniyoshi} {Shubert} b. 1898, Xenia, OH; d. 1978, Sarasota, FL FL
Scholtz, Anita F. b. 1902, KY; d. 1996, Corydon, KY KY
Schowe, Lou-Ellen Chattin b. 1891, Temple, TX; d. 1937, Westfield, NY FL
Schutt, Ellen Ischam b. 1873, Oak Grove, VA; d. 1955, Falls Church, VA DC/VA
Schwartz, Marjorie Watson b. 1905, Trenton, TN; d. 1999, Memphis, TN TN
Scott, Bertha E. b. 1884, Frankfort, KY; d. 1965, Frankfort, KY KY
Scott, Carrie D. active in Washington, DC, 1919-1923 DC
Scott, Charlotte T. b. 1891 WV
Scott, Dorothy Eleanor Carnine b. 1903, Hannaford, ND; d. 1993, Estes Park, CO VA
Scott, Elizabeth Talford b. 1916, Chester, SC; d. 2011, Baltimore, MD DC/MD/NC/SC
Scott, Ora Moss Reams b.1890, TX; d. 1985, Houston, TX LA
Scott, Mary Florence b. 1872, VA; d. 1959, Sanford, FL FL/VA
Searcy, Elizabeth b. 1877, Memphis, TN; d. 1965, Memphis, TN DC/TN
Secker, Alvena Vadja b. 1916, McMechen, WV; d. 2012, Pompton Lakes, NJ WV
Seebold, Marie Madeleine (see Molinary, Marie Madeleine Seebold)
Segura, Eve Gonsoulin b. 1913, Loreauville, LA; d. 2009, Loreauville, LA LA
Selden, Dixie b. 1868, Cincinnati, OH; d. 1935, Cincinnati, OH KY
Selden, Wautell Gray Lambeth b. 1910, Graham, NC; d. 1948, Durham, NC NC
Seldon, Isabel Virginia Hall b. 1898, Washington, DC; d. 1985, Washington, DC DC
Selian, Elsa Rose b. 1896; d. 1980, Manatee County, FL FL
Selinger, Emily Harris McGary b. 1848, Wilmington, NC; d. 1927, Providence, RI KY/NC
Sellers, Anna B. b. 1824, Philadelphia, PA; d. 1905, Chattanooga, TN TN
Sewell, Annie L. active in Washington, DC, 1912-1935 DC
Seymour, Florence Maybelle Crawford b. 1903, Beloit, KS; d. 2006, Jacksonville, FL FL
Shafer, Marguerite Phillips Neuhauser b. 1888, N. Arlington, VA; d. 1976, Washington, DC DC/VA
Shanks, Louise Newhall Johnson b. 1905, Newton Center, MA; d. 1977, St. Augustine, FL FL
Shannon, Aileen M. Phillips b. 1888, Gillsburg, MS; d. 1964, Doa Ana County, NM MS
Sharp, Bernadine Custer b. 1900, Bloomington, IL SC
Sharp, Lucile Whitten b. 1883, Oxford, MS; d. 1973, Jackson, MS MS
Sharrar, Honoré Desmond {Zagorin} b. 1920, West Point, NY; d. 2009, Washington, DC DC/VA
Sharrar, Madeleine Ellen Sachs {Poland} b. 1898, Colorado Springs, CO; d. 1988, Guilford, CT LA
Sharrard, Alice Belle b. 1867, Louisville, KY; d. 1921, Louisville, KY KY
Shaw, Mrs. Kenneth A. active in Washington, DC, 1924 DC
Shaw, Ruth Faison b. 1888, Kenansville, NC; d. 1969, Fayetteville, NC NC
Shea, Annie K. active in Washington, DC, 1918-1923 DC
Shea, Eileen A. active in Washington, DC, 1918 DC